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   Chapter 50 Bonus Chapter-3( Day 8)

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Updated: 2018-07-14 16:32

This is Onika's entry of Day 8, being read by Agustin.

NOTE- the interview was taken after a few months of Onika's runaway, until then Agustin came to know the truth, but Onika was still on run.



Today I came across a magazine with the title, ' Interviews of top 100 richest men in the world', I knew you would be one of them, curiosity got the best of me and I bought it, I know I shouldn't have. After putting Alex to bed I immediately jumped to the page displaying your interview.

Seeing your photo was like a blow to my gut, and a very brutal one at that, twisting my insides painfully, stinging my eyes with acid.

You where still looking perfect, as always. Perfectly sculptured lips holding a tight lipped fake smile, brown hair thrown back, your hazel eyes staring at the camera, with a confident and ruthless look, any third person looking at you will consider you the definition of perfection, but you are any thing but that, you are as close as a person can get to being a devil.

Anyone who won't take a second glance at you will see you with a fa?ade mask intact in its place making you unreadable, but I did take a second look, and I know there is something troubling you. I can see it in your eyes, the way your jaw is clenched tightly, I can tell by just looking at your tensed body posture.

I started reading your interview, the reporter asked you about the love of your life, my heart skipped a beat in anticipati

of in bold letters, Jacob Knights.

It said that Jacob has recently inherited two third of his grandfather's property, giving him a place in the latter half of the magazine.

The same question was asked to him as well, his answer was, "She is everything I want, but I fear she is everything I will never attain, for I am just a person made out of flesh and blood, and one look at her and you will know every atom of her being once made the rainbows, she is the colour of my life."

I stared at his answer for too long.

Utter confusion again took over me, Who is he talking about? I had never even seen him dating anyone in the last three years we were friends, but who so ever she is, is lucky to hold the heart of a person like Jacob, was the last thought in my mind before I went to sleep.


Just had some spare time, so came up with this, hope you all like it...:)

Have a nice day to you all.

Love, Ricky jQuery21409110478174970154_1540872640184

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