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   Chapter 9 No.9

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5018

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'Now stop that' Lilith scolded, pulling the damp patch of hair away. 'You mustn't put things in your mouth.'

The small group of children playing before her, aged between three and eleven played loudly, running back and forth and screaming. Some played with tops which needed a string to spin, others played tag in groups, and some played throwing balls to one another. One of the running children suddenly fell, cutting his knee he began to cry.

Lilith rose, still holding the baby and walking up to.

'Poor thing' she cooed as she knelt to examine him. 'Are you alright?'

The child balled his fists as he sobbed, rubbing his eyes before leaning forward and hugging Lilith around her neck.

'It's just a graze' Lilith comforted, 'you'll be ok.'

'Stupid Edward' one of the less sympathetic boys said coming over. 'That's what you get for being so slow.'

'It's not my fault' Edward continued to cry, 'you pushed me.'

'Did not!'

'Now stop fighting' Lilith said firmly. 'No one pushed anyone, it was an accident. Don't start bickering over nothing.' She spoke now to the injured Edward. 'Come and sit with me and Bella on the steps.'

The baby began to gurgle in amusement, not understanding what was going on, but being amused all the same.

'Ok' Edward replied pathetically, taking Lilith's hand and allowing her to lead him away.

'Baby!' the unsympathetic boy called.

'Stop it Jack' Lilith snapped, 'or I'll tell your mother how naughty you've been.'

The boy instantly fell silent.

'Come on' Lilith spoke kindly to Edward as he sat next to her. 'I'll tell you a story.'

'A story!' cried another child named Lucy. 'I love your stories!'

On hearing this all the other children came over, sitting around her like they were her disciples.

Lilith chuckled at this, smiling down at them.

'Where should I begin?'

'Tell us one of your stories' another child added unhelpfully.

'Is it true you used to live in the rich place?' another asked.

'I did' Lilith nodded.

'Why are you here then?' Jack asked. 'Didn't you like it?'

'I've heard this story before' an older child sighed.

'Well I haven't' Jack snapped, jerking his head round and glaring at the one who had spoken.'

'Enough children' Lilith spoke loudly, interrupting them before they could start arguing. 'I will tell you of this. I did used to live in the rich quarters, a place in the centre of the city. It is beautiful, but the people are selfish. But…I have lived in many more places

than that. I know much of the world, and of life. I have learnt, I have travelled, and I have seen far more of this world than many ever will.' She drew a deep breath, casting her mind back to a past that was now far behind her. 'I have seen princes and princesses, with cruel dictator parents; give their shoes to homeless children so that they might walk the streets without cutting their feet. I have seen complete strangers work together, whole cities unite to save the life of a single man, a man they do not know. And I have seen a man, in a death camp awaiting an unknown fate, at what would be the lowest point in his life. I saw him rise and stand to stare unflinching in the eyes of a powerful general, a man who could have ordered his death in a few short words. The man in that camp, at that moment in his life was most vulnerable, and yet he showed the most courage.' She looked over the children. 'I have lived many lives, seen may cultures, and learnt many skills in my short time in life, and I have important lessons to teach you, thinks you should learn and know. Things I myself have learnt. This is what I have to tell you. Happiness in life is not the fulfilment of what we wish for, but an appreciation for what we have, and overcoming great challenges makes life meaningful. The secret to happiness is acceptance, and good things come to those who work for it. In life, you create your own good. Have no time for regret, hate or fear. And remember, everyone means something to someone else. One day, you will just be a memory. Live a life you are proud of, and if you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be bold enough to show it.'

'How come you've travelled so much?' Lucy asked.

'I was born to rich parents' Lilith explained. 'My mother didn't want me, and my father…he travelled far and wide to try to find another family who would take me, but he found none that were suitable.'

'Why didn't your parents want you?' another child piped up.

'Sometimes….' Lilith told her sadly, 'parents realise having a child was a mistake.'

'Why did they have you then?' the same child asked.

'I was born….different. My mother wanted a child, but rejected me after I was born.'


'Because my mother saw me as an abomination.'

'You look normal to me' the same child commented.

'I wasn't born the way I look' Lilith told them. 'You know, many believe that fallen angels are usurpers and betrayers of god, who have no place in heaven or on earth.'

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