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   Chapter 60 drowning.

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Double update, as promised?



Third Person....

Agustin De Luca was driving the car through the eerie silent, dark night, not aware where he was going, but he did have one place in his mind. Tears streaming down his face, feeling guilt so profound that his whole body was shaking with silent sobs, for he had killed not only the soul of the women he loved, but also his own daughter.

Sickening sounds reverberating in his head.

'You were pregnant--'

'It was a girl--'

'The report said there were marks of abuse all over your body--'

'Please stop'

'--It said you can never get pregnant again due to complications.'

'Don't.... please don't.'

'Congratulations Agustin Deluca..I am everything you ever wanted me to be.

I am ruined.'

The car stopped with a screech infront of a boxing club he and Jacob often used to go to after work.

It was dark and quiet outside, he tried to breath against his constructed lungs, all the while feeling as if someone is compressing his chest painfully, making it impossible to draw the air in, he uselessly rubbed his chest to ease the excruciating pain.

Opening the door of the car with shaky hands, he got out of the car, moving towards the entrance gate.

The guard stationed at the gate stood up abruptly and looked at him in alarm. Taking in the miserable conditions of the person walking towards him, stumbling over his own steps, in a state of complete chaos. His eyes widened as he recognised the person, Agustin De Luca, the same person whose name is enough to make people crawl away in fear. He couldn't believe his eyes.

As Agustin halted infront of him, he immediately recovered himself from his shocked state and managed to ask, "Sir, you here, at this time of the night, how can I help you?" He couldn't help but give him a sympathetic look, his condition reminding him of a small lost child.

Agustin kept looking at the guard as if trying to comprehend what was just asked to him, after a while he gathered his voice, "Is-is there anyone inside" Agustin's voice was so hoarse he could barely speak against his constricted throat.

"Yes sir, some of the fighters are in there preparing for tomorrow's match."

Agustin walked past the guard to enter inside to find some of the fighters practicing in the boxing ring, his limbs automatically moved forwards till he was standing in front of one of a well built fighter, Martin.

Martin furrowed his brows looking at the man standing infront of him, interrupting his practice session.

"How can I help you?" he asked in a stern voice.

"Hit me" Agustin simply said. Martin looked at him as though the person infront of him has grown two heads.

"Have you lost your mind" he asked in a scary voice thinking it to be some kind of joke. Completely annoyed at the interruption, not being the most patient man on earth.

"Hit me" Agustin repeated like a robot, Martin was just this far to taking him up on his offer, he was not someone to be poked, unless you have a death wish.

" I don't have time for this child's play get the fuck---"

"I will pay you." That got Martin's attention, a smirk appearing on his sadistic face, If someone was stupid enough to pay for getting his ass beaten up, he was not stupid enough to pass the chance, though he was quite sure after two powerful punches from him and he will have this man running out of here as if the room was on fire, let the man know what he has bargained for, he thought.

Agustin felt the first punch land on his gut, knocking all the air out of his lungs.

The other one directly aimed for his face, he could feel the metallic taste of blood.

'I wish, I never loved you.'

'I hate you with every fibre of my being. '

'I am scared the wounds may have healed but the scar will remain engraved in my soul as a permanent damage.'

'loving you has become a curse for me. I am ashamed of myself that I loved a monster like you, that I thought you could ch

o stop but he knows it won't, because he deserve to suffer till his last breath, untill death finally take him in its embrace, because if Onika has taken all the pain without deterring, then he was no one to escape the truth and get away easily. Easy deaths doesn't come to demons like him.

He felt his eyelids droop, Only one thought repeating in his head, he killed her, he killed the baby, his and Onika's baby. Agustin heard someone shout his name before he passed out. That was the last thing he remembered before slipping into a pit of never ending darkness.


Oh mama, are my eyes moist? Yes they are, yes they are, though I am not sure whether it's for Agustin, all three of them, or the situation.

How many of you think Agustin should be forgiven? (Mind it guys I am talking about forgiven, not second chance, I will leave that one on Onika, yeah, yeah I know that would be me, hehehe ??)

Even I felt bad for Agustin in this chappie, smh! That is saying something! Though he completely deserves it.

As the chapters are getting intense I am getting a headache writing them, I am not that good at dealing with such intense emotions, I have tried my best to portray it with the same intensity as I feel it, but when I read the chapter it always comes out to be milder, way too milder, either my imagination is hyperactive or I am a bad writing, I pray its the former one????

Someone asked me to write in Agustin's Pov, that was the plan, but I realized I can better express his feelings in third person as right now he can't think straight, I hope that did the trick.

Oh, and the story hit 500k reads, how cool is that? Wooohooooo!!!!(okay, okay it's 496k for those who are going to cross check ??) And I have got 500+ followers (doing a happy dance, thank you guys for adding up to the family)????

OMG! The story will be over soon, how I am going to miss each and every character, even Agustin the egg head, and most above I am going to miss you guys!! crying T-T!!??????

I know some of you asked to extend the story, but in the present scenario it is not possible, or else I would have tried, I swear. ????

And before you guys ask about a sequel or any other story, all I can say is I will think about it guys, right now after this book I need to take a break and sort things out in my life. But if I plan on writing a new story, sequel or otherwise, I will let you guys know (I hope this story will remain in your archive, if not library ????)

P.S- the next update won't be any time soon, please bear with me.


Gotta go study, peace out.

Until next, Ricky ??

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