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   Chapter 65 Epilogue (New Version)

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Four Years Later


Third Person's Pov....

Agustin DeLuca looked at the six years old bundle of joy infront of him, playing with her Uncle Jack.

Iris DeLuca.

Iris, the only source of peace in his otherwise turbulent life.

A small gentle smile played on Agustin's lips, contrasting to his otherwise roughened features, the one which was only reserved for this tiny little creature whose soft giggles vibrated through the walls of his heart as he looked at her with pure awe and admiration in his eyes.

He adopted her two years after Onika left, those two years were hard on him. Making peace with his demons.

With the truth.

The truth that tore his whole world apart, leaving him with a constant ache in his chest. Leaving him vulnerable. Leaving him dead inside.

Every single breath he took in her absence killed something within him. Maybe it was a part of his soul that was dying, he thought.

He didn't know what was hurting him the most.

That he was never going to see Onika again.

That he was the murderer of his own child.

That he was the reason why Onika can never mother a child again, after loosing her first child so painfully, when he should have been there to comfort her, she was running away from... him, bearing the scars he had given her all over her body. Sacred. Alone. Helpless.

Many a times the reality would hit him so hard that he would drunk himself to Oblivion, till he can't feel anything, till he can just vaguely hear the name reverberating at the back of his head, Onika.

Strangely that name never went away, no matter how drunk he was, he could still make sense of that one name even if he forgets his own.

At times Jacob would have to search for him, from one ally to another, finding him either at some corner of a filthy bar or beside his daughter's grave where he often cried till he passed out from the intense pain pricking all over his body, as if someone is physically stabbing him with a knife.

As incredulous as it sounds, even after everything he did to Jacob, Jacob never left his side. Jacob was always there, taking care of his business when he was busy in drinking and mourning. Helping him wordlessly whenever he needed a friend.

If not for Jacob his dead body would have been rotting somewhere for the animals to feed upon.

Jacob made sure he took his anger management classes, never missed his appointment with the councillor, everything that Onika wanted him to do, and that was the only thing that convinced him to keep going with it. 'If she were here this is what she would have wanted, Agustin', this is what Jacob would always say whenever he resisted, and that simple statement was enough to make him do anything. Anything.

It took him two years to get a hold of himself, that's when Jacob advised him to adopt a child. At first he was wary of the idea, not sure if he will ever deserve to be a father.

Greater that the wariness was the fear, what if he screwed up again? Could he bear hurting another pure soul and live with himself?

But then there was this thing he had learned from Onika. Don't let your fears hold you back. Get over them, fight them, don't let it pull you back. Move on.

When Jacob took him to the orphanage and his eyes laid on the adorable four year old girl with little hands and feet, curly hair, and chubby cheeks, with aquamarine blue eyes, same colour as that of Onika's. He felt an instant pull towards her.

And now two years later he was still not sure if he deserved her, but he did know one thing, he loved her to death.

Though not a day went by when he didn't think of Onika, but it was bearable now. Limited to praying for her happiness wherever she was.

"Daddy I won again!" He was brought back to reality as he saw Iris r

ivalent to digging her own grave, she knew.

"No." He simply said, making her furrow her eyebrows in confusion.

"I want you to target, Jacob Knights."

"The COO?" She asked, raising her brows in a questioning manner, she had no idea where things were leading.

"Yes, Jacob Knights practically runs Deluca Corporation, Agustin trusts him, he has as much knowledge of the company as much Agustin does, if not more, " Her boss said.

She was good at reading people, and she can tell that her boss knew them well, so well that she might even conclude they were once friends.

"Consider it done." She said finally.

"Don't be ahead of yourself, it may not be as easy as you think, Hazel Blair."

"Of course I know it's not easy, or else you wouldn't have chosen me, " she retorted.

He smiled at that, this is what he liked about her, she had the air of confidence around her and not to forget she never had once in her life failed in her task.

"But there is a catch, " he added, " he might be in love with someone else."

Her eyes widened a bit, before she immidiatly masked her surprise.

"Who would that be?" She asked, with a hint of curiosity in her voice.

"Onika Coulin."

"Onika Coulin, as in Agustin Deluca's ex-wife, Onika Coulin?" She asked in disbelief, what kind of best friends are they, she wondered.

Her boss nodded his head in positive.

The fucker, she thought.

"How much time do I have." She asked.

"No more than three months."

"Okay then, I will meet you in three months with all the information you need, " she said with finality, making her way out of the room.

Jacob Knights, be ready to get whipped, here comes your ruin." She thought as a small smile tugged at her lips, the thrill of her upcoming mission already pumping adrenaline through her veins.

Little did she know, she had just signed away her own ruin, and this time it maybe her heart that will pay the cost.

Entering into Jacob Knights life might even be her biggest mistake, but the deal is made and their fates tangled together, for better or for worse.


The End.

Thank you so much to all those who had reached this far with me, and who had been here with me since the very beginning, it has been a beautiful journey. This book will always be close to my heart, the characters engraved in my memories, forever.

P.S- there won't be any sequel.

Peace out.

Love, RickyjQuery21408774223798193537_1540871211611jQuery214021411054338332902_1540871621755

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