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   Chapter 10 No.10

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'How come your father tried so hard to give you away?' the young Lucy asked.

My father couldn't find me a new home, and so….I spent the rest of my young life in this city with him, where I learnt at the big school. And that's where I met William. Shortly after that…I came here.'

'But why did you leave the rich quarters?' Edward asked. 'Didn't you like it?'

'I didn't fit in' Lilith answered simply.

'Where did it go wrong?' Lucy asked.

Lilith cast her mind back. Now that was a difficult question, it was so long ago. Where did it go wrong? Lilith remembered something then, a man once had asked her a similar question in the past, a rich young man, and one she disliked greatly. However his question had been phrased to hurt. When did you stop acting normal? He had asked. His name was Joseph, the one who used to tease and mock her for years.

Lilith explained.

'I had been going to school for years' she began. 'I was in maths class doing algebra, and then it hit me. Why am I doing this? And then I walked out. That was the beginning….'


Lilith glanced up to see a portly woman hobbling over towards her, puffing as she went.

Lilith smiled, rising as the woman approached.

'How was work?' Lilith asked as she handed the baby over to the woman.

'Busy as usual' the woman huffed as she smiled with exhaustion, cheeks rosy red. 'It'll be your turn soon, I hope the children didn't wear you out too much.'

'No more than usual.'

Other mothers were turning up out of the small crowd that had gathered as each headed home from work. It was midday, and many finished work at this time, many others would start work soon after. Slowly the children that had surrounded Lilith dispersed, each going to their own parents as one by one they appeared out of the crowd. Lilith wiped her brow, smiling at the faces of the parents as they went by, and then William came.

'The children seem fonder of you than ever' he remarked.

'I never had any siblings' Lilith shrugged. 'I feel I really missed out.'

'You'd better hurry up' William told her. 'Don't want to be late.'

Lilith quickly tied up her hair, tucking it away under her hat. She kissed William swiftly, before skipping off to follow the crowd that made their way towards the industrial parts of the outer circle to begin work.

Behind her Lilith didn't see William sigh happily as he stared at the back of her bobbing head. Before long Lilith's profile was lost in the mass of dark colours made up of the bodies of the poor. Only the rich could afford col

our, and that was where Lilith was going to work, in a factory that produced clothes and fabrics for the rich. But she preferred her dark clothes, they helped her blend in, helped her remain unnoticed. Since the day she had first ran away, she had not been found, and had not seen her father since he received that letter, nor her mother. In those cases, it was a good thing, and Lilith was happy.

Chapter Five


Lilith worked hard that day, and the day after that, as she had been doing for many years. Life in the poor quarters was hard; physically for Lilith it had never been harder. But it had never been happier either, because she had William. She had found a man to love and who loved her in return, and with him, had gained a vast family.

One evening, returning home from a long day at work, she found that William had prepared a meal for her.

Sitting around the small table, lit only by a single candle in the middle, the two ate gratefully.

'I love you so much' William smiled warmly at her, eyes sparkling brightly in the flickering flame.

Lilith smiled widely back at her.

'I love you' she told him reaching forward to caress him, '…so much.'

He took her hand in his before she could withdraw; kissing it tenderly, Lilith felt his sweet breath upon her skin. He looked up at her deeply, eyes firm. Lilith returned his gaze unbreaking.

Her cheeks flushed. 'William…'

He drew his chair back, rising with surety, taking her hand as he did so. Lilith rose with him. He pulled her close, running her fingers up her neck and through her hair, pushing her against the wall as he did so.

'No' Lilith whispered back.

William drew back slightly, but didn't let go. His amber gaze bore into her as she drew her breath back.

'Not until we're married' Lilith whispered to him. 'I want our first moment together to be special.'

William smiled slowly, smiled kindly. 'So do I' he told her. 'It's just so hard to resist sometimes.' He moved closer to her again. 'I know I can't have you yet' he spoke into her ear in barely a whisper. 'I just want a taste.'

Their sweet moment was all too brief as they were interrupted by heavy footfalls coming from down the stairs.

'Can't you two control yourselves?' one of William's sisters complained loudly as she came into view. 'God you can't keep your hands off each other. I only have to turn around and you're crawling over each other.'

'You exaggerate' William sighed in annoyance letting go of Lilith and turning to his sister. 'Why are you up? Go back to bed.'

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