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   Chapter 5 No.5

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The figure touched her shoulder gently, and Victoria risked a glance up.

She screamed when she saw the hideous squid mask. Slapping the figure's hand away she rose to her feet, screaming and running away.

'Leave her!' William commanded the figure, who made to follow her. 'You will only frighten her more.'

The figure removed their mask, and Lilith was surprised to see a girl, far younger than she would have guessed.

'Stupid little rich girl' she complained. 'Run home like a frightened rabbit.' She glanced towards Lilith. 'I hope this one's as good as you say she is.'

'She is' William answered confidently.

Lilith felt a strange sensation inside her stomach, one she was not used to, and she wondered what the two were talking about.

'What have you been saying about me?'

William smiled at her.

'One good deed deserves another' he grinned slyly. 'Thank you!' he spoke loudly to the others surrounding. 'You may leave us alone now.'

'But it is social suicide to be seen alone with a man you are not related or married to' Lilith said automatically.

'And you care about these silly rules the rich fabricate?'

It was Lilith's turn to smile now.

'I suppose not.'

She suddenly noticed that all the other figures had gone now, save but one.

'You too' William said to the young girl.

'Awwww' she whined. Huffing, she replaced her mask, hiding her face once again. 'Don't be gone too long, you know how mother worries.'

She turned and leapt up, grabbing onto the protruding bricks and window sills and climbing with surprising grace, up the side of the building. She disappeared over the rooftop and out of sight.

'My sister' William shrugged apologetically. 'She is a tricky one. Now' he said, extending an arm for Lilith to take. 'Would the lady mind if I escorted her home?'

Chapter Two

That Day

They walked slowly through the streets, Lilith holding onto William's arm as they went.

'So why the masks?' Lilith asked him.

'Oh these things?' William said, lifting the rat mask and smiling down at it. 'They're beautiful aren't they?'

'They're monstrous.'

William chuckled to himself.

'We cause all sorts of mischief with these things' he went on. 'They conceal our identity, and the rich folk can't catch us.'

'How much trouble do you cause?' Lilith asked dubiously.

'So much' William gleamed. 'We are often trodden on and overlooked by the rich folk. They think themselves better than us beca

use they have money. But what is a man without his wealth?' he asked Lilith.

'I don't know' she replied.

William paused, glancing sideways to her. 'He is just a man.'

She smiled.

'I'm sorry they treat you the way they do. All of you. It's just not fair.'

'Don't be sorry' he said, walking on. 'Us poor folk, we give as good as we get.'

'And so it should be' Lilith nodded approvingly.

William chuckled again at her boldness.

'So' Lilith went on, 'what is your sister's name?'

'Claudia. She is one of five.'

'Five sibling?'

'Five sisters' William corrected. 'We have large families in the poor quarters. It takes a lot of hands to make the world go by; it takes a lot of work to survive. But we manage.' He looked over her head suddenly. 'I hope your friend will be ok.'

'I'm sure she will be' Lilith replied. 'I just hope she doesn't fall and sprain her ankle, she is very delicate.'

'Where do you live?' William asked her.

'It's just this way' Lilith answered.

They walked for a short time, and before long, Lilith reached her home.

It was a large building, with large windows, a straight path to the front door, and well maintained grounds around. Lilith stopped at the entrance gates.

'Thank you for helping me' she said.

'You did the same for me' William bowed to her. 'I was merely repaying the favour.'

Lilith turned from him, slipping through the gates and closing them after her. She met William's gaze through the bars as she clicked the lock in place. Walking slowly up the path towards her home, she glanced back behind her when she reached the front door, but William was gone.

She entered her home, finding everything completely dark and still. But there was life here.

'Lilith?' came a gentle voice.

Lilith recognised it as the voice of one of the servants of the house, her favourite, it was Betty.

'What are you still doing awake?' Lilith asked her in a whisper, reluctant to break the silence of the room around her, reluctant more so to wake your father.

'I was concerned when you didn't return home' the maid told her. 'I was worried. So I waited.'

'There was no need' Lilith replied. 'I can take care of myself.'

'I'm sorry your father didn't wait for you' Betty went on.

'I didn't expect him to' Lilith answered. She smiled encouragingly. 'Thank you for your concern, but you should go to bed now, it's late.'

'Where you up watching the fireworks?'

Lilith nodded.

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