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Updated: 2018-07-14 20:16

This may be a bit of surprise.jQuery214011699828143930135_1540876132458

In the past I thought about writing bonus Chapters on Onika and Agustin's past, like how happy they were together before everything went downhill, but knowing the fact that they were not going to end up together, I thought it won't be appropriate to show their happy past and make it harder than it already was, and decided against it.

But this bonus chapter is a small conversation of Agustin with his dead daughter's grave, after Onika leaves Agustin, on demand of one of my reader.

There you go sweetie, hope you like it!?


Few Days Later....

Agustin slowly got down on his knees and rubbed the top of his daughter's grave with his palms, ever so slowly as if touching something very fragile, as if brushing off some imaginary dust which might have found its way to his precious daughter's grave, almost in the same fashion as he would pat the head of his child if she were alive.

He did it again, and again... and again, the motion becoming vigorous with every passing second, with every stroke, in a state of trance, he kept doing it till his hands were completely tired and he can't move it anymore. He stopped and looked at his palms it was a deep shade of red, he furrowed his brows as he realised he can't feel anything.

Taking a shaky breath, he took out the orchids and placed it over the top of the cemetery, with the same frailness and tenderness as someone would show while dealing with their most loved possession, most precious possession, his hands trembling badly, with exhaustion, with the emotions he was feeling, he didn't know.

It was his daily routine, to come here and just go back home, without uttering a single word, just keeping the orchids there and staring at it for an indefinite time, as if it was something he needed to do to keep breathing, almost like a robot programmed to do so without fail.

But, today there was something that kept him rooted to his place, as his counsellor's words rang in his head, 'you need to let your emotions out, if you want to move forward, you can't keep it bottled up inside you.'

He stared at the orchids almost absentmindedly, a

infully digging into his palm.

"She would have been the best mother to you, she would have loved you so much.... She had so much of strength within her..." He trailed off as if sharing a piece of his heart with her daughter.

He went on, " Do you know what I did to her." He questioned, rhetorically.

"I still remember when I met her the first time, she was a spitfire, till I completely extinguished it. Her eyes used to speak volumes, sparkle with every emotion she felt, till she couldn't feel anything anymore, till it was dead."

He took a deep shaky breath before he finally said the words that were killing him, bit by bit.

"I killed her, the same way I killed you, the same day I killed you." He felt crippling pain creep up his body as he said those words.

Saying that he bowed down his head till it was resting on his daughter's grave, and completely broke down, his heart piercing sobs echoing throughout the graveyard. "I am so sorry..I am so damn sorry.." he kept repeating the words.

He cried till his tears ran dry, he cried out his heart, he cried till there was nothing left of him, for the first time since Onika left him.

He promised something to his daughter that day.

'I swear on your mother's name, I will be a better person, for you....and for her.'


Nothing is more painful for a parent than loosing his/her child except, knowing that he is the reason behind it.

Peace out.

Lots of love, Ricky ??

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