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   Chapter 41 surreal.

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Agustin's pov......

Onika. Is. Behaving. STRANGE.

Yesterday she was disgusted even at the site of me and today she is packing breakfast for me, are you kidding me? I thought she couldn't care less even if I starve infront of her very eyes. I just can't digest it.

I have no idea what the hell is going on.

I have never, never been this clueless in my entire fucking, damn, pathetic life. I didn't see this coming.

What does this even means? Can it be....can it be because she has decided to give me a chance?

Oh-My-God, had she finally decided to give me a chance?!

Why else will she warm up to me, suddenly?

Even the thought of it makes my heart do summersault with happiness. That is all I need. Just one chance, I will do everything in my power to make this work between us, I will give my hundred percent to it, I vowed, a chance is all I need.

And here I was going to confess that she was free to go! My dear lord! What a great timing I have. I mentally face palmed myself.

I freaking want to dance like a teenager who just got his first kiss.

Thank God I didn't tell her that yesterday! That would have been the second biggest mistake of my life.

I need to know what is going on in her mind. If she is willing to give me a chance, I can't be stupid enough to tell her that she can go, what if she change her mind? I have waited for this moment for more than anything in my life.

I could feel my heart banging like a drum, even at the thought of having her back in my arms.

But the rationale side of my brain was nagging at me, something just doesn't fit. When I put my hand around her waist I was kind of sure she will remove it right away.

In the past also she never liked my overt display of possessiveness, that is so not like her. Then what changed? Why not now, after everything? Fishy, I thought.

But then what can be the reason? Is she playing some kind of game? I laughed at my own theory, no, I don't believe that, she is not the one who can play games, she is My Sweet Little Angle.

The one I can't trust around her is Jacob. The way he was looking at me, with rage filled eyes when I wrapped my hand around Onika. She is still my wife how dare he act like he has some kind of right over her. If I come to know he is trying to make a move on Onika when she is trying to give me a chance, then god help him, I don't know what I will do to him.

Okay, now this is driving me crazy. I ran a hand through my hair in frustration. I just couldn't conclude anything.

Okay, I need to talk to her right away. But what will I ask her?

I am just so afraid to take any step. What if I do something wrong and she go back to being the same cold and distant Onika? No I can't let that happen, I can't afford to scare her away this time nor, I want to pressurise her because now I know they don't work. Unless untill Onika herself decides to give me a chance I don't have a say in it.

Okay, may be I should take it slow. Oh fuck, I will do whatever bloody damn thing that is required out of me to win her back, but the biggest hurdle is I have no idea what it is. I feel like one wrong step and I will lose everything. Everything between me and Onika seems so fragile, I fear with my next breath it will break into pieces.

But I surely need to know what is going in her mind before I end up in some mental asylum. Because this suspense is literally driving me crazy, killing me even.

May be we can have a general conversation, to make sure all this thing is not going on in my delusional fucked up mind and is actually happening for real.

Everything seems so Surreal. Like some.. daze, Like some... dream, I took a deep breath and went to her cabin and knocked at the door.

No answer.

After a third knock I just opened the door, not being able to hold any more.

She wasn't there. Where did she go? May be I should come later.

Then something suddenly strike in my mind.

I called my secretory to find out where is Jaco

his eyes.

"You better don't, if you know what's good for you." I snapped at him through gritted teeth.

He sighed heavily and after accepting his defeat he asked "actual I am having this very important business dinner on the day after tomorrow, with a very important client...I was wondering if you can accompany me...." He trailed off.

"Agustin I am your PA, I can hardly say no to a business dinner that's a part of my job, anyways since when have you started taking permission from your employees" I asked incredulously, this is new. He is acting as if he is dealing with a house of cards, afraid that it will fall away with any wrong step he take.

That thought made a pang of guilt hit my gut for giving him false hope, I tried my best to avoid it.

He had brought this upon himself, I reminded myself. Be strong, be strong, you can do this. You have nothing to feel bad for.

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If he knows how to impose pain on such an innocent soul as Onika's then he should know how to take pain too.

You think you can torture someone in the way you did and just come back to her and say you are sorry for it, with your arrogant ass intact and expect her to accept you back? How dare you Agustin utter those useless words. That's outrageous.

As Jacob says 'let him have a taste of his own medicine.'

I know he is realising his mistake, and you guys may think I am being heartless, but if you ask me personally...even a hand raised on a lady to slap her, no matter what the reason be, should never go unpunished, never, at least not when it's upto me.

But I am not completely heartless, you know.????( Sometimes I feel bad for him too). I know he is trying to change but Onika too was inocent when he tortured her...well what can I say...payback is a bitch.

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