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   Chapter 12 No.12

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Lilith smiled to William, turning from him and resting her elbow on the open window, looking outwards, watching the world go by.

'It's so good to leave the city' she said to him. 'The air is so fresh out here. I've grown so used to the city air, I forget how polluted it is.'

'We all do I'm sure' William said, taking the seat opposite her. 'And you're right. It is good to get out of the city.'

'We should do it more often.'

'And make a habit of it?' William smirked. 'One must still work. And these tickets aren't exactly cheap.'

'I know' Lilith sighed wearily. 'But still…one still wishes for these things.'

'These things we cannot have' William told her, leaning forward and resting his hand on hers. 'At least not yet.'

Lilith's eyes lit up at that.

'I very much look forward to the time we are settled. Such a change of scene…I think I am in more need of it than I realised.'

William leant back in his seat.

'We are both in need of it I think' he said. 'And the family can visit us. And all the children.'

'What a full house we shall have' Lilith beamed.

'As it always has been' William said. 'As it always will be.'

'Some things never change.'

'Some things I wouldn't ever wish to change.' William glanced up at her. 'I wish for this moment to last forever.'

'This moment?' Lilith asked teasingly. 'Not the moment…after we move in and are settled?'

'Well' William submitted. 'That moment would also be pleasant.'

They sat for a short time in silence, watching the trees wiz by and the hills further away pass more slowly.

'Will we buy some animals?' Lilith asked, breaking the silence.

'Hm?' William glanced up.

'You know' Lilith said. 'Sheep. Chickens. Pigs.'

'You can have peacocks if it makes you happy.'

Lilith pursed her lips, brow furrowed in displeasure.

'How about' William continued, 'some caged foxes? Just like royalty have.'

'We couldn't afford caged foxes' Lilith frowned. 'And besides, why would I want some rare creature I couldn't make use out of? That's only the sort of thing rich toffs would waste their money on just for show.'

William smiled at her, resting his chin on his palm. 'Sheep and chickens and pigs it is then' he sighed.

'Well we'll have the land' Lilith explained. 'It would be a shame not to make use of it.'

'Why don't we get a cat?'

William suggested.

'What for?'

'To catch the mice that will steal the food we leave out for the pigs.'

'I suppose…' Lilith spoke slowly.

'And a dog' William said. 'To protect us from travellers coming to rob us of our chickens.'

'Lets' Lilith interrupted briskly, 'just see the place first. We might not even find it suited to our needs.'

They arrived at their destination, exiting the train and taking a horse and carriage the rest of the way.

'My my' William was saying as he counted the coins to pay the carriage driver. 'It's lucky we're only doing this once, or else we wouldn't have enough money to actually buy the house.'

'Come now don't complain' Lilith said to him. 'We're here, and we arrived in one piece. Now we can at last see the place.'

'Is that it over there?' Ellie called loudly, sitting atop William's shoulders.

William turned from the carriage as the driver climbed into the seat and sped away. The others gazed in awe at the unremarkable building at the end of the dirt road.

'It's so big!' Tiffany cried out excitedly. 'Will this really be your house?' she asked Lilith beside her.

'Yes' Lilith smiled down at the child. 'This will be our home.'

'How will we see you if you live so far away?' Tiffany asked.

'We will buy some farm horses I'm sure' William said.

'Or some nice little ponies' Lilith added. 'Much cheaper than the standard horse.

'We could even buy a little carriage so that we could fit all of you in' William spoke to the children around him. 'You could bring more of your brothers and sisters.'

'I'm not bringing my smelly brother' Ellie glowered. 'Not him.'

'Don't be unkind' William said sternly. 'And stop pulling my ears.'

'Come on' Lilith whispered to the quiet Lizzie who clung to her side. 'Let's go have a look at this place.'

She took Lizzie's hand, and they walked up the path towards the house, following Tiffany who had run off ahead.

It was by no means a large house, but it was a more than comfortable size for just William and Lilith to live. The kitchen and living room was one large open room, with a large hearth in the centre and a chimney running up the middle of the house. The windows were small to reduce the draft in the winter, the roof was thatched, and the main structure of the house was made of thick dark wooden beams.

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