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   Chapter 16 No.16

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'What agreement would that be?' asked one of them. 'And what are you two doing out so late? And is that a woman?' the thug asked suddenly taking a closer look at Lilith's profile. 'A lady should not be out in the streets at night' he told her. 'It's dangerous.'

'I am no lady' Lilith answered with a scowl. She was glad it was so dark. She could only imagine the hungry look he gave her now. Men think of only one thing she sighed inwardly.

'The lady' one of the thugs said. 'For safe passage.'

William and Lilith glanced to each other, then back at the thugs. William spoke.

'Go to hell.'

One of then punched him hard in the face. William fell back. Lilith lunged forward to try to help him, but she was grabbed from behind by one of the men, who now held her around the neck. Her first instinct was to throw her head back, butting him hard in the nose. He stumbled away, hollering obscenities at her. Another stepped forwards and backhanded her hard. She fell to her knees.

They now turned their attention onto William. Lilith slowly looked up to see them surrounding him. He was backed against the wall now, watching the four men advancing on him.

She turned towards the dropped backpack.

'It's time you learnt a valuable lesson boy' one of the thugs said, grabbing William either side of his face.

One of his friends cried out in pain suddenly. There others jerked their heads around at the noise. Lilith had plunged a knife downwards into the shoulder of one of the man.

'You little bitch' the man snarled, nursing his injury.

Lilith backed away, never breaking the eye contact with the man she had stabbed.

'You will pay for hurting my brother' one of the men said stepping towards her.

Behind them, William acted without hesitation. He crouched low, whipping a tiny knife out of his pocket and slicing the back of the legs of two of the men. They instantly collapsed. At the same time he did this, Lilith threw a smoke bomb, throwing the scene into confusion. By the time the smoke cleared, William and Lilith were gone.

'Are you alright?' William fussed when they were safely away. They had climbed the rooftops in their escape, and had found each other shortly after.

'I was more worried about you' Lilith confessed.

'I will be fine. It's nothing I haven't experienced before he said wiping the blood from his lips. 'I'm glad you're alright.'

'It would take more than that

to hurt me' Lilith smiled. 'We should go home. I think we've been out for too long.'

When they returned home they found that one of the children were still awake, as was expected. The house was never still, not even at night.

'Where were you?' the boy asked. 'I woke and couldn't find you.'

'You shouldn't have been looking for us anyway' William scolded. 'Why are you not in bed?'

'I couldn't sleep' Tommy answered. 'And I was hungry. Have you been stealing?'

'What we've been doing doesn't concern you' William replied vaguely.

'But isn't stealing wrong?' Tommy asked speaking to Lilith.

'Well' Lilith said grinning slyly. 'Not from the rich.'

The next morning, Lilith and William woke early, after having only a few hours sleep. The others within the house could not wait to see their spoils of the night before, and as Lilith laid out the dress for the others to see, they all stared down in awe at it.

'You're going to look beautiful' a young woman named Bea said.

'So when are you going to be married?' Tommy asked her.

Lilith shared a glance with William.

'We've enough money now' William said.

'Tomorrow then?' Lilith said.

'Tomorrow' William smiled.

'Same time tomorrow' the boy said standing in the alley they had agreed to meet again. 'I'm here now. Where's my reward?'

Ken regarded the boy coldly, staring down at him.

'First you must tell me where they live.'

'I will.'

The boy explained briefly. Ken wasn't particular familiar with the poor quarters, but the boy pointed out some landmarks.

'Hmm' Ken groaned uncertainly. 'Is there anything else you can tell me? Where will the young gentleman be? The one the grey haired girl was with?'

'They're planning to get married today' the boy said. 'A bit later on, in only a few hours time. The gentleman is making the most of his life as a free man.' The boy took a step back. 'He will be at the dog fights.'

'Good' Ken nodded. 'Perfect. I don't know the area all that well but I know more or less where that place is.'

'Good' the boy repeated. 'Now where is the coin you promised me?'

'I trust you speak the truth' Ken said not moving.

'What do you take me for?' the boy demanded interjected. 'I may be a thief but I'm no liar!'

'Fine' Ken sighed handing him the coin.

'You won't see me again' the boy said snatching the coin from him as quickly as he could.

He turned and ran away.

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