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   Chapter 46 tears.

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Onika's pov....

As soon as we got into the room he hugged me tight, as if I was about to disappear from the face of earth.

I tried to wriggle free from his hold but it just led into him tightening it even more.

I just groaned in frustration, he is one stubborn thing, I just gave up, It's better that he say whatever he has to and get done with it.

For god's sake, few hour before he was behaving like I am some puppet, his personal toy to play with as he likes, and now here he is acting as if I am the most precious thing to him is this world.

What does he take me for? His mood swings are now getting on my nerves. I am done with his dramas for the day, so it would be better if he cut short the ordeal.

He just buried his face into my neck, breathing heavily, after what seems like an hour, which may actually be just seconds, he finally said, "I am so sorry." in a broken voice. I felt something wet on my skin.

Oh god no, please no.

"Agustin please leave me." I said with determination and clenched my hands into fists before I can do something stupid like hug him back.

He reluctantly pulled away and looked into my eyes, his eyes looked like deep, dark, bottomless abysses filled with torment and pain.

He took a deep breath and said, "In my life I only had this few people I trusted, when every other person is out their to just use you for their own benifits it's a bit hard to trust easily. I won't deny, I always had trust issues.... As you can see most of the people I trusted had already betrayed me, my own mother, my best friend, Xavier and Jacob.. every one.

I always wanted someone to love me for who I am, but deep down I knew it was next to impossible.

When I saw you the first day, my heart said, she is the one. Your confidence, defiance, innocence, doe eyes... . and the list goes on, I was captivated by each and every one of them.

As stupid as it sounds, I felt a pull towards you, I had never been this irrational in my life before. Then I came to know you better and that pull just got stronger and stronger, to the point were I got restless, if I don't get to see you, to the point where I found it hard to live without you.

But deep down I always had this insecure feeling that good things never last, how is it that, someone like me is given a loving angle like you? Somehow I was not able to digest that, there surely has to be some catch, deep down I was waiting for...."he stopped suddenly, gulping the saliva down his throat at his foreboding situation, so I completed his statement for him, "To disappoint you? To Betray you?" There is no sugar coating that.

He nodded his head.

I just shook my head in disappointment and anger.

"You decided my fate even before I did any mistake?" My voice shook as I said that.

He continued "And when I thought the day came, I was devastated..I was broken..I wanted to brake you in the same way you broke me...I know, I have no excuse for what I did. I know, no amount of apologies can ever correct it..." He trailed off.

I brought both of my hands on my forehead to ease the throbbing pain. Oh God, he had got this all wrong, Sometimes I am confused whether to feel anger, or pity for him.

" Yes, you are right, you absolutely have no excuse, Life doesn't work like that, Agustin. You need to open your heart and mind for new possibilities, why do you think so low of yourself, that no good thing can ever happen to you?

Before I met you, even I didn't had any happy memory, in twenty two years of my life, when I looked back for some happy memories I had absolutely nothing, my whole life was some dark, neverending tunnel of miseries. That doesn't mean I give up my chance at happiness. That never stopped me from accepting you in my life as my.... everything, I still gave you my heart, no matter how vulnerable it was, I still too

chance, or not is your choice but whom I want to keep in my heart is one can take that away from me, not even you.

I can't forget you for the life of me, You are a part of who I am, You are everything to me.

Just a smile from you makes my world stop, makes me forget everything....just a smile from you...

You say this is not love?" He demanded, a tear escaped from his eyes, making my heart clench, painfully.

I tried hard to hold back my own tears, pricking at my eyes, No, he is just messing with your mind, wriggling out of his hold, I looked at him defiantly and said, "No, I say it is not." I answered. He looked at me taken aback.

"It should be my tears to do that to your heart and not just my smile...if you actually loved me, it should have been my tears to make your world stop, where were your love when you were the reason behind every tear I shed?"

He looked at me intently and asked, "So do you agree that you still love me because I can see my tears are still affecting you, in that way."

At the Sharp intake of my breath, he gave me a victorious smile.

I looked at him for a moment, this completely took me off guards.

Don't let him get at you, he is talking non sense, I mentally screamed at myself.

Then I shook my head and said, "unlike you I am not a sadist to enjoy anyone's tears, that's it."

"That's it? Is that so?" he asked me mockingly. To which I nodded my head vigorously.

" Then my tears shouldn't affect you to the extent which is enough to bring tears in your own eyes, why is it that whenever I am in tears, I find tears in your eyes as well?" saying that he wiped the tear from my cheek, I didn't even realize had escaped.

"I am sorry for ruining your dinner....I had ordered your favourite food, it's on the table, please eat before you go to sleep." Saying that he made a move to exit the room, leaving me behind, flabbergasted.

'Fuck you, Agustin De Luca.' I mumbled.

"Gladly", I heard his amused voice as he shut the door.

Did I say that out loud?


Phew! Done with another chapter. I guess it will take me 15-20 chapters more to complete the story.

And it was a bigggg chapter!!! (To compensate for my upcoming slow update??)

Many readers ask me who is going to end up with Onika, sorry I can't tell you that now, but personally I am not a shipper of Onika and Agustin, though I try hard, not to influence my writing with my personal opinion.

Please vote, comment and share, if you like the chapter, it will mean a lot to me.????

Until next, Ricky ??

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