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   Chapter 8 No.8

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'What is your choice?' the teacher asked becoming angry now. 'Will you not speak?'

'Here is my choice' Lilith answered, speaking at last.

The teacher waited.

Lilith suddenly threw her arms apart, each half of the document in each hand. She had torn it in half.

Her action caused an immediate reaction within the hall. Students and teachers alike gasped in shock and cried out loud in exclamation, some even rising to their feet.

All the scorn she had suffered over the years, all the many slights and hardships came crashing down on her as Lilith lifted her eyes glaring at the teacher before her.

'Here is my choice' she said again, speaking loudly.

She straightened, throwing the two halves of the torn document at his chest.

'I will not be pigeon holed!' she screamed at him. 'My choices in life are mine to make in my own time! I will not be bound!'

The entire hall gasped in succession once again at her audacity. The teacher before her looked on only in utter shock and disbelief. It was clear, that he had not expected this, even from her.

This day would surely be one that many would speak of for years to come.

Lilith turned on her heel, marching out of the hall as quickly as she could without breaking into a run, ignoring the stares and rumours that were already beginning.

When she was outside in the welcoming breeze, then she ran as fast as she could, heading home.

When she burst through the doors, she found her father standing with his back to her in the dining room. He was reading a letter.

'Oh Lilith' he said in a weak voice, not turning, but knowing by instinct that it was her. 'What have you done?'

'What?' Lilith gasped.

Ken turned to her. 'A courier has just given me this letter from the school. You are deemed clinically insane. They are coming to take you away.'

'What?!' Lilith gasped again. She slammed the door behind her, facing her father again. 'But how…?' And then she realised.

They must have sent the letter before she even arrived at school that day. It was the first day in her life she was considered an adult, and the first day in her life she could legally be tried and punished as an adult.

'Oh my lord' Lilith whispered, feeling sick to her stomach. 'They've planned this…'

There was a sudden and heavy banging on the front door.

'It's them' Ken mumbled, eyes piercing the door. 'Hurry' he said to his daughter. 'You can escape through the back door.'

Lilith trembled as she returned her father's gaze. She searched for something, anything that was inside him that he

felt for her. But she found nothing. She considered speaking, but closed her mouth swiftly, running past him without a word and heading to the back door.

Ken answered the door.

'Where is Lilith?' asked a gruff looking official.

'She's escaped through the back door' Ken replied. 'Hurry, you might still catch her.'

Lilith ran and hid, taking cover whenever she saw an officer of the law. She travelled as fast as she dared, heading to the one place she knew no one would try to look for her.

The outer quarter of the city. The poor quarter.

It was nightfall when she reached it. She wandered through the streets, lost and alone and in despair.

Lilith threw herself onto her knees in the dirty open streets, throwing her head back in agony and wailing in misery. Bawling into her hands, not caring who heard her.

She was found a short time later by a figure.

Lilith glanced up through red and teary eyes, blinking uncertainly at the figure before her she didn't at first recognise. But she recognised his voice when he spoke.


It was William.

She fell into his arms as he knelt before her, and he held her there for many minutes, before helping her to her feet, and taking her away.

He took her home, and introduced her to his extended family.

'Can she stay' William said to his mother. 'Please. She has nowhere else to go.'

The mother considered Lilith with a frown, Williams many brothers and sisters waiting eagerly for her answer.

'You can stay here' the mother said. 'As long as you help with the choirs, you can stay.'

Lilith looked up hopefully at the kindly woman, as the many children within the tiny room began to cheer and chatter excitedly.

'A new sister!' they cried. 'What fun!'

Lilith surveyed her dingy surroundings with uncertainty, as William squeezed her shoulder encouragingly.

'It's ok' he said to her. 'It's going to be alright.'

Back at her old home, Lilith's mother returned after many years of being absent.

'Is it true?' she said to her husband. 'Is she really gone?'

'Yes' Ken replied with a smile. 'Beatrice my love…now we can truly be together.'

Tears of joy ran down her cheeks. 'At last… she whispered. 'I have waited for so long.'

They slowly embraced each other


Eight years later

Chapter Four

The Children

Lilith sat upon the steps before the house, looking out onto the street as the children played. On her lap she held a baby, who pulled at the shawl Lilith wore around her plain brown dress, while chewing on Lilith's long grey hair.

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