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   Chapter 21 No.21

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'I ran away from home' Lilith smiled. 'Like you. And I've never looked back.'

'Do you regret it? Leaving home I mean?'

'No' Lilith said. 'I don't think I do.' She straightened up. 'I take it you're not going back to your own home?'

'Never!' Lily said too loudly. 'I can't. It's too dangerous.'

'I won't ask what is not by business' Lilith spoke in a level tone. 'But if you are sure that you want to stay here in the streets, then I will look after you. This life is different from the one you've left, and it is far easier and quicker to learn if someone is to teach you.'

'Do you mean it?' Lily said eagerly. 'Will you look after me?'

'Yes' Lilith smiled genuinely now, feeling suddenly elated at the thought of having some company. Someone to care for and share her home with, someone to speak with, laugh with; someone to teach. A little sister.

'Come with me' Lilith said taking Lily's hand. 'I'll show you where I sleep at night. It's not much, but it's all I have.' She smiled. 'I hope you're good at climbing.'

Lilith and Lily lived together for months after that. The young girl Lily, to Lilith's surprise, adapted very well to her new life on the streets.

Lilith taught her how to steal, and who from. She taught her where to get food, how often it was safe to steal, and most importantly, who to avoid. And to Lilith's surprise, Lily settled in very well to her new home and daily routine, she even seemed to enjoy it.

One evening, when Lilith and Lily were sitting quietly just outside their rooftop home, watching the fireworks at the start of the New Year, Lilith gasped in wonder at a sudden realisation.

'My god' she said. 'I've been living out here for nearly a year now.'

'Haven't the last few months simply flown by?' Lily smiled, snuggling into her.

'Well' Lilith beamed whispering into her ear, holding Lily from behind as they sat down together. 'The last few certainly have.'

With arms wrapped around Lily in a gentle hold, the two watched the fireworks late into the night, until the last colourful explosion faded away into the silent blackness. A short time later, when they began to grow cold, the two of them receded into their little wooden home.

'I love it in here' Lily was saying as she lay down in the box-like structure. 'It's so cosy.'

'I'm so glad you like it' Lilith said lying down in her own bed beside her.

It was cramped in their tiny home, barely large enough for them to crawl in. But with the many blank

ets they stole, it was always warm at night.

'We should celebrate' Lilith spoke in a whisper to Lily who lay beside her. 'Tomorrow, we should steal something big, as a present to ourselves.'

'Really?' Lily said happily. 'Like what?'

'Shh' Lilith whispered back, placing her fingertips over the girl's mouth to hush her.

She withdrew her hand.

'I was thinking' Lilith went on. 'That cake shop, you know the really fancy one? They will be making many cakes tomorrow. Maybe we should visit the shop late at night, after it's closed. We could help ourselves to anything we want.'

'Really?' Lily gleamed. She squealed happily, clapping her hands. 'I'm so excited!'

'Me too' Lilith whispered.

It was a tradition for many, the day after the New Years fireworks to buy an expensive cake as a token of celebration. The cakes that were produced were expensive and of beautiful designs and delicious tastes. They were in themselves masterpieces, and pieces of art.

'My mother and brother always used to take me out to the cake shop' Lily explained. 'We used to pick a cake together. Every year.'

'I've been wondering' Lilith said, her tone becoming serious. 'Why did you run away from home? You seem to miss it a lot.'

'My father tried to kill me' Lily mumbled sadly. 'I'm not safe there anymore.'

'Why would he do that?'

Lily didn't answer. She simply fell silent and looked sad, like she always did on those rare occasions when Lilith tried to ask about her past.

'Never mind' Lilith whispered, leaning forward to kiss her on the cheek. 'Tomorrow night we will pick out a cake together. We've both got something to look forward to.'

'I can't wait' Lily said perking up again. 'I'm going to be thinking about it all night.'

'Me too' Lilith smiled. 'We can sleep in as late as we want, then we can wander the streets and see which shops we would like to visit later.'

Lilith kissed her again, lying back down on her bed. 'Now sleep. Tomorrow we will celebrate with cake.'

But it was not meant to be.

The next day when the two wandered the streets, they ran into a person.

'Lily?!' the man cried out in shock and disbelief. 'Thank the gods you're alright!'

'Raymond!' Lily replied, seemingly equally in shock to see him as he picked her up and hugged her tight.

'Who is this?' Lilith asked uncertainly at this sudden and unexpected event.

'It's my brother' Lily told her.

'I'm so glad…thank the gods…' Raymond wept. 'Thank the gods…'

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