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   Chapter 58 numb.

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Onika's POV...

I came back home and directly went to check on Alex. After making sure he was sleeping peacefully, I made my way towards my room.

My head hurts, my heart hurts, Jacob's face keeps flashing infront of me, his pained express, his troubled eyes, like had went through a series of endless torture.....all because of me. I can't wash away the guilt that is painfully squeezing my heart.

Jacob went through all that pain, why didn't he ever tell me anything before?

He went through hell, what for, so that Agustin stays happy. Huh.

The irony of the situation suddenly hit me like a hammer, Can I even blame Jacob? Isn't that what I did as well, and the worst part is Agustin can still make me feel bad for him, like he is also a victim in all this, may be he is, as much as I would love to blame everything on Agustin somewhere I know he is hurt as well, one can't expect his own mother and best friend will betray him in that way, it has to be painful, it has to be hard.

Infact even I was completely astounded by Xavier's behaviour, like there must be some misunderstanding, Xavier can't do that to me, to us, we were quite close. I, Agustin, Jacob and Xavier, more than friends we were like a happy family, I thought we all could lean on each other even when the worst of time comes, it was almost like I got the family I never had, and just one conspiracy and everything was torn apart.

I couldn't believe it myself, I was actually waiting for me to wake up and realise that it is all just a nightmare, or may be they were just playing with me, anytime now and they will start laughing and say, 'got you princess', just like the innumerable times they used to do in the past.

And I will scold them and won't talk to them for days unless, they plead for my forgivness, for this time they had crossed all the boundaries, for scaring me to death like that, for giving me those fake disgusted looks that pained me so much, though I will give them the credit of being one hell of a good actor!

Deep down I knew they can't be kidding about something so big, but then again nor could I think that Xavier will be such a bastard, so I clung on the first possibility.

It was when Agustin started torturing me, I accepted the truth, that no one is going to pop out from behind the curtains and say that it's over, they had their fun, though as laughable as it sounds, the possibility always resided at the back of my head, in the form of some desperate hope, but I couldn't deny the truth anymore, because I couldn't imagine Agustin doing that to me even in my wildest dreams, so it has to be the truth and no act.

To be honest, if I were to be betrayed like that by my mother, for me it would have been nothing different than what Agustin did to me, so I can understand Agustin had also gone through the pain of being betrayed, betrayed by the someone he loved so dearly.

But Agustin knew me, how can he not, we were in a relationship for two years before marriage, giving me at least a chance to explain everything shouldn't have been that hard either, wasn't he the one who told me he will stand by my side no matter what, for fuck's sake we took all the vows to be there for each other till death do us part, and all I asked for was just to investigate into the matter for once.

I didn't fucking ask him to believe me over his mother or even his best friend, all I asked for was for him to just to listen to me for once, there wasn't any harm in that, or was there? Even the worst of the criminals get a chance to speak for themselves.

He had all the power, he could have done it wit

My hands fell to my sides, feeling numb all of a sudden.

Our eyes were still locked, but there was a malignant silence, no one said anything. My breathing was coming out ragged, while Agustin's was barely audible.

I don't know what to say, I never even wanted him to find out, I never even want to discuss this.

"The report said there were marks of abuse all over your body--"

"Please stop" I cried out, my hand were shaking, my palms sweating heavily, and throat constricting painfully, an indication that I need my medicine.

"--It said you can never get pregnant again due to complications."

"Don't.... please don't." I covered my ears with both my hands, I could feel thousands of needles piercing my heart mercilessly.

I closed my eyes, to let the grief take over me, this is the thing I have always tried to avoid. Like it has never happened, may be never talking about it will make it less real, like it is just in my head, something my damaged mind has conjured. Because I knew this is my breaking point.

Agustin suddenly stood up and started walking out of the room.

"Wh-where are you going?" I asked, his action taking me by surprise.

He didn't say anything. I know we need to talk through this, I can't let him walk out of here like this...when he is not thinking clearly. And knowing his impulsive nature, I just know he can't be left alone right now.

But before I can stop him he was already out of the room, shutting the door behind him. I ran to the door, and tried to open it.

It was locked.

NO. Please No.

"Agustin, open the door, please, are you listening to me? Agustin."

I started banging the door hysterically.

Oh god no, please.

I tried to open the door again and again, shouting for him to come back till my voice was completely hoarse, throat raw and I couldn't shout anymore.

Then something click in my mind.

Jacob. Yes! I ran for my mobile phone to call Jacob.


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