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   Chapter 7 No.7

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She stopped before its gates, staring up at the great glass-fronted building that grew tall into the sky.

'Hello Lilith' came a voice.

She suddenly noticed a tall and slender female leaning against one of the columns of the open gate.

'Have you made your decision?' her friend Anna asked. 'Which path you're going to take?'

Lilith stared at her, as she leant back with her arms folded.

'I don't know' Lilith replied meekly. 'I don't know…'

Anna lifted her head curiously at her reply, confused at the weak tone of her voice.


Lilith turned from Anna, and towards Victoria who had spoken.

'Victoria. You're alright. I was worrying that last night….'

'We can no longer be friends.'

Lilith broke off her sentence, letting her words hang in the air as she slowly registered what Victoria had said to her.

'What?' she whispered. 'But…'

'I'm sorry' Victoria replied harshly, shoulders tense and fists shaking. 'But you're too different from the rest of us. You will get me hurt. Get me in trouble…I…I'm just…'

'I thought you wanted to be strong' Lilith told her in a flat voice.

'I…I'm sorry.'

Victoria turned and marched away, not looking back. Behind her Anna looked on in shock.

'What was that all about?' she asked.

Lilith did not answer her, did not look at her.

'Lilith?' Anna asked with concern. 'Are you alright?'

'Yes' Lilith replied without emotion. 'I am fine.'

She walked off, before Anna had a chance to speak. For once she was glad to enter the school, and blend in with the crowd where she was hardly noticed. An hour or so later, everyone in her year had gathered in the largest hall in the school, and the ceremony began, the ceremony in which each would choose their path, their course for the future.

Lilith sat near the back, and watched with dead eyes as the ritual dragged on. When Joseph's name was called out, many of the students began to clap, and when he chose the profession of lawyer, many began to cheer. He was a well liked young man, and very popular amongst his social class. And so, one by one, each of the nearly two hundred names of the students gathered in the hall were called out, until at last, Lilith's name was called.

Her attention slowly began to focus on the teacher standing on the stage before her as he waited for her to approach the stage. The entire hall fell into utter silence, as they waited to see what she would pick.

Lilith slowly rose from

her seat; all eyes were upon her as she gradually made her way across the hall and ascended the steps, coming to stand before her teacher. The teacher was barely able to hide his disdain for her as he handed Lilith a piece of card with rounded corners. Each student had their own. It was a document of their highest achievements accomplished since the time they were able to speak. It was a document that would follow them wherever they went, for the rest of their lives, and one without which, would be impossible for anyone in upper class to achieve anything of value. Without this document, further education, decent employment, even marriage was impossible for the upper class. Without this document, the life of a wealthy individual born into a distinguished family, no matter how rich, would be null and void. Until this point, only teachers and parents had authority to hold them, now the document belonged to whom it concerned.

The teacher gestured to the small desk behind him, where lay a variety of different stamps, each indicating a path.

'Chose your mark' the teacher told her solemnly.

Lilith looked down at the document she held, in the top corner, was an empty circle, where she was expected to place a stamp indicating the profession or role she wished to pursue. She looked down at the table, seeing the many stamps lined up. The two stamps that bore the most ink, the ones that were most used, were the ones symbolising bankers, and mothers. The two most sought after roles.

'Chose your mark' the teacher repeated, his patience growing thin.

Lilith approached the desk uncertainly, staring at each possibility in her life, lined up on a table before her. To fall into the category of 'women of the houses' and marry a man for his wealth and be expected to bear children just as society expected, or be expected to help others birth their own children and be constantly asked why you don't have your own yet. Or to fall into any of the other categories, which society expected only men to pursue, and be frowned upon, and thought about with distain, just as she had been her entire life.

These were her choices.

'If you are unsure of your choice' the teacher spoke up, breaking her thoughts, 'will you let me choose for you?'

Lilith glanced up at the man with thought. He would surely pick the role of mother for her.

'Well?' the teacher asked her. 'Do you wish me to pick?'

Lilith held the document close to her chest.

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