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   Chapter 18 No.18

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'I'm sorry' Lilith whispered, not trusting her voice now that it shook. 'I should have told you.'

'Your father came to find me' William said. 'It's a good thing that he did.'

Lilith lowered her eyes.

'What if we had had children?' William spat furiously.

'It doesn't mean they will be the same' Lilith answered, looking at him now. 'My father isn't. My mother isn't.'

'But your grandmother is' William spoke, his lip curling in disgust. 'Sometimes it skips a generation.'

Lilith stared at him. Her heart racing. She couldn't believe what was happening.

'Your father's mother was one' William went on. 'Your mother felt cursed when she bore you. She stayed away from you. She waited for the day you were old enough to leave your home so she could be with your father again. You've never met her. You don't even know what she looks like. You know nothing about her. Only that she hates you.'

William balled his fists.

'I cannot believe you would deceive me like this. You've betrayed me.'

'But I…' Lilith moaned, tears spilling now, unable to hold them back any longer. 'I just wanted a normal life….'

'Maybe it would have been better if you were never born.'

'How can you say that?' Lilith whispered. 'You're acting just like everyone else in my past that treated me with scorn.'

'I should have known' William shook his head backing off. 'I should have known there was something wrong with you. Why would a normal person choose to leave that life behind for this one?'

Lilith watched in silence as he moved away.

'You're a freak' he said to her. 'There is no place for you in this world.'


Chapter Seven

A Thing Forgotten

Lilith walked away from the city, heading in no particular direction. She could not go back there, not now, not ever. Maybe William was right, and there was truly no place for her in this world.

Her own parents didn't want her. The man she was about to marry, the man she had thought and dreamed to spend the rest of her life with, had rejected her. Like so many others had done before.

'I can never go back there' Lilith mumbled to herself. 'I can never go back.'

She walked across the plains for hours and hours without rest, and through woodlands, long after night had fallen. And then, due to exhaustion and excursion and lack of food and water, she collapsed.

Lilith woke some unknown time later. It took her some few second to orientate herself. It was still dark, and she was experiencing the mo

tion of being rocked back and forth. She then realised she was on a horse travelling at a high speed. There was someone behind her holding the reigns.

She threw herself to the side suddenly and without warning. She hit the ground hard, rolling over and scrambling to her feet, trying to right herself. She saw before her not one, but two figures mounted each on a horse of their own. They jerked the reigns, pulling the horses around to face her.

Lilith stared in confusion and uncertainty at the figures mounted upon the horses. They both wore a black cloak which covered all of their body; even on their hands they wore black gloves so that none of their skin could be seen. And on their faces, they wore the strangest masks, pure black like the rest of them. Long beaks that grew outwards and two large round eyes which reflected the world they saw.

'What is this?' Lilith demanded. 'Who are you?'

'You don't need to know who we are' one of the masked figures said in a foreign voice. Lilith could not distinguish the two, but the one that spoke now did so with a male voice.

'And besides' the other masked figure said in a female voice, also foreign, 'you wouldn't understand even if we told you.'

'Where were you taking me?'

'Now that I suppose we can answer' the male figure said. 'There is a village not far from here. 'In fact we're nearly there. 'If you would like to hop back on this horse, I'd take you the rest of the way.'

'I'm not getting on the horse' Lilith said firmly.

The two figures turned to face each other. It was as if they were sharing a secret language.

'I told you she would act this way' the female said. 'She's a strong one. A fighter.'

'Stubborn is what I call it' the male sighed.

'It's not stubborn to want to do things for yourself' the female argued. 'How do you learn if you always lean on others?'

'Don't start lecturing me' the male shot back. 'My god woman. You've always got to nag.'

'Don't you give me that shit' the female growled.

'Be silent' Lilith ordered them both.

'See' the female said, clearly smiling behind the mask. 'A defiant one. I like her. She's a strong one. A fighter.'

'Shut up!' Lilith called to them, balling her fists and stepping forwards. 'Now tell me who you both are.'

'No way' the male said teasingly. 'That would spoil the fun.'

'Then why were you taking me to the village?' Lilith asked impatiently.

'To help you' the male answered.

'Why do you wish to help me?'

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