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   Chapter 6 No.6

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'They were wonderful weren't they?' Betty beamed. 'I saw some of them from the window.'

Lilith smiled at her.

'Anyway' Betty said straightening up. 'I will see you in the morning.'

Lilith watched her go. Betty, like a few of the other servants, had sleeping quarters of her own, only modest dwellings within the main house. Lilith's father was well off for money, but harder times had forced him to lay off many of the servants, and now there was only a few. The extra work they had to do often meant they stayed later, and travelling the streets on such dark nights was not safe. And so on some nights, here they stayed.

Lilith crossed the large entrance hall and ascended the stairs, heading to her room, walking carefully past her father's room as she went.

She closed her bedroom door, and at last took of her dress, the dreaded uniform her school expected her to wear. Draping it across the back of a chair and drawing her curtains shut quickly before she went to bed. Her four poster bed was large, the room where she slept was large, and the windows draughty. Many would have found it cold in the spacious house where she lived. Many would have found the nights chilly and sought extra blankets, but for Lilith, it was perfect.

She slept deeply and without disturbance that night, woken the following morning by the sun as it lit up the world, shining through the crack in the curtains.

She woke early, taking off her long white nightdress and glancing only briefly at the tall mirror beside her bed to see if she was presentable once she put on her uniform. Her school dress was a modest knee-length dress coloured light brown and white. Though the city churned out so much pollution into the air, the white often turned out to be more grey in colour. Lilith left her hair down, another thing on the long laundry list of things that people frowned at her for. It was expected for ladies from richer families to behave and dress a certain way, and a lady who did not tie her hair up was considered to be unconventional. Like a poor person, or a tramp.

Lilith drifted over to the heavy curtains that held back the sun, throwing them apart and letting the light to warm her room. She opened the glass double doors that led onto the balcony, letting in the gentle breeze that brought the morning air.

But it was far from refreshing. Had she been merely visiting the city she would have instantly noticed the pollution, thick like silt in the air. But it was not the air that made her wrinkle her nose and close the doors again, it was the noise. For good measure she drew the curtains shut again, marching from the room and heading downstairs for breakfast.

Lilith sat at the long table without saying a word. Immediately one of the servants brought her a cooked breakfast. Lilith stared down at it.

'Can I have some more black pudding?'

The servant scurri

ed off to comply.

To the other servant, the only one left she asked. 'Can I have some orange juice?'

'But there is some on the table' the servant bowed.

'I don't want that one.'

The servant scurried off to comply.

Lilith knew they would be a short while. The kitchen was on the other side of the house. Now it was only herself and her father.

Lilith waited for a moment to see if he would speak. But he didn't. She didn't really expect him to. She would have cleared her throat loudly and obviously to get a reaction, except she had tried that in the past and knew it wouldn't work.

'Did you see the fireworks last night?'

'No' her father answered without looking up from his newspaper.

'Where you wondering where I was?'


'Will you always be indifferent to me?'


Lilith sighed deeply as the servants returned; bringing to her the things she didn't want. She accepted them politely and ate her breakfast slowly while staring at her father. He was young and handsome and finely dressed with black hair. Both her parents were very young when they had her, younger to have a child than was normally accepted in society. But that was not the reason her mother had rejected her.

When her father did finally speak to her, Lilith was so surprised she hadn't registered what he said.

'I said' Ken replied sternly with a frown, irritated that he was having to repeat himself. 'Have you chosen which path you're going to take?'

Lilith looked back at her father, immediately wishing he hadn't spoken.

'No' she replied shortly.

Ken opened his mouth, about to speak. He then changed his mind, sighing and returning his attention to his newspaper.

Lilith watched him sadly, feeling lost, and alone, feeling as if there was no place for her in this world.

She looked down at her plate, thinking.

Oh lords. That day is today? What should I do?

Chapter Three


The day after the New Year celebration, was the day that many took their first steps forward as mature adults, and chose what goals they wished to pursue in life, which path they wanted to take. Each in their final year would go to school for the last time, and be placed in a category. Some would choose to be lawyers, doctors, or bankers. But for females, their role was mostly limited to one called 'women of the houses'. This meant for most, marrying, having children, becoming midwives, or caring for children in other ways, such as education. It was not unheard of for a woman to become a lawyer, but it was far harder for a woman to become one, and with such a rigid society as one the rich lived in, even if one succeeded, it was frowned upon. And so, they were pigeon holed, and forced to live up to specific expectations. A great cloud descended upon Lilith as she made her reluctant way to her school on that day, for what would be the last time.

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