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   Chapter 22 No.22

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'Raymond…' Lily said. 'What…?'

'Your mother and I have been praying day and night that we might find you safe and well. We've been searching for you everywhere. We never stopped looking. How did you get this far?'


'You must come home' Raymond hastened. 'Mother has grown sick with worry, she's become quite ill. When she sees you, she will be better in an instant, I'm sure of it.' He looked her deep in the eyes. 'How have you survive for this long? You look…well.'

'Lilith' Lily spoke, 'she…' Lily turned, but she was gone. 'No…' she whispered. 'We were going to steal cakes together.'

Raymond blinked uncertainly. 'What?'

She headed back to the place she called home. Along the way, Lilith noticed something odd that she had not noticed before. She caught her reflection in a shop window, and faltered, slowing to a stop. Lilith stepped towards the glass, touching her own face. Her scars were hideous, and pronounced, but it was not that which caught her attention, but her hair. It was no longer growing grey like it had done for the last few years when she had lived in the city, but white, like it had when she was very young. From her scalp grew hair that was pure white like freshly fallen snow, the filthy grey she had become so used to, was fading away, and growing out.

Chapter Ten

A New Life

After Lily was gone, Lilith decided in her heart that it was time to move on. She couldn't stay here anymore, and remember the time she had spent with Lily. She couldn't bring herself to wish things had stayed the same. Lily was with her own family now, and far safer than if she had stayed with her. But even so, she was dearly missed.

The day after Lily was gone, Lilith left the town, leaving everything she owned behind save for a few small items. The clothes she wore and what little she could fit in her pockets that was of value. She wandered the roads, only travelling at night for safety, when it would be harder for people to spot her, and easier for her to hide. Lilith stopped at the next town that was suitable, where she spent her days now begging in the streets.

'How is your fish?'

'It is most satisfying' Ken smiled back at his wife.

Beatrice gleamed at him. 'Here' she said, stabbing a strawberry on her plate and moving it towards him to eat.

'Beatrice' Ken said sternly, unable to keep the amusement from his voice. 'I haven't finished my meal yet. I'll have dessert after I finish. I still can't believe you are as slim and beautiful as you are when you eat so fast.'

Beatrice smiled silently back at him

, poking the strawberry against his lips repeatedly until he submitted and opened his mouth to eat it.

'Delicious' he said. 'As usual.'

'They do serve the best food here don't they my love?'

'They do indeed.'

'You know we haven't been to the theatre for a long time' Beatrice spoke aloud. 'Wouldn't it be wonderful for us to go?'

'I do enjoy the theatre' Ken replied with gentle eyes. He picked up his glass and sipped his wine. 'What day did you have in mind?'


'So soon? But we're attending a gathering tomorrow. Many of your friends and many of my friends will be expecting our presence.'

'I suppose' Beatrice replied thoughtfully. She fell silent as a servant hurried past their table. 'Why don't we go….after the party?'

'But it would be so late' Ken answered. 'So dark.'

'So romantic' Beatrice corrected. 'After we've seen the show, we should take a midnight stroll around the lake. There are swans there at the moment I hear, and it will be a full moon tomorrow night. It would be a perfect night for us.'

'We will be so busy tomorrow.'

Beatrice reached her yellow gloved hand forward, grasping his hand on the table. 'There is much for us to do' she sighed. 'So little time.' She brushed her blonde hair back quickly before letting go of his hand and waving for the waiter. 'My husband had finished his meal' she told the weary young man. 'Bring the dessert if you will.'

A few months later, Lilith's hair had grown out completely white, save for a narrow border which remained at the very tips. She paid to have it cut; with money she had earned begging. People were more sympathetic in this town she had found; life was not so hard for everyone here, just a few. The barber cut her hair quickly and sent her on her way, glad to see her gone. That evening in the rain, Lilith sat in a relatively sheltered spot on the street, watching people go by. Almost everyone ignored her, some gave her coin, but even those that did avoided her eyes. Lilith was sure she knew what they were thinking and feeling. They gave her coin and still thought freak.

But on this night when she sat with her hood lowered, a figure approached her. A woman.

'What nice hair you have.'

Lilith lifted her head. The woman she saw was beautiful, but mature in age. With her tight corset, bare shoulders and dress hiked up so that her tights and tall high-heeled boots could be seen, one only needed a glance to know what she was.

'Oh dear' the prostitute said at the sight of Lilith's scars. 'You have seen better days haven't you?'

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