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   Chapter 11 No.11

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'Can't sleep' Stephanie sang back annoyingly.

Lilith keeping her head low so that her grey hair fell about her face hiding her red cheeks, returned to the table to eat.

'Hey Lilith' Stephanie asked her. 'When are you two going to move in together in a place of your own?'

'Oh' Lilith said. 'Um…'

'We've nearly saved up enough' William told her shortly, taking his seat opposite Lilith. 'Then we can finally have some privacy.'

'Ew. Don't give me details. I don't want to know what filthy things you get up to.'

William groaned into his hand angrily.

'Now William' Lilith spoke kindly, smiling at his annoyance. 'She's just trying to tease you. Why do you make it so easy for her?'

'You haven't been living with her as long as I have' William sighed wearily.

There was suddenly a woman's scream coming from upstairs. The three of them tensed. Lilith ran upstairs instantly, swiftly followed by Stephanie and William. Lilith burst into one of the rooms.

She turned to Stephanie and William behind her.

'Get the midwife!'

It was late into the night that Lilith held the crying child in her arms. Looking down into the face of the little baby boy.

'He's beautiful' she smiled. Lilith glanced up towards the new mother, lying there exhausted. 'Here' she said handing the child back.

The mother took the child, holding him close, gazing down at the child with pride.

Lilith withdrew from the room, leaving the mother and baby to be fussed over by the many other family members crowded into the tiny room.

Lilith kissed William before she went to bed that night. As she slept, she dreamed of a memory, one that had happened long ago, but one she had not forgotten.

'Lilith, come here for a moment.'

Five years old, Lilith sat beside her father.

'You've been asking about your mother' Ken spoke, 'how your friends have mothers, but why yours isn't around.'

Lilith watched her father talk, listening silently.

'Well…' Ken went on. 'I think it's time I told you.'

The woman was in labour and in agony for many hours. The midwives ran about the room, calling to one another, bringing towels and trying to comfort her.

The husband waited outside the room nervously, listening to his wife's cries. When the baby was at last delivered, the midwives fell silent in uncertainty.

One of them handed the child to the mother. When she looked down at her baby, she recoiled in disgust.

'Get it away from me! It's a monster!'

'Father. Why am I so different?'

'You were born with a deformity' Ken replied to Lilith


'But birds have the same deformity' Lilith asked her father. 'Why do people not hate them?'

Lilith woke the next morning early, with a heavy feeling in her heart.

She could not sleep. She rose and began work early that day.

Chapter Six

The Curse

The young girl leant out of the window, the wind whipping her blonde hair back from her face.

'Weeeeee!' she said delightedly, as the world rushed past her.


The girl felt a pair of hands grab her by the waist and pull her back. She looked up to see Lilith frowning down at her.

'Don't do that' Lilith told her. 'It's dangerous.'

'But it's so fun!'

Lilith grabbed the girl lightly by the chin, lifting her face upwards as she glared sternly down at her. 'Do not' she said. 'Do that again.'

'Aaaawww' she whined. 'That's so boring.'

'What would your mother have to say to me if I had to pick you up in pieces from the side of the track? Hmm? She wouldn't best be please I image.'

'I wish I could climb to the roof' Tiffany talked animatedly. 'I would feel so much freer out there than stuck here in this carriage.'

'Well' Lilith said curtly, stepping back and brushing herself off. 'Wish all you like. But if I find you doing it, then you will wish you hadn't. Now go find something that is not dangerous to occupy yourself with until we get there.'

'Fine' Tiffany submitted. She turn-tailed and ran in the other direction, arms out wide like a bird. 'Weeeeeeeee' she said as she went.

'Silly child' Lilith chuckled to herself in affection as she watched her go.

'You certainly have a way with her' William said from behind her. 'Even her own mother can't stand her some days.'

'It's because I'm not as familiar to her as her mother is' Lilith smiled to William. 'If I saw her more often, I'm sure she would test my patience. Hello Ellie' she said then to the young girl hanging off William's back. 'Are you having fun there?'

'Yes' the girl sniggered in glee. 'William makes a good horse. Don't you William?' she said to him.

'That does seem to be the case' William said closing his eyes with a smile. 'But like every horse that works for a long time, they get tired, and so am I.'

Ellie slid from off his shoulders, landing lightly on the floor.

'Why don't you play with Lizzie?' William suggested. 'I'm sure she would like some company to help her with her pictures.'

Ellie silently skipped over to Lizzie, who was the quieter of the three children. William and Lilith were left alone together in peace, at least for the meantime.

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