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   Chapter 55 no one.

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Onika's POV......

"Maria, I am not really sure about it, I have never ever been away from Alex for a whole day..and I will just be worried sick about him, and who knows better than you, he can be one handful thing at times."

"Mumma, plewse I want toh go" Alex whined and stomped his foot on the floor, an adorable pout forming its way on his face, and I glared at him giving him my angry mumma look to call the bullshit. In turn he curled his lower lip outwards in defiance.

Jesus, he is going to be the death of me.

"Madam, I promise he will be fine, I will bring him back before eight and put him to bed, my niece will be really very happy to have young master's company on her birthday."

Both of them gave me a pleading look. I huffed and threw my hand in air accepting defeat. When Maria and Alex team up together they can be a lethal team, anyways I think Alex needs to get more exposure and be around children of his own age.

"Ok, ok you win, but promise to behave and don't give aunt Maria a hard time, be a good boy. Will you?"

"Pinky promise mumma" Alex said cheerfully. With that both of them went out happily.

I sighed, after yesterday's ordeal I planned on spending some quality time with Alex, he is the only one who can bring me back to sanity. Seems like not going to happen.

There was a knock on the door after a short while. Must be Agustin, I thought.

Not now please, I don't want another fight this early in the morning.

"I am not in a mood to talk right now, please go away." I said.

"You sure about that?" Came an amused voice....Jacob's voice?!

Jacob! How?!

I immediately ran to open the door, not believing my ears, to see Jacob standing in front of me with a lopsided smile gracing his lips.

My eyes widened in shock. "Are you not going to call me in?" he asked, breaking my reverie.

"I thought you weren't allowed here." I interrogated, my brows frowning in suspicion.

He scoffed at that "I have my ways." he said beaming at me.

What ways I wonder, maybe things are getting better between him and Agustin. I desperately prayed.

"Anyways come in." I said instead and motioned towards the couch.

"So, tell me what brings you here?" I asked.

"Just wanted to make sure you were okay." He said looking at me intently.

I just started at him for two beats, never had anyone one cared about me so much that the first thing they do in the morning is make sure I am okay.

I tried to speak but nothing came out, my throat was completely clogged with an overwhelming feeling. I cleared my throat and somehow found my voice to say, "I am fine, Jacob, thank you...but you don't need to worry so much about me..." He cut me off harshly.

"Don't need to worry about you?!" he shouted, in a way that made me feel as if I have committed a big crime by suggesting that, completely taking me off guards.

He continued aggressively, his voice raising by several octaves, "I couldn't sleep for the whole night after seeing you like that yesterday, your tear streaked face just keeps haunting me, flashing infront of me every time I close my eyes..."His breathing was ragged by now. It was then I noticed his eyes were red with bags under it.

"Do you have any idea how much.." he stopped abruptly as if realising all of a sudden what he was about to say.

He clutched his hair roughly in frustration, closing his eyes he took few deep breaths to calm himself.

My heart was beat

t I want you to feel every single pain I have ever experienced....I want you destroyed like me, to have nightmares that won't let you sleep.

I want to hurt you the way you hurt me.

Oh god I am becoming a sadist like you, I fucking need to stop.


#Day 28.

What is love?

Love, the word sounds so foreign to my ears now.

How can you be sure that you love someone or that someone loves you?

What is the formula to measure it?

Is it something that you can constantly fall in and out of?

Or is it something more permanent?

May be it's just a myth. Yes, this is what I have concluded.

But wait a minute.

Good lord, I can't let you govern my thinking process like this, because the one thing that I am sure about is, I don't need to come up with the definition of love taking you as a reference.

If something like love do exists, you are the farthest thing from it.


# Day 29.

Why couldn't you love me back the way I did?

Am I that there some problem with me?

Even if it is so, you should have said that, we could have worked on it.

How easily you have destroyed lives like it's nothing, how can you even live with yourself.


No, no, no please, no.

I am so sorry to make you feel like this, to make you feel so small when all the fault lies in me.

The one thing that got stuck in my head was the word 'destroyed lives'

She didn't know at that time that Jacob loved her, then what does she mean by it.

Something is just isn't falling in place.

I took out my phone and punched Kane's number.

"Kane I want you to find out what happened on the night Onika escaped, I want each and every minute details, don't miss out any thing. It's time to interrogate John Cadalo."

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