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   Chapter 61 Prove it.

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Updated: 2018-07-14 20:13

Onika's POV...

I stared at Agustin's pale figure laying on the hospital bed, IV line attached to his wrist, his eyes closed, a small frown on his forehead. Even with his eyes closed he looked troubled. I took few calming breaths to remind myself that he is fine now. I have been sitting beside his bed since past five hours now, and he haven't moved a muscle.

He is looking so lifeless at the heart cringed at the thought. I think this is why Jacob didn't take me with him, he already knew how it's going to be. Thank God Jacob reached there on time, if not for him... I don't even want to think about it.

I have never wanted something so desperately as I want for him to open his hazel eyes and look back at me. I brought my hand to his cheek, tracing a large bruise at the side of his cheek with my finger ever so lightly. He didn't flinch, didn't moan in pain, nothing.

I know I should have been the one to tell Agustin the truth, I was wrong to think that I can hide it from him for forever. Initially I used to blame him for everything that happened, maybe he is to be blamed...maybe not, I don't know anything anymore, though I know one thing, nothing will ever be same again.

With my child gone, nothing will ever be fine between me and Agustin, no matter how much I want to move forward, a part of me will always blame Agustin for what happened.

I know he didn't know that I was pregnant back then, otherwise he might have not done what he did, but every time I think about my baby all I can think about is, how I used to starve for days, being beaten near to unconsciousness, laying on the cold floor, with me, it was my baby as well who was dying with me every day bit by bit, it was not just me, the baby was always there inside of me, surfing with me, and I couldn't protect her, I failed her and so did Agustin, and there is no repentance for that, there can only be immeasurable amount of guilt...which will never be enough.

I couldn't explain how it felt to know that you had a miscarriage the same day you came to know that you were pregnant, I will prefer to die a thousand times then witness something like that ever again, it was just in that small moment that I had know that there was a baby inside of me....and then she was gone, bead infront of my eyes. And I couldn't do a thing. Sometimes I feel like I am actually cursed and...Agustin is the curse.

Whenever I recall that day it sends shivers of anguish and pain through my spine, I could never get the sight of my dead baby out of my mind, no matter how much time passes, I will never be able to move forward, a part of my soul will always be trapped in that dreadful moment. I could never set it free again, never. Nothing Agustin can ever do will change that. Nothing I can ever do will change that.

Though that doesn't mean I want to see Agustin dead. I have lost count how many times I have prayed to God to punish Agustin in the worst way possible, at times going as far as wanting to see him dead, but I never thought it would be this painful seeing him lying unconscious infront of me, maybe it would have been easier if he was still the same unfeeling bastard, and not the one who is grieving like this, grieving for what he had done, grieving at the loss of my baby, our baby.

I was shook out of my chain of thoughts as I felt someone's hand on my shoulder, I turned back to see Jacob staring back at me, his eyes finding mine and softening a bit.

He forwarded a glass of jui

al I came to know that indeed I was pregnant and had a miscarriage, the baby was bead by then. Even though I knew this was about to come, I couldn't believe it. Didn't want to believe it. Hearing it completely broke me. I failed to protect my child. I didn't even know there was a child grows inside me, if I did, I would have protected the child with everything in me."

"Then my eyes fell on the wedding ring I was wearing and at that moment I was feeling anger so profound for you that I went back to your mansion, risking everything, risking getting caught just to--"

"Give me the wedding ring back" he completed my sentence.

His words were followed by complete silence for several beats, I took a deep breath deciding something, it's time I do it.

"I forgive you, " I said, meaning it. I can't dwell in the past anymore, so yes I forgive him for the sake of my own sanity if not his. Every moment I spend in hating him does nothing but just takes another bit of my peace away, and I want all this to end. I can't take this anymore, I am tired of trying to be strong.

I looked at Agustin expecting him to be relieved, now that I had finally forgiven him. There was a sad and pained smile on his lips, as if every twitch of his lips is costing him something, giving me an ominous feeling. I saw his eyes darken with something incomprehensible, what he said next completely shocked me.

"You forgive me?" He asked, his voice completely emotionless but his eyes looking intensely at me holding my gaze.

I gave him a small nod, unsure of where this is going.

"Then prove it."

I gave him a confused look. " You want me to prove that I had forgiven you?" I asked, feeling utterly clueless, this is not how I expected this to go.

"Yes." He said monotonously.

"How?" I asked, completely taken aback at the unexpected change of events.

"Take legal action against me, I am ready to confess my crimes, Every. Single. One. Of. Them" he deadpanned, enunciating each and every word clearly.

My jaw hung open in disbelief, for any number of flies to barge in.

"Prove it Onika." He said again, his eyes challenging this time.

I was at a complete loss of words.


Will I be forgiven for the late update? Well I love you all, if that helps!

Lots of love, Until next.

Ricky ??

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