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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5138

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When they deemed it appropriate, the gypsies departed, as quickly as they had arrived.

'Victoria' Lilith said quietly, shaking her friend.


'It's getting late. 'We should go home now.'

Victoria sat up, rubbing her eyes. She had drunk a small amount of wine, and had fallen asleep at the foot of one of the lampposts.

'What time is it?' Victoria groaned.

'I don't know.'

They walked through the now quieter parts of the streets, and all was silent. Lilith held Victoria around the shoulders as they went. She was still very tired, and a little tipsy, stumbling more than once in the dark alley.

There was very little light at this time, but Lilith knew this way well, and she walked bolding, moving Victoria with her.

It was only a short time they walked, when there was suddenly movement before them, and Lilith tensed as a shadowing figure appeared ahead. At first Victoria had not noticed it. Lilith stopped, watching as it approached.

'What's wrong?' Victoria mumbled. She then glanced forwards, gasping as the shadow loomed closer.

'Joseph?' Lilith said as it came into clearer view. 'Is that you?'

Lilith heard movement and quiet footsteps behind her. She glanced around, seeing three more figures, in the dark they appeared only as black silhouettes. Looking forward again, Lilith saw that three more figures had joined Joseph. Beside her Victoria began to shake. Lilith let go of her, straightening up.

'What are you going to do?' she asked firmly.

'I'm going to teach you a little lesson' Joseph spoke calmly to her, gliding forwards and using a finger tip to lift her chin. He began to walk around her, still touching her chin so that she always faced him.

'At least let Victoria go.'

'I'm not going to do anything you want me to' Joseph answered arrogantly. 'Maybe this will be a good lesson for her as well.'

He completed one circle around her, withdrawing his hand.

'The teachers have failed to control you' Joseph said. 'I won't.'

Lilith threw her head back laughing then, an act that seemed to surprise not only Joseph, but the surrounding figures as well.

'Listen to yourself' she said calming. 'You really do think you're so high and mighty.' She sighed, becoming still again, staring at him hard. 'You are nothing.'

He went to hit her, but Lilith caught his wrist in the air.

'You will not strike me again' she growled at him.

She stumbled forwards suddenly, as one of the figures hit her across the back of the head with a hard object. Lilith fell to her knees, as Victoria scr

eamed in fear beside her. But the attention of all the figures was not on her, but on Lilith.

'Listen to yourself' Joseph cried throwing his hands out. 'Even out here where nobody can help you, you still mock me.' He grabbed her face, forcing it upwards to his. 'You just don't know when to keep your mouth shut do you?'

'I was just going to say the same about you.'

'Ooohh' he said shaking his head at her audacity. 'Thank you for giving me a reason to do what I'm about to do.'

He let go of her, backing away.

'Hey!' called one of the boys around them.

Lilith glanced up.

'What is it?' Joseph asked irritant, turning back to the one who had spoken.


Joseph looked to where his friend was pointing. His heard skipped a beat in his chest at what he saw.

A shadowy figure was standing on one of the rooftops, wearing a grotesque mask of some insect. The figure did not move, it only stood there, watching the small group in the street below.

'There's another one' a second called.

Joseph glanced all around him, seeing more and more figures appearing from the night, from all sides they surrounded them on the rooftops. Each wore vile masks that covered their faces, masks of deformed and hideous beasts like pigs and sloths and bizarre sea creatures.

Joseph let his eyes slide around him, waiting to see what would happen. But the figures did nothing.

They only stood. They only stared.

A twinge of fear trickled through him them, as he realised how many of them there were. Twenty? Maybe even thirty?'

'Let's go' he mumbled to his friends.

They quickly departed. Joseph spared one last hateful glanced towards Lilith before following them.

When they were gone, Lilith turned her attention back towards these new figures, wondering what would happen next, and ignoring Victoria's hysterical sobs.

The figures crept forwards, closing the circle. They leant over the edge of the rooftops, almost creating a canopy with their bodies.

And then one of them leapt down into the street. Lilith watched still kneeling, as the figure approached.

The figure lifted their hands, removing their ghastly rats face mask, and revealing their identity.


He smiled smugly at her, holding the mask under his arm.

'Are you alright?' he asked, extending a hand to her.

She took it, rising again to her feet. Beside her another one of the masked figures went over to Victoria, who was kneeling and holding her arms tightly over her ears, still shaking in terror and daring not to open her eyes.

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