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   Chapter 59 breath in, breath out

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Jacob's POV...

I groaned in frustration at the noise interrupting my sleep, and pulled my pillow over my ear to block the noise. It took me some good time to get oriented and realise, it is past midnight and it's my phone ringing.

It's my phone ringing?!

I immediately woke up, my eyes wide open now, the first thought coming to my mind, Onika.

I looked at the screen, it was Onika indeed, at this time of the night? My heart got caught in my throat, as different types of unpleasant thoughts started coming to my mind.

I immediately picked the call.

"He--hello Ja--Jacob Ag--Agustin--" she started sobbing and her voice was completely hoarse as if she had cried her eyes out, I was not able to understand anything clearly.

"Agustin what Onika? please speak clearly I am not able to understand anything, did Agustin hurt you?"

I clenched my fist tightly, waiting for her answer, holding my breath. I was already making my way towards my car to get to her. I started driving in full speed towards Agustin's mansion.

"No he-he is not in his right mind! Please bring him back. He l-locked the door and I co-couldn't stop him, I couldn't stop him, I am so sorry." She sobbed hiccupping badly.

I frowned my brow in confusion, not being able to understand anything, what is going on?

"Bring him back from where? Where did he go? Please, Onika take few deep breaths and explain properly, I am not able to understand anything. I am on my way to there, just calm down. I will be there in five minutes."

"He--he knows, I don't know how! But he knows."

"Knows what Onika?" My patience was running thin now, as dread started gripped my heart from all sides, listening to her blood curdling cries.

"That I had a miscarriage." She said in a small voice, her voice so low that I almost missed it.

"WHAT?!" I stopped the car abruptly with a screech as it was about to deviate out of the lane.

My body went completely stiff, did I hear her right?

"Ja--Jacob are you listening to me" she asked in a small defeated voice.

I could feel my hands shaking in anger and pain, my vision clouding.

Someone please tell me this is not happening to Onika, I brought my fist to my mouth to contain my emotions.

"Jacob please come fast, are you listening to me?" She muffled another cry, bringing me out of my trance.

"I am coming Onika, I am almost there, okay? just hold on I am almost there" I said as gently as I can manage.

"Okay." She whispered brokenly.

I started my car in full speed

down my eyes.

I felt my throat shutting down completely, so much so that I couldn't breath, I frantically searched for my medicine and gulped it down immidiatly, trying to take in deep breaths to normalize my breathing.

Once all this is over, I am going to give you a tight slap, Agustin De Luca, I vowed.

I tried to calm myself. Jacob will bring him back safely, I reasoned. I know he will, I tried to assure myself. Agustin picked up my call that means he is fine.

Yes he is fine, I repeated again. I tried to calm myselfI, before I have a panic attack.

But peace was far away from me.

All of a sudden the image of my dead child blurred my senses.

I went to Alex's room, I tugged Alex close to my chest desperately, and rocked back and forth, trying to keep my mind away from disturbing memories.

I felt Alex coo softly and curl more into me, his small hand unconsciously resting on my cheek. I snuggled him closer to my chest.

Everything came crushing down at me, I tried to block it, I looked at Alex's innocent face. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. I reminded myself how to breath for the whole night, clutching Alex close to my heart.


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Many are having confusion with the term abortion, in medical terms spontaneous abortion is known as miscarriage, but I will change it to miscarriage????

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