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   Chapter 14 No.14

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'As you say my love' Beatrice submitted. She kissed him quickly, before turning on her heel and striding away without a backwards glance.

Ken watched her go briefly, before turning with a grim expression, back towards his daughter, and the young man she was with.

He stood for a moment, observing Lilith and contemplating his options. He stayed there, until eventually Lilith and the man she was with, accompanied by three young girls; wandered off down one of the streets.

Your children? Ken thought. No, one at least is too old.

He noticed then something to his convenience. A young boy, clearly not from the rich quarters, but from the poor was slinking discretely within the crowd of men and women.

Ken continued to watch him. The boy was short enough to be easily overlooked by almost everyone around him perfect for the boy as it turned out, for he was a pickpocket. Ken saw as his little hand, quick and lightning and smooth in movement, slipped into several different pockets before he noticed he was being watched. The boy tensed suddenly, glaring at Ken. Clearly like many of the poor people, he despised the rich.

He was about to turn and slip into the crowd, where he would be lost forever, but before he managed to leave, Ken caught his attention.

Before the boy could turn, Ken dipped his hand into a pocket, bringing out a coin he threw it on the ground. The boy leapt for it immediately, drawing back slightly after he had picked it up, eyes fixed with mistrust still upon Ken. Ken went into his pocket again, and tossed another coin to the boy, which again the boy picked up. He seemed to visibly relax. Ken tossed the boy another coin for good measure, and turned and walked away.

The boy followed at a distance.

Ken led the boy out of the crowd and to a quiet street, dropping coins every so often to ensure he followed. When he had gotten the boy to a quiet spot alone, he turned to him.

'You see this?' he said to the nameless boy, holding up a larger gold coin. 'This piece will buy you food for three months. You want it don't you?'

The boy's eyes grew large and hungry. He stared at the coin with the same intensity as a starving dog would to fresh meat.

'There is a woman with grey hair, walking with a man and three young girls' Ken told the boy. 'They walked in that direction' he said pointing the correct way. 'Find out where they live, and meet me at this spot, the same time tomorrow.'

'Why do you want to know?' the boy asked with narrowed eyes.

'That does not concern you' Ken replied. 'Do this for me' he said tossing the coin to him, 'and you shall receive another like that.'

The boy snatched up the coin fast, tucking it beneath his old jacket and ba

cking off.

'Hurry' Ken told the boy. 'Or else you will lose them.'

'I won't lose them' the boy said confidently. 'I know these streets like the back of my hand. Even the rich quarters.'

'I'm sure you do.'

'And you will give me more coin if I do this?'

'Like I said' Ken said. 'Here. Same time tomorrow.'

'I will see it done' the boy answered. And he slipped away, like an eel in the reeds in a riverbed. He could not be found again, until he wanted to be found. Like a ghost. The boy would return of his own free will, when the time was right.

That night, Lilith left the home she shared with William and his family. The two slunk into the night, climbing on the rooftops to get a better vantage. Each of them wore a hideous mask to cover their face. Grotesque they were, and deformed. Williams was that of a blubbering fish, Lilith's a large-eyed insect with whiskers.

'Are you ready?' he asked her.

Behind her mask she gleamed. 'Are you?'

He smirked at her, making off into the night. She followed her. They moved swiftly through the silent streets, after only a short time leaping up onto the rooftops to run. Here they got a better view of the area around them, and it was easier to move as they jumped from rooftop to rooftop over the streets below. William slowed to a stop, staring up at a tall tower before them. A home belonging to a rich family no doubt.

'Lilith' William said thoughtfully. 'How do you feel about a little detour?'

'That sounds like a wonderful idea' Lilith beamed excitedly.

William pulled his backpack free, rummaging through it quickly to see what he could find. Using a rope and grappling hook, they climbed the tower of the rich man's house. Lilith opened the window with ease and climbed in, turning to help William up. Behind them the moon shone a white glowing sphere in the sky, large and beautiful.

William climbed through the window, straightening up and dusting himself off. The two observed the room around them. It was a large and spacious room, typical of so many of the rooms the rich had. The sleeping couple in the four-poster bed did not stir. They were sleeping deeply.

'They look so happy' Lilith said stepping over towards them.

'Come on' William whispered slyly. 'Let's help ourselves.'

They crept about the various rooms and down the corridors, looking around to see what they could find. They wandered about here and there, exploring the place and touching everything and thieving everything of value, taking what they pleased. As they went about their work, a cat sitting on a table, watched them with vacant eyes and a bored expression. The cat continued to watch them as they climbed back through the window, and escaped.

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