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   Chapter 20 No.20

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Well she thought yet again as she slipped her hand into another pocket. I would rather see them lose out than me. But every time she thought the same thought, she thought without conviction.

Her skills in thievery made her successful in living on the streets, and she was soon, by far, the best off out of all those who slept outside in the cold. She had made a den for herself under a bridge. A little home built out of board and planks nailed together. She could manage to steal just about anything, and it was more than easy to steal a hammer and nails and many blankets and pillows. After a time, she didn't feel any cold at all in the nights. It was in fact, she decided, quite cosy in her little box by the river. Many others would be jealous of what she had, and they were, as Lilith found out soon enough when once, she was attacked.

They came in the middle of the night without warning. Lilith was trapped. They broke apart the door with ease and attacked her. They cut up her face. But none would open their doors to help a vagrant. As far as other people were concerned, whatever trouble they suffered they brought upon themselves.

Lilith didn't know how she managed to escape with her life. But she did so somehow, swimming downriver in the cold water and climbing out onto the shore some distance away, sobbing hysterically and clutching at her face. The blood ran between her fingers.

The next day, she would steal a knife of her own, several in fact, and she made a new home. Somewhere high up and harder to find. On the roof of the highest building in the town. None one would find her here. It was so difficult to get to, climbing up and down the side of the building, especially when carrying wood. But she managed it, and here, she made another home, to replace to last.

She continued on with life, having learnt another valuable lesson. Starting again, and getting used to her new face. The scars made it look like she had spent a long time living as she did, it made it look like she knew what she was doing. And she did. As least she thought so. The other beggars made an effort now to get out of the way, and those that were not homeless avoided her like the plague, which made it harder to steal. But it didn't stop her. Lilith stole a hooded cloak, which she came to wear all the time now. A pretty dark purp

le thing, that made her look like a traveller, and not just a thief and begging vagrant. It was a nice piece, but more than anything, it hid her face.

Chapter Nine

Lily and the Cake

Lilith lived on the street for what must have been months. Things were going as well as they could have been. She had been left alone for the most part, and her home on the roof had not been discovered. She spent her days now sitting in the streets, wandering about, stealing or otherwise just sleeping, and wishing time would move faster. It was a boring life, but at least she was alive.

One day, sitting in the streets, like she did on many days, she saw something of interest, and of some concern. There was a young girl sitting in the streets opposite from her. She was but a child, looking to be only about eleven in age. Lilith lifted her head towards the girl. She looked frightened, and out of place. It was clear she was lost.

Lilith stood, and made her way slowly across the street to stand before her.

'It's ok child' she said. 'I'm not going to hurt you.'

The girl looked timidly up at her.

'You look lost.'

'I am' the girl replied meekly. 'Of a sort'.

'Why are you out here alone?' Lilith asked her.

'I ran away. My home is not safe for me anymore.'

'It's safer than being out here on your own.'

'You don't know that' the girl said stubbornly.

'But I do' Lilith replied. She lowered her hood, and the girl shrank back at the sight of her scars. 'They're horrible aren't they?' Lilith said sadly. 'I was unarmed, defenceless and alone, and I was attacked in the middle of the night while I slept. They might have tried to kill me, but I managed to run away.'

'How did you escape?' the girl asked uncertainly.

'I don't know myself.' Lilith sighed. 'But you know what?'


Lilith leant forwards, speaking quietly now. 'I didn't give up.'

The girl stared wide eyed back at her.

'What is your name?'


'A sweet name' Lilith smiled. 'Mine is Lilith.'

'That's a nice name' Lily smiled. 'I've never heard of someone with that name before.'

'It's a foreign name' Lilith explained. 'I have travelled a lot in my past.'

'Have you?' Lily's eyes lit up. 'Were you rich then?'

Lilith's eyes glazed over. 'I was……once. My family were rich I mean.'

'Then why are you here?'

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