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   Chapter 40 delicate.

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Onika's pov....

"You going to office, right? Can you drop me as well? Am getting late and my boss is not a big fan of late comers." I asked him in a steady voice, proud of myself that I didn't stutter.

Well, I practiced that line for like fifty times.

But Instead of answering he just started looking around incredulously. Then pinched himself. Uh-oh, hence proved he has gone mad.

Tick, tick, tick....Why isn't he answering?

"So it's a yes or no?" I asked impatiently and a bit anxiously.

"Ye...yes..I..I don't see why not." He said looking dumbstruck.

So I immediately sat in the car before he change his mind. But instead of moving in he just stood rooted to his place as if paralyzed.

"Well you better start driving... I am telling you my boss is too rude and I don't want to be his victim for the day." I said teasingly.

That got to him, a lazy smile made its way to his lips as he said" Well I happen to know your boss personally he won't dare to be too rude with you, I assure you." Now his smile turning cocky and I returned his smile with my sweet little inocent one.

He narrowed his eyes infinitesimally at me but didn't say anything. I know he is not buying it....yet. But he will soon. I will make sure he does.

He got into the driver seat. Looking at me intensely with furrowed brows for some sign that will give away what is going on.

My heart started beating fast.

Just relax, take a deep breath and stay calm.

Do not panic.

Do not panic.

You can do it!

Oh my god now this is creeping me out...he is looking at me for way more then required. Why isn't he averting his gaze?

Please god don't let him see through my act. Please.

Has he guessed what is going on? I knew I was playing with fire. I am dead now!

He finally spoke after a long silence of one minute.

"Put your seat belt on." then looked straight and started driving and I released the breath I didn't realize I was holding.

Every now and then he kept throwing side glances at me as if expecting me to vanish in the thin air like a dream.

I finally broke the awkward silence by saying. "You skipped your breakfast I packed it for you."

He moved his head in my direction so fact that I am afraid he must have dislocated his cervical vertebrae.

He just stared at me looking flabbergasted and I just kept shifting on my seat feeling uncomfortable under his penetrating gaze. Awkward!

I finally decided to intervene. "Agustin, you are should look forward, you know." That broke his reverie.

"Oh..umm..oh..oh yeah!...well thanks for..for...being so thoughtful?" He said looking unsure and flashed.

"Don't mention." I said with a small smile and looked straight to realise we are not even on the right path!

"Agustin you were supposed to take a U-turn." I told him in disbelief.

He looked at the surrounding incredulously and said "Oh Fuck.......I am whipped." The last part was barely a whisper not meant for me to hear but I heard it nonetheless.

This is just the start Agustin De Luca, I whispered to myself.

We finally reached our destination and got out of the car.

Well it went better than I thought. Nice start Onika, I praised myself. At least he is not suspecting anything, or so I think.

We entered the office premises, the guards did a double t

, I won't let him touch you this time. Be strong. Remember what he did to you? He is not someone to be pitied, okay?"

I nodded my head in agreement and understanding as I recalled all those bitter memories of him brutally torturing me. All my hate for Agustin threatening to resurface again. If he can't even keep a small inocent child out of his foul play then why the fuck I have to sympathize to him.

I was pulled out of my disturbing thoughts as my cell phone buzzed again. This time to reveal Agustin's message.

Can you please come to my cabin? Need to talk to you.

What is it with him and please now a days? He mustn't have said please these many times in his whole life as many times he had in the past one week.

I shuddered and concluded its going to be a long day.

"Agustin?" Jacob asked, looking at me with furrowed brows.

I nodded my head.

"Well then keep going we don't want to keep him waiting..."

"Yep...okay then I should leave and.... thank you." I said, feeling genuinely indebt to him for all his support.

"Bull shit, Thank you for what?...its your fight and you are fighting it.. you are the one who is doing everything here. I haven't done a thing. So thank yourself woman." He said, his eyes showing a mix of sincerity and admiration.

My heart just melted at that.

"Well I was thanking you for.....the coffee." I joked and we both laughed out loud.

I have now started noticing the pattern. I always come to Jacob all worried and end up smiling no matter how serious the matter in hand is. He has this great capability to calm me down and sooth me just by his mere presence. Something about him makes everything feel right though deep down I know things are anything but right.

I sighed heavily and left for Agustin's cabin. Here I come Agustin. Enjoy your fucking good time because it's not gonna last long.


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