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   Chapter 42 shining star.

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Onika's pov......

It's already two days since I started executing my plan. Everything is fine till now, he is always calm, composed and cheerful, we drive to the office together, go home together, have dinner together.

The only problem is, he is even trying to get close to Alex and I don't want him any where near him.

What scares me the most is, they get alone very well. I never expected Agustin to be able to handle him this well. I am completely shocked at how he managed to do that. Maybe he is just a good actor, I thought. But I can't let him play with Alex's innocent heart, like he played with mine.

I don't want Alex to get attached to him in any way. I am afraid he will start looking upto him as his father. It will break Alex's heart when I and Agustin will divorce.

I need to do it fast, I can see Agustin has let his guards down around me, considerably, I need to hit the iron when it's hot. But he is so cunning that one can never know what is going in his mind, But one thing I am sure about he still doesn't trust me fully, if he didn't trust me after three years of our relationship back then, when I did nothing but to love him with all my heart, then what makes me think that he will trust me now.

He is too insecure to even trust his own Shadow, and people don't change in a span of two days. So the only thing I can do is distract him and take his signature on the papers in the heat of the moment, because if I wait to gain his trust completely, whole of my life time may not be enough.

As soon as I take his signature, I will be out of his life with Alex, in a flash, and there won't be a thing he can do about it. Good. Take that Agustin De Luca, you blackmailing bastard.

Till then, I need to do something to keep Alex away from him as much as I can. But I will have to do that carefully, not to make it too obvious, or else he will get suspicious.

To my relief Agustin is not suspecting anything yet but somehow that is not sufficient to put me at ease because I know any wrong step and every thing will be over in just a blink of an eye, and Agustin being the smart ass he is, is not helping either.

I always have to be in hyper-alert mode, be very cautious in every step I take. It's like walking on a ground full of hidden blast mines, one wrong step and..boom.

Then there is Jacob, like the only shining star in my dark sky, apart from Alex. Like a guardian angel.

He talks to me four times a day to check that ever

"Please Agustin, pleaseee...or else I will feel really bad, do you want that?" I tried emotional blackmail.

He sighed heavily and said " okay fine, but you will call me immediately if it gets worse, I won't switch off my phone." He informed.

"I promise." I said, I couldn't keep the happiness away from my tone.

He still looked a bit unsure and reluctant but still gave me a tight lipped smile in return. . . .

"I am hungry as hell, wanna eat something?" Jacob asked. We are already done with the shopping.

I looked at the time. Agustin won't be home anytime soon, I thought.

"Yeah, I am hungry too." I replied.

"There is a small French Restaurant nearby."he said casually.

"Wow..that's my favourite! You are the best! Let's go!" I said excitedly, he just gave me a knowing smile.

As we were about to place our orders, I saw nearly 20 men in black uniform walking toward our table and surrounding it from all sides.

I and Jacob both stood up, abruptly, completely startled, at what is happening all of a sudden, out of nowhere?

"Excuse me? What..."Jacob started but before he can complete he was quietened by a punch aimed at his jaw.

I gasped and clutched my chest in shock. "What are you..." Before I can complete the sentence all the air in my lungs got knocked out as I saw the person standing in front of me.....Agustin.


Nope, I am not that cruel to end it here. It's a double update. I will update the next chapter within a couple of hours. But you guys gotta promise me that you will vote on both the chapters equally, pretty please *with puppy eyes*??

Love, Ricky ??

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