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   Chapter 43 meaningless.

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Updated: 2018-07-14 16:27

Especial thanks to all the voters and commenters, I luv ya'll, you know.??

This chapter is dedicated to you all (it's my personal favourite ????)



Onika's pov.....

All the heads were turned in our direction. Everything went silent. Deadly Silent. I think Agustin could even hear my heart beating furiously, because I was able to hear his ragged breathing, his eyes blood shoot, giving a glimpse of the upcoming storm.

Agustin took few slow steps towards me to stop after coming dangerously close to me and said "You were not well to go with me but you are well enough to go out with him and in case you are wondering, No, I wasn't spying on you. I called Maria to tell her to give you medicine, if needed and take care of you that's when I came to know you went out of the mansion just after I did." He seethed, through gritted teeth, doing nothing to hide the anger in his voice.

He gripped my wrist in a death grip and said" let's go." With finality in his voice, leaving no space for arguments, making my heart beat accelarate in unadulterated fear. That look on his face, screams danger, pure danger.

"Agustin, leave my hand you are hurting are not in your senses right now. It's not what you think, we can talk about it after you cool down." I said almost pleadingly, and tried to free my hand but he wasn't letting go.

He looked at me for few seconds, a dangerous aura radiating from him, making me want to crawl away and hide somewhere far away.

But I just stood there, stunned, my eyes locked to Agustin's. I know if I don't go with him right now, all the efforts I had put into this plan will go in vain, if it hasn't already.

But I was past understanding anything, I just can't walk out of here on Agustin's order with my head bowed down like a culprit, and leaving Jacob behind to bear the consequences, not after everything Jacob has done for me, not after everything Agustin has done to me, I have to live with myself for a life time, so I better live with some self respect intact.

Jacob. I looked at him. He took a step towards me. I immediately signalled him not to. He fisted his hand and shook his head. I silently pleaded with my eyes for him to understand, I can get away with it, but he can't, at least not without grave consequences. He had already done a lot for me and had gone through a lot for me, I can't involve him in my shit, as he said it's my fight.

When I didn't make any move, Agustin tugged at my wrist harshly and said " I. Said. Let's Go." His voice laced with a silent warning.


I am not his puppet.

I can feel anger rise in me.

"And I said, no"I replied in a steady voice. He looked completely taken aback, his grip loosening a bit out of shock.

"Excuse me?" He asked in disbelief.

"I. Said. NO. Agustin, haven't heard that word before?"I wiggled my hand out of his grip and he let me this time.

"If I want to spend my time with Jacob then that is what I will do.

I am not your puppet. I will do what I chose. I refuse to take orders from you. If you can't cope up with your wife taking her own decision, Then go find someone who is ready to bow to your every whim. Because I am not that." I said look directly into his eyes. Ever trace of fear gone. The only thing I could feel right now is anger.

"Throughout the duration of our marriage, never for once you thought it was important for me to know, when are you going to come back home or with whom are you spending your time, then what's wrong if I do the same

I had tried to write it to the best of my capabilities(which is not much I know) as I believe this is one of the most important chapter.

Because this is where I have tried to show that it's not that Onika is not brave enough to forgive Agustin it's just that Agustin is not deserving enough of it yet. And I don't believe you should forgive someone just for the sake of greatness, certain things are needed to be earned or it looses it's value.

Guilt and realization are two different things, Realization should be followed by guilt, guilt without realization means nothing. He is guilty for his actions, but didn't realize he need to work on his insecurities which led to his actions in the first place.

After realization follows correction and then comes forgivness, which may or may not be followed by a second chance ( not everyone wait for the one at fault to realise his mistake, some of them moves on, and rightly so)

That is according to me but of course every one is free to think differently, I respect everyone's opinion, it may differ with everyone's life experience. But that was my theory.

He don't realize, if he can't risk trusting her, he will be in the same position from where he started. It take a lot to trust someone, overcoming your insecurities. A Lot. If you can't afford that, refrain yourself from destroying someone's life, don't take false vows to fool someone, but if you are man enough to do that, go get your lady with your chin held high....;)

Those who were pitying Agustin may be right to pity him, I can't deny I pity him myself for he needs someone to guide him on how to correct things...he is eger to make things work between himself and Onika, but just don't have the right guidence on how to do it.

Agustin reminds me of that small child who is newly exposed to the world and want to learn a lot of things and will do good if given the right guidence. So I do know that he has the potential but needs to work a lot on it. Yeah, I haven't turned a blind eye to his suffering.????

Now the bad news EXAMS are here(????) but I don't want to put it on hold so, slow and erratic updates is all I can manage for a while. The first thing I do if I get some spare time will be update a chapter. But can't promise how often it will be.

My apologies for the inconvenience.????

Thank you!

Until next.


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