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   Chapter 3 No.3

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Lilith blinked slowly, taking in the stranger's features. It was then that Lilith noticed that beneath the shabby clothes and soot, the young man was handsome.

'What's your name?'

'William' the stranger answered. 'What's yours?'


'Oh. That's an interesting name.'

'That's what most people say' Lilith smiled humourlessly. 'Most people make fun of me because of it.'

'That's terrible.'

Lilith smiled again weakly. 'There are many things that are terrible here' she said. 'Many things that are wrong.'

William didn't answer.

'What are you doing here?'

'I came here to look at the school' William said turning his back to her to see it. 'Where I live, it is only whispered about. It is spoken as if it were a myth, and not a real place in the city we live.'

'Hm.' Lilith closed her eyes. 'It's nothing special.'

'That's easy for you to say' William answered back, not turning to her, but keeping his eyes upon the school, drinking in its glorious sights. 'You go here often, it's normal for you. But to me…someone who has no such privileges…..' he fell silent.

Suddenly he turned back to her, a big cheesy grin on his face.

'I thank you for your help' he said suddenly. 'And it was nice to meet you. It's nice to know that not all rich folk are the same.'

'Wait!' Lilith called after him as he began to scamper off. 'Are you going to be alright?'

He glanced back at her confidently, standing tall and proud, despite not fitting in. 'Don't you worry about me. I know these streets.' He watched her for a moment, considering her. 'I hope we meet again.'

He swiftly left, slipping into the crowd. Some still stood and stared, but most had continued on, grumbling in disappointment that the confrontation had boiled down to nothing. Though they would never admit it, it was not only the poor who enjoyed confrontation and violence.

It was only a short time that Lilith had to think about William, before she was pounced on by her friend. One of the few she had.

'That was so brave! Are you alright?'

Lilith turned towards Victoria. Small in stature, her dirty blonde hair was tied in pigtails and styled in big curls.

'Those ones are you cruel' she scowled, referring to Joseph and his gang. 'They swarm around like dogs and act like such wretches. I hope they didn't hurt or frighten you.'

'Those fools' Lilith scoffed. 'They could never frighten me. They are nothing.'

'Oooohhh' Victoria grabbed her arm firmly. 'I wish I could have the confidence you do, I would be so much better off I'm sure.'

'I'm not so sure myself' Lilith said raising an eyebrow at her in

amusement. 'For a start you would get yourself in far more trouble.'

'Hmm' Victoria hummed. 'I suppose you're right' she said curtly. 'Now. Do you still want to come with me to the streets to see the fireworks? You didn't forget about my invitation did you?'

'Oh' Lilith said. In truth she had completely forgotten. 'Yes, of course I'll come. I just need to tell my fa…' she broke off. Lilith smiled suddenly. 'Yes' she said again, composing herself. 'I'll come.'

'Wonderful!' Victoria cried clapping her hands gleefully. 'Oh this will be so much fun.'

That night when the world had darkened, the sky lit up in a flurry of exploding lights.

The streets were crammed with people, out enjoying the celebration. It was the start of the New Year, and the first day of summer. From here on, life was to get better for everyone, until winter came around once more.

Lilith ran through the streets, hand in hand with Victoria, running from one place to the next. There was no single open space where people had to celebrate, for the streets throughout the city were so narrow. And so the celebration happened everywhere.

It seemed on every corner there was something happening. Fireworks being set off, dances, music, magical performances that would awe the children and make the adults gasp in surprise. This was one of the few nights in the year when the rich folk would tolerate gypsies. With their absurd dresses and bright colours and excessive gold jewellery, it all offended the rich folk. Even their fortune telling and the way they constantly travelled was an insult. But tonight, tonight was a night to rejoice, and be happy.

Lilith skipped past a group of them, loudly playing their violins and beating their drums jovially as many other of them danced in the streets. Lilith even saw some of the animals that accompanied them. A donkey, a skinny dog, a goat, all of which wore jewellery of their own, hoops that pierced their and rings around their necks.

'Come with me' Victoria called over the noise, pulling Lilith with her as she went.

They went to a corner of the street where smaller fireworks were being set off, those that didn't reach high into the sky like the others, those that barely reached the top of the buildings.

They jumped upon a low wall, leaning on a tall lamppost and jumping up to grab the sparks as they fell. Nearby a group of young boys ran around the feet of their elders, waving around sparklers.

For many hours the celebration went on, late into the night, and slowly, the people became more and more drunk, and slowly, the streets began to empty. Began to quieten.

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