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   Chapter 49 forever.

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Onika's pov.......

I excitedly called Jacob, who picked up at the first ring as usual, to give him the good news.

"Hello Jacob!" I blurted out in a haste, as soon as he picked up.

"It seems someone is happy today." He chuckled at my impatience.

"Damn right, I am" I replied.

"So what's the good news?" he asked.

"You won't believe... " He cut me off.

"Don't tell me you took his signatures?" He asked incredulously.

"Duh, nah.. it's about Agustin, I talked to Agustin about consulting a psychiatrist and he actually agreed, can you believe that?!" I still can't!

There was a pause of three seconds before he replied.

"Are you sure he is not bluffing. I can't be sure he is not pulling wool infront of your eyes."

"I know it is a bit hard to believe, in the past when he used to torture me, I once accidentally told him that he is not right in the head and that he needs to visit a psychiatrist, after that he started venting his anger on me like a madman, saying how dare I and crap, but this time I am positive, I myself have fixed his appointment." I told with certainty, Agustin is many things but the truth is I haven't actually caught him lying to me ever.

"Wow..I...I don't know what to say, I thought that was something next to impossible, Agustin actually acknowledging that he needs the help of a psychiatrist, so what have you dec--"

I heard some hustle outside.

"Jacob I guess Agustin is here, I will talk to you later, okay?"


I saw Agustin coming upstair, so I immediately went to him to ask how it went.

"So how was it?" I asked, nervously.

He looked at me intently, something was off about him, as if he had just seen a ghost.

"It was okay?" It came out more like a question.

That's it, just okay. I poked him further.

"She is nice, isn't it? I told you. So you think there is some improvement?..." Before I can continue with my questions he interrupted me.

"Onika, for god's sake, it was just my first session, I won't come out of it being a new person."

I sighed heavily, he is right.

"Yeah, I am sorry.. you must be tired, take some rest." I said.

"Yes, I need some time alone, " he said, I nodded my head in understanding.


Agustins pov.....

I went to my study room and told the guards not to let anyone enter the room unless I say otherwise, not even Onika, especially not Onika and if some emergency arises to call me on my private number.

I was eying the file as if it is a ticking time bomb. I muster all my courage and opened the file with a trembling hand.

I immediately recognised her beautifully sculptured handwr

ll have our first child, we will go somewhere far and peaceful for a while, with just you me and our child, and how we will take care of the child, what all things to do, what all things to buy. I used to get so happy just by thinking about it.

I even thought a name for our child, if it would be a boy, I will name him Alex, it was my brother's name, I still miss him so much.

If it's a girl, I will name her Iris, you know Iris means rainbow in Greek, she will be our little rainbow.

At that time I never thought it would never happen.


I closed the file, I can't do this anymore. I can feel the wetness on my cheeks. Christ, what have I done. What have I done.

My chest is burning, and it's that type of burn which you know won't fade away with time, it will remain there to remind you of your mistakes, like a cross around your neck.

I have made her go through all this and god knows what more.

How can I think of using Alex to force her to stay with me like that, Alex means so much to her, it must have pained her so very much.

I felt another knife like twist of guilt directly aimed at my gut.

I looked at the time. It was past midnight, but sleep was the furthest thing from my eyes.

The only thing going on in my mind was, how can I repent myself. How can I make her forget all this, how can I erase all I have done to her from her memory.

How can I make her pain go away.


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