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   Chapter 15 No.15

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 4849

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When they were gone, the cat went back to sleep.

When William and Lilith were done robbing the home of the unfortunate person, they made their way to the shop they had stood the day before. Lilith produced a lock pick from her person, and entered the shop with ease. Once they were inside, the two pulled down their masks, breathing heavy sighs.

'I prefer the city at night' William was saying. 'It has a certain quality about it. Don't you think?'

'I do' Lilith smiled at him. 'It's the silence' she told him. 'This place feels different at night.'

They began to explore the interior of the shop.

'Look at all these beautiful materials' William spoke up, feeling the fabrics between his fingers.

'I know' Lilith said. 'They remind me of the old days, before I came to you.'

He turned to her. 'Do you regret it?' he asked.

'No' Lilith answered. 'I regret nothing.' She leapt over the counter with grace and fluid movement. It took her only a moment of fiddling with the till, before it slid open with a click.

'Mine. Mine. Mine' Lilith said as she began to empty it. 'Aaaaaaaand….Mine.'

'Don't get distracted' William told her. 'We're here for the dress remember?'

'Well I don't see it here.'

'It's already been made specially to fit a certain person' William said. 'It's probably out back.'

They found it soon enough. A beautiful pure white dress specially made to fit a slender frame. Its design was created for modesty, with a high collar and the arms, shoulders and chest made of an intricate lace pattered with flowers.

'You're going to look utterly magnificent' William sighed, gazing down upon it.

'I am' Lilith smiled, 'aren't I?'She looked up at him. 'William…' she whispered.

He moved closer to her, lifting a hand to brush her cheek. Lilith lifted her head to his kiss, falling into his embrace.

'William' she whispered between kisses. 'I love you.'

'I know' he said, hand holding the back of her head as he held her to him. He leant back slightly so that he could see her. 'My angel.'

Lilith bit her lip, glancing away.

'We should go' she said.

'Alright' he said turning his back to her. 'Though there is no rush.'

He stood still for a moment, allowing Lilith to unzip the bag on his back and place their stolen valuables inside.

'You don't feel bad about all of this do you?' William asked her as she zipped the bag back up.


He t

urned to face her again.

'Stealing from the rich I mean' he explained.

'Oh.' Lilith sighed, slumping her shoulders with a smile. 'Where on earth did that come from?' she shook her head. 'Of course I don't feel bad. The arrogant deserve to be stolen from.'

'Good' William bobbed his head happily. 'I was just making sure.'

They left the dress shop at a relaxed pace, as if they were simply browsing and not stealing from it in the middle of the night. Lilith closed the door behind her, leaving the place almost exactly as they had left it. The door she locked after her; and the owner of the shop would not know anything was out of place until the counter was checked, and that customer who ordered the dress came calling. They would never be found.

'That was almost too easy' Lilith sighed as they strolled down the street. 'No' she said correcting herself. 'It was too easy.'

'Maybe we're just really good at what we do.'

'Perhaps' Lilith smiled, 'but it does you no good to become too vain.'

'Is a little vanity acceptable?' William asked teasingly.

'Well' Lilith said grinning slyly. 'Perhaps.'

Simultaneously the two slowed to a stop. At exactly the same time, the two had noticed a small group in the street before them. The darkness has concealed each from the other, and by the time Lilith and William had noticed the group, the group had noticed them.

'Oh' William groaned, when the surprise wore off. 'Street thugs.'

'What did you say?' one of them spoke all too loudly in the silent night.

William should have perhaps kept his mouth shut, but in truth they would have been in trouble anyway, so he did not care to watch his tongue.

'I'm sorry gentlemen' William said to them, not feeling sorry at all. 'I just let that slip. Forgive my foolish tongue.'

'Maybe you should watch yourself better' another said in a confrontational tone.

'How would you like to taste the pavement?' another said.

'Hey what's in the bag?' said another. There were about four of them. Hard to tell exactly in the near pitch dark.

Oh no Lilith thought. The dress.

She looked at William desperately. He glanced at her, and seemed to understand her fears.

'Perhaps we can' come to some agreement that would suit all of us' William offered as the thugs approached. William looked at each of their heads, for he could not see clearly their faces. There were indeed four of them.

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