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   Chapter 19 No.19

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'Jesus Christ' the male sighed. 'So many questions.'

'Who on earth are you?' Lilith spoke.

'Oh no' the male shook his head. 'Not on this earth. We're not from around here.'

'Stop joking around' the female snapped. 'And keep your mouth shut, you'll spoil everything. Remember we're only supposed to watch.'

'We're not supposed to do anything. We can do what we like. Remember who we are?' the male said.

'If we interfere too much…'

'Ya ya' the male waved dismissively. 'Whatever. Listen' he spoke to Lilith now. 'We've got to scram before we interfere too much. If we haven't already. We were only taking you to the village.' He reached into his cloak. 'Here's some money' he said tossing a small pouch at Lilith's feet. 'Have fun. Buy a drink. Buy a new dress. Buy a goat for all I care. But it's best to put us out of your minds. Ta ta my little angel.' He sighed deeply then. 'If only we had a vacancy in our group, I would so choose to recruit you. You'd be just what we would look for. A pretty little angel like you…such a beautiful thing. We wouldn't treat you like an outcast. Not where we live. You'd fit in real nice.' He waved to her. 'Goodbye now angel. Have fun walking the rest of the way, and remember I did offer you a lift which you refused. Think about that now while you walk the rest of the way.' The male turned his horse around and rode off.

The female hung back. 'You probably won't see us again' she said to Lilith. 'You should forget about us. We're not supposed to be here.'

The female rode after him, disappearing into the woods.

A few seconds later, Lilith realised that they had told her she was near a village, but not in which direction the village was. She sighed deeply, shoulders slumped. Lilith reached down and picked up the pouch, counting the coins briefly in a bored manner. There was about enough to live on for a week or two. She tucked it in her wedding dress, which was by now filthy from the fall and the sweat from the long walk, and made her way onwards in a random direction.

She soon forgot the two strange figures.

Chapter Eight

Day by Day

It took her far longer than it should have done to reach the village. At least, she was reasonably certain it was the one she was originally being taken to by the strangers. She wandered for ages, backtracking and zigzagging until she eventually found it. It was small, and little more than an inn for travellers and a few houses built on farmland.

Lilith had been walking all day, and by the time she eventually reached her destination, she felt close to collapsing from exhaustion. She spoke to a passerby, a young woman going about her business.

'How much do you want for that dress?'

'Excuse me?' the woman r

eplied, taken aback and more than a little surprised.

'I want your dress' Lilith repeated. 'How much do you want for it?'


'Look at me' Lilith said.

The stranger looked her up and down. 'You much have really been through something.'

'Here' Lilith said, ignoring the woman's comment and pulling out the pouch she carried tucked in her sleeve. 'This should be more than enough.'

Lilith gave the woman roughly half of what was in the pouch without bothering to count it. The woman accepted the money, staring down at it for a brief moment, counting it in her head. She smiled approvingly, bending down to hide the coins in her sock.

'I don't know what's happened to you' she was saying, 'but I'm not stupid enough to pass an opportunity like this.' She lifted the skirt of her dress, pulling over her head and handing to Lilith, wearing only her white under dress now. 'Here' she said promptly. 'And good day to you.' She walked away.

Lilith glanced over the dress she held in a hand. It was nondescript. Brown. Worn. She carried it with her to the inn and booked a room and ordered a hot meal, using the last of the money she had. That night she bathed, and changed out of her filthy wedding dress, keeping only the shoes she originally had. She slept deeply, waking early the next morning and putting on the brown nondescript dress she had bought from the woman. She left the inn before most of the other guests had even woken, and by the time one of the innkeepers went to her room to tidy, she was long gone.

'What on earth is this?' the innkeeper said lifting the torn and filthy wedding dress before him. 'This is the dress that strange grey-haired woman came in with yesterday. I say. She must have a strange and tragic story indeed.'

Lilith came to stay in the next town she came across, and it was here she decided to call home. There was nowhere better she could be. With no family that wanted her, and almost everyone she met who would shun her if they knew what she was, there was no good place for her to stay, and so she made her own home where she could.

She became a vagrant and a beggar, living on the streets like many others in this town whom life had not been so kind to. But she made the best with what little she had. What she had learnt living in the poor quarters in the city she once called home, had opened opportunities to her that would otherwise not have existed. So now, she was a thief, not just a beggar, and she stole from others to survive. She took no pleasure in it, not like she did when she was living with William, when she stole from only rich people. Now she stole from people who only just about kept their heads above the water, and for that she felt endless guilt.

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