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   Chapter 13 No.13

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Lilith climbed up the narrow wooden stairs to the next level, crouching under a low beam and stepping into the next room. It was a bare room, and empty like the rest of the house. But it wouldn't take much to make it feel like home. Lilith stepped across the room, her boots making heavy thuds on the old floor. She opened the door to the next room, gasping and jerking back as a small group of sleeping bats she had disturbed erupted from the little corner they slept and exploded in a panicked mass. They fluttered around the room several times before eventually finding the open window and escaping. Lilith let out a deep sigh, calming her beating heart. She stepped lightly across the room, leaning forwards and closing the window, ensuring the bats don't come back. Of course they might even find another way in.

Lilith returned downstairs, seeing William and the three girls exploring the new environment.

'It's so big!' Tiffany declared loudly.

'That it is' William smiled. 'Lilith' he said spotting her. 'There you are.'

'I was just having a look upstairs' she told him.

'What's it like?'

'It's nice.'

He smiled again. 'Come' he said to all of them. 'Let's go take a look outside.'

Outside the land that came with the home was spacious.

'Good soil' William noted as he let the dirt fall through his fingers. 'It's not huge, but we could make a lot of use out of this land.'

'With cats and dogs?' Lilith asked.

William rolled his eyes at her silently.

'We should be getting back' he said to her.

'You're right' Lilith said. 'We've seen enough.'

'Are you happy with it?' William asked her.

Lilith shot him a sly glance, smirking at him. 'Yes' she answered simply. 'I am.'

'When will you have it?' Lizzie asked quietly from beside her.

'Just as soon as we are married' Lilith told the small girl. 'But for now, we must go home.'

The journey back to the city felt much shorter than the one they had travelled away from it. All five of them chatted excitedly about the possibilities of the future and the house, the whole way back. It was only when it was too late did William and Lilith realise that they had missed their stop.

'We'll have to get off in one of the richer quarters' William was saying, staring out of the window at the city streets. 'We seem to have missed our stop.'

'Nothing to worry about' Lilith sighed sitting back. 'We know our way back. Don't we love?'

He smiled at her.

At the next station, they departed, stepping out into the familiar streets they knew at home.

'It'll be a long walk' William was saying. 'But we're all

used to that right?'

'Yay!' Ellie squeaked, jumping up and down.

Beside her, the quiet Lizzie leant into Lilith, taking her by the hand.

William crouched to allow Tiffany to climb on his shoulders. Rising again with her hanging onto his ears, they made their way.

They walked through the thickest parts of the crowd. Lilith moved gracefully, her hands slipping in and out of pockets all around her, and no one noticed a thing.

'Let me see what I have here' Lilith said aloud when they had come across a quieter area. 'Oh look. A lovely silver pocket watch. Some cufflinks. A brooch. And a lovely fan of painted silk.'

'At it again?' William asked with amusement. 'Oh Lilith' he said shaking his head. 'Every opportunity. You do amuse me so.'

Along the way, Lilith spotted something in a shop window that made her slow. She stared through the large open window, into the brightly lit room within. Inside, there was a young woman about Lilith's age and height and build. She was standing on a small stood in the middle of the room, wearing the most beautiful wedding dress Lilith had ever seen. Around her, two older women were fussing over the material she wore, checking that everything fit perfectly and was in its correct place.

'It's beautiful. Isn't it?'

Lilith turned to William who had spoken behind her. He had returned to her, after noticing she had become distracted.

'It is' Lilith agreed.

William stepped beside her, side by side they looked into the shop at the young woman. She seemed to be pleased with her dress.

'I say' William pondered aloud. 'She looks awfully close to your build. Doesn't she?'

Lilith glanced at him, a mischievous look in her eyes.

Within the constantly moving mass of people that made up the streets in the day, was a particular man. In a one in a million chance, he happened to be in the same spot, at the same time, and happened to notice, the grey haired girl. The gentleman froze in shock, at first not believing what he was seeing.

'Ken?' came a voice beside him.

'Yes wife?' he asked the woman holding his arm as they had walked.

'What ever is the matter?'

'Nothing' Ken said hastily. 'Nothing you need to worry yourself with.' He smiled at her then, drawing his arm away. 'Beatrice my love, would you do me a favour and return home. I will be joining you shortly.'

'What are you going to do?' she asked him curiously. 'What's happened?'

'Nothing' he smiled again. 'Everything is fine. I promise you. I would never lie to you, but it would make me very happy if you went home right now. I will catch you up.'

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