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Before I start with the chapter, I would like to clear one thing: if you guys go back to chapter 10, where Onika and Agustin first met, I have mentioned there, Onika had already given the interview to the COO to reach the third level, which was by Agustin, as the second one was by the COO, and now as we all know, this 'COO' is none other then Jacob Knights, it is justified to say that Jacob met Onika before Agustin did (though that doesn't change anything, just stating the fact to make the scenario clear)



Onika's pov.....

Dear journal, This is the most awaited day of my life, if I get this job, finally all my sufferings can come to an end.

Enough of doing two part time jobs to support my studies and bills. Enough of working my ass off to make the two ends meet. Time to do some real work!

This is the dream company I have wanted to work for, since I was seventeen, now I have the qualifications but as you know the only problem is my lack of experience.

I have successfully crossed the previous level, two more are left, this is the second one, and the toughest one I have heard, the COO of De Luca Corporation, will be personally taking our interviews today and the sources says he is the toughest one to impress. If I qualify this, I will be taking a big step closer to my dream come true.

A total of 150 finalists were selected in the first round, out of which only five will be selected in this one, for the final, which will be conducted by the CEO himself, scary isn't it?

My heart is already beating fast in anticipation, I hope everything goes well, fingers crossed.

If I get this job, it can be life changing for me.

I closed my journal and looked at the watch, hanging on the old, discoloured wall of my small apartment, and sighed.

It's 6'o clock in the morning, I know a bit odd time for writing a journal, but I really can't sleep the whole night out of nervousness and need someone to talk to....and, well my journal is the only option I have got.

I got up and went to take a shower and get ready, the interview starts at 9'o clock Sharp.

I wore a knee length black skirt with a white top, and tied my hair in a tight bun, some of stubborn curls making its way out of it.

Before getting out of the apartment, I looked at the photo on my bedstand, and gave a painful smile, my little brother and parents smiling back at me, 'I will make you guys proud one day....wish me luck', I whispered silently with teary eyes, and got out of there, with a heart full of hopes.

I took a cab to De Luca Corporation. In almost 35 minutes I was standing in front of the tallest building I have ever seen, reflecting sky at its top through its black glasses.

Before I can pass through the front door, two guards stopped me and asked for identification. I immediately showed them my application form and ID, they nodded their head and cleared the way for me.

I entered the lobby area, which was occupied by a number of people, whispering and talking among themselves.

I went to the receptionist and told her " I am here for the interview..." Before I can complete.

"I know why you are here, tell me your name" she said in an expressionless robotics Voice.

"Onika Coulin." I replied politely.

She typed something in her computer and said "Candidate number 121, take the seat over there" she pointed over the left side of the lobby.

Number 121, holy shit, it's going to be a long wait.

After, waiting

ill be loyal and give it my 100 percent." I said and looked at him, my eyes full of hope.

He was still looking at me with that intense gaze, completely unfazed by what I just said, like it was just a boring lecture he hears everyday. Oh my God, he is not buying it!

No! I want this job. I can't live in bankruptcy anymore, please understand!

I took a deep breath and said, "Okay, let's talk about experience, I have worked for two years in Starbucks, making coffee as a part time job, I guess, that is experience enough to last longer than 90 percent of his well experienced PAs." I blurted out.

Someone tell me I just didn't say that!

He raised one brow at me.

I just want to run out of here, why do I always have to embarrass myself like that.

"I--I am so sorr--"

Then, his blooming laughter resonated through out the walls of the cabin, that is the most addictive sound I have ever heard, for a moment I found myself lost in it.

Then I looked at him in disbelief.

'You are something else' he whispered lowly before announcing in between his fits of laughter' "Congratulations, Miss. Onika Coulin you are selected...I might even recommend Agustin your name" He said clutching his stomach.

My eyes widened in shock.

He can't be serious!

I immidiatly composed myself and said. "Thank you, Sir."

"You can call me Jacob." he said, still trying hard to control his laughter.

"Jacob" I repeated and gave a nod.

That went quite... unexpected?

As I was about to leave, I heard him say.

"It was nice meeting you, Onika."

I turned to look at him, his radiant eyes beaming at me, I looked at him shyly and said, "like wise." meaning it.



Bonus chapters will be comparatively smaller ( 1300-1700 words) as compared to the main chapters(1900-2300 words); I will be giving only the glimpse of the particular scene requested.

Though this was a big Chapter with 2, 100 word count, as there won't be many bonus chapters on Onika and Jacob, so I guess they deserve a big Chapter.

So, that was how I always imagined Onika and Jacob's first encounter.

Please vote and comment, if you like the chapter jQuery21409110478174970154_1540872640184

As I had already described how Agustin's and Onika met, so I had started with Jacob and Onika.

Stay tuned.

Love, Ricky.??

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