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   Chapter 62 painful.

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Updated: 2018-07-14 20:13

Agustin's Pov....

"Take legal action against me, I am ready to confess my crimes, Every. Single. One. Of. Them" I said sternly, even though I don't feel even legal actions will be enough, nothing is enough anymore, but that can be a start.

Her lips parted in disbelief and she kept looking at me incredulously.

"Prove it Onika." I repeated again, I want this, I need this, desperately.

She recovered from her shock.

Her nose flared, breathing quickened, she closed her eyes forcefully, clenching her fist to her sides and before I can blink she slapped me, slapped me so hard my head turned to the other side.

"Are you trying to mock me?" She said.

"Is it still me who needs to prove things to you?" She sneered through gritted teeth, her eyes flushing with anger.

"How fucking dare you?" She clenched her teeth, I have very rarely seen her this angry, the last time I remember, it was when I told her to dance infront of the servants.

My heart clenched in disgust, all towards myself as I recalled that day.

"Why don't we turn the table around, " she said, a cruel smile playing on her lips.

"I give you two options Agustin, the choice will be yours, The first one is, I take legal action against you, and you get to redeem yourself, as you seems so eager to do that. The other one is you give me divorce, I will disappear from your life, completely, it will give me my freedom back, and that is what I want."

She tilted her head closer to me and said, "the choice is yours, you choose and I will act on it, no questions asked. Choose wisely Agustin, you have twenty four hours."

"Why are you doing this." I asked brokenly.

She looked into my eyes furiously and said, "why am I doing this? You think I can live in peace knowing that you are rotting somewhere in jail?You think that is what I want? This is not about vengeance, I. Am. Not. You."

"I know this is not about vengeance." I said in a pleading, for her to understand how much I need this.

She took a deep breath and said, "Let us make it simple, the choice is between what you want, and what I want let's see how much has changed, let's see what matters more to you." She said in an emotionless voice.

Saying that she stood up walking to the door, but before she left the room, she turned towards me, there was an emotion so intense in her eyes that it made ever hair at the back of my neck stood erect with a feeling of...fear.

Looked straight into my eyes, her eyes softened a bit, I can see guilt there, with a resolved expression on her face, she said, "I have once loved you Agustin, I truly have--" she paused for few moments, blinking back tears, "--like nothing else in my no one else can--" she said and her hold tightened on the door knob, knuckles turning white as sheets.

"I remember those days Agustin, I haven't forgotten anything, how I used to wake up wrapped in your arms, you looking down at me, lost in your own daze, like I am the most precious thing to you.

I still remember the look on your face, the satisfied smile on your lips. I remember how it used to make my heart flutter, I remember how it's used to quicken my breath, how it used to make my l

you where, Alice asks White Rabbit, how long is forever and White Rabbit says: sometimes just one second.

And you started laughing saying that, that was the most nonsensical thing you have ever heard and you said I am so silly and innocent to believe that, and I challenged you that one day you will understand the meaning of it.'

I do Onika.

I can- want to die at this very moment, with her looking into my eyes, the love I can still see there.

This is my forever and this is the most painful moment of my life.

Her words tore my soul into a thousand pieces, pricing thousand of swords right into my heart, through and through, but the strange thing is, there were no tears in her eyes, nor was in mine.

Her lower lip was shaking slightly, still there was a finality in the way she said everything.

She says, she wants to see me happy with someone else, how do I do that, I can never love someone else, how can I? When the meaning of love for me is Onika, I don't have any definition of love, I just have a person to represent it, and that is Onika. She is love, and I will never stop loving her.

I made my decision in that moment, I knew what I have to- need to do.

My trance broke as she averted her eyes, walking out of the door, shutting it behind her, not looking back, leaving me alone with the turmoil of thoughts, all ending up into just one conclusion, 'This woman, who was standing right infront of me a moment ago, my soul belong to her, and it always will.'


A quick question: do I need to rent a bodyguard, after this chapter and the April Fools' prank I pulled.

So sorry Agustin and Onika shippers, but please don't hire a hitmen against me????

One more chapter and an epilogue, wait till I update the epilogue *winks mischievously* but, before that there is still a chapter left and I get the feeling that I am going to cry while writing the last chapter *sighs tiredly*

Thank you to all those who have come this far with me.

And about next update I will try to update within a week, but I am going on a vacation with my family so no promises.

Love, Ricky ??

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