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A woman who opens her heart to love you when it's already broken, is braver than any person you will ever meet.

- Steven Banson.


Agustin's pov....(On the previous chapter)

'Your first and foremost mistake was not being able to trust me, and from where I am looking you are still standing at the same position you where standing few years back.

Have you asked yourself why am I not comfortable enough to ask you in the face that I want to meet Jacob?'

In my life I had done many mistakes, I wish I never did. I have just added one more to my list. Each one keeps repeating itself for millions of times whenever I look at Onika. Her pain filled eyes whenever she is in my presence, makes sure I never forget that.

What an irony, when I was so adamant on breaking her, that was what I wanted, to see never ending pain in her eyes, I have broken her so thoroughly that no matter what I do her old self will never be back. I don't know how to fix her, how to fix the pieces of her heart, I had so mercilessly broken.

Then her smiling face flushed infront of me, when she was sitting in that filthy restaurant, waiting to place her order, happy like a child waiting for her Christmas gift, how such small and simple things can make her happy, but still when I try to bring a smile on her face, I find it the toughest thing to do, when Jacob can do it just with his mere presence.

I remember, there was one time when I had the same power over her, my smallest act of affection used to make her so happy, simply my mentioning that I love her will lead to the most beautiful smile to break through her lips, all my mistakes forgiven, just like that.

Her innocence hit my very soul, taunting at me, how can I break her the way I did? Whenever I see in her eyes, innocence was written all over it, I never saw any deceit, but still I refused to believe her.

At that time I never imagined there will come a time when my mere presence will just cause her pain. Will I ever be able to win her love back? Will she ever look at me with same admiration in her eyes?

Then Jacob's words reverberated in my mind, adding fuel to the fire.

Now, now, now there is no fun in taking

I thought.

Somthing just pulled me towards this little creature and a sudden urge to comfort him took over, I don't exactly know how to do it, so I sat beside him and gently said, " hello."

"You know where is my mumma?" He asked softly, hiccupping.

"She had some important work, so she had to go, but she will be back soon." I consoled him.

He chocked over a strangulated cry.

"Hey, please stop crying, I thought you are a big boy, now."

His eyes lit up and he nooded his head vigrously, and said" you think so?..... Uncle Jackob says I am little boy." He said making a displeased expression.

I scowled at that, " don't listen to him, he is a dick."

"Dick? What is a dick?" He asked innocently.

"FUCK!" I cursed, realising my mistake, Onika is going to kill me.

"No, no it's nothing, just forget what I said."

"Oh okay.." he paused for a moment then asked "umm...what is fuck."

I groaned in frustration. He is one hand full thing like his mumma, I can't help but laugh at that, my mood lighting up a bit.

No wonder Onika adores him.


The chapter was just a filler, but hope you all like it.

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Merry Christmas, guys and Happy New Year in advance.????

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