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   Chapter 2 No.2

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 4675

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The city was built in a roughly circular shape, and at a distance, because of the way the towers were positioned, looked like a cone, with the filthy poorer houses scattered in a disordered manner around the edges.

Many whispered of that dangerous place, where the desperate would do anything to survive. The richer folk simply adored to spill terrible tales of the poorer outer quarters, speaking of it as if it were another world, and its inhabitants aliens. Or mutants.

Or freaks. Just like Lilith.

She then glanced back at the university behind her. It was a large building, the front was made almost entirely of glass, and there was a great tower at its head, growing tall into a point that nearly touched the sky.

'Very soon' Lilith whispered to the building. 'I will gaze upon you for the last time.'

She turned her back on that hateful place where she had suffered so much scorn, and crossed its large grassy grounds to the main gate which sat at the end of a wide road. The richer more arrogant students that thought they were above walking waited on the steps before the school, as horses and carriages lined to pick them up.

Lilith left the grounds, passing through the tall iron gates that were left open. Once all the students had left, the gates would be locked, and the school would fall silent.

Lilith stepped out into the streets, glancing around her. It was a crowded place, like the rest of the city. The centre rarely suffered quiet streets, even after dark.

Around her the other students were milling out of the school grounds, each separating and going their own ways home.

Lilith heard a disturbance then, glancing to the side she saw a crowd of young men, standing with their backs to her in a circle facing inwards. Lilith tilted her head, trying to get a better view. Within the circle was another young man, who appeared to be crouching. One of the men in the circle raised his voice in hostility, but Lilith couldn't hear his words over the crowd. She watched as the figure pushed the one in the middle, shoving him to the side.

Lilith suddenly recognised the figure that had pushed the other, turning on her heel she strode briskly up to him.


He turned as the sound of her voice, just as she walked up to him. Lilith shoved him roughly to the side, causing him to


'What are you doing?' Joseph shot back.

'Enough of this' Lilith demanded. 'Who do you think you are to treat another this way?'

Joseph glowered back at her, but Lilith wouldn't bend, not under his glare, nor the glare of the other young men that had participated.

Within the centre of the circle, the victim watched in silence, still upon one knee.

'You overstep your mark' Joseph growled, stepping towards her.

Lilith didn't move, standing proudly, fearlessly before the men before her. Any other girl would surely have fled in terror by now. Young girls these days were so weak.

'You overstep your mark' Lilith repeated back to Joseph.

Joseph tensed, growing furious at her audacity. But Lilith only glared back at him, challenging him. She saw his fists clench.

'Go on' she whispered. 'Strike me now. I know you desire it.'

She saw as Joseph gritted his teeth. He glanced about him suddenly, realising their little scene had drawn a considerable amount of attention. People walking by had stopped now, to watch the events unfold before them, between the young girl and the young man she confronted.

'Do it' Lilith whispered to Joseph. 'I dare you.'

Joseph snarled at her, backing away as he felt the eyes of the crowd around him. 'You will pay for this' he promised her. 'Mark my word.'

He turned sharply away from her and stormed away. The circle broke, and the other men followed after him, muttering under their breaths and glaring at her as they walked away.

Lilith relaxed, glancing down to the victim still kneeling beside her. And at one glance, she saw why he had been teased so.

He was from the poor quarters. She could tell from his dress.

'Are you alright?' she spoke to him.

The poor man glanced up at her with large eyes. Even his skin was dirty. There were smudges on his cheeks and forehead that looked like coal dust.

Lilith extended a hand for him to take. The stranger stared at her for a moment; Lilith could almost hear the thoughts passing through his mind. Perhaps he feared another trick; perhaps he thought that she too was teasing him. But after a time, he accepted. Taking Lilith by the hand, she helped him up.

'I'm sorry about them' Lilith said to him. 'We are not all the same here.'

'As I see' the young man said speaking at last.

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