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   Chapter 54 two can play in a game.

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Before we start with the chapter I would like to inform, I have made certain changes, I initially mentioned the duration of Onika's entries to be two months and if you guys remember I skipped a few entries, jumping from 6 to directly 20. The changes are as follows:

1. Now I am making it a little over one month duration

2. I will make it continuous ( I have re-numbered the skipped part) so the last entry is now numbered to be day 25... And I will be writing till day 35 ( so 10 more to go)

But you guys don't worry I will cover every point I think is important.

If there is any confusion feel free to ask me.



Agustin's pov.....

I was stealing glances at her throughout our ride back home. Her eyes were fixed on the road in front, looking ahead. She was lost in deep thoughts, I think I know what she is thinking, the look of pure agony on her face give it away, she is reminded of the time when she came to me crying and devastated, pleading me to believe her....but I didn't.

My throat constricted painfully thinking about that day, like I have just swallowed thousands of sharp blades down my throat, making my insides bleed.

How I would give away anything to just hold her in my arms and make here believe that it won't happen again.

No harm shall ever come to her, never again, I vowed.

As soon as I parked the car she immediately got out with the speed of light, heading towards her room, avoiding me. I know she is afraid that she will breakdown infront of me, if she don't get away.

I chased behind her and before she can shut the door on my face, I stumped my foot in between the door and the wall.

"Agustin, not now, please go away" she said, her voice barely a whisper, shaking at the end, making my insides churn at the sheer helplessness in her voice.

"No." I said sternly. "I am not going anywhere before I make sure you are alright." I said and forcefully entered in, making her fragile frame to stumble backwards, but before she can fall I caught her in between my arms, making her gasp in shock.

"I am alright." She said in a cold voice, trying to wriggle out of my hold, but failed miserably.

"No, you are not." I said, my eyes locked to hers.

"I. Am. Fine. Agustin, what part of it don't you understand?" she seethed at me in anger, pushing me away with all the power she can muster.

"I have seen worse, I have gone through worse, I have made out alive before, I can do the same again..... without you." She added, her eyes never leaving mine, her voice never wavering for ones, making it clear, she ment every word, and I know she does, the strength she had developed had left me completely astonished, two years back I would never have imagined I could ever see this form of her.

She used to be so carefree and smiling, could cheer you up just with her one smile, and now I

" he snapped, his negligible patience waining off rapidly.

"I can fire you don't tempt me, Jacob. You are playing with fire. When I say stay away from her, that is what you do." He warned me in his boss like tone.

"And you don't forget Agustin I am no begger who is desperate for this job that I will lick your feet, I have shit ton of money rotting in my bank account, so stop the fuck with that useless threatening and moreover I handle half of your work, I know everything about this company, you need me to run your business, and not to forget...I can ruin you in a matter of minutes."

He narrowed his eyes at me and asked, "are you threatening me?" But his tone was not that of someone who feels threatened, it was rather a mocking one, his eyes shinning in amusement.

Bastard. I know he can see right through my act, he very well knows that I will never betray the company, no matter what.

I took in a deep breath, if playing dirty is what he wants that is what he will get in turn " if you don't let me walk in this instance, I will tell Onika that you are reading her entries behind her back."

His eyes widened in shock. "" it seems he can't form any coherent words anymore.

He immidiatly composed himself. "Are you spying on me?" He demanded.

"Two can play in a game Agustin, never mistake my silence for my stupidity."

"Why haven't you told her already, I wonder?" he asked with genuine confusion in his voice.

"Because you deserve every bit of the hell you are going can die in your own guilt for all I care." I said.

I expected him to be angry or maybe...hurt, but his expresion wasn't giving away anything.

I walked forth and Agustin signalled his guards to let me in, and so I did


I know it's a small Chapter, but EXAMS is all I have to say in my defense.

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Love, Ricky ??

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