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   Chapter 39 two simple words.

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Onika's pov.

I put Alex to bed and wrapped a comforter around him and kissed him gently on the forehead.

After that I started pacing around the room in anxiety. Agustin is not back yet. It's already past mid night. I hope everything is fine. Did he do something reckless? Is he okay?

Where is he?

When will he be back?

I just hope he had not hurt himself or anyone for that matter.

What was adding to my anxiety was the lethal decision I took today. I don't know how I am going to act on it. It feels so wrong deep down in my heart but at the same time I do realise I can't wait for a lifetime for Agustin to realise his mistake. If he had not realised it yet probably he is never going to realise it.

I just hope he doesn't see right through my act because if he does.....then god help me, even thinking about it make me tremble with fear.

I took few calming breath. If I be like this it won't take him a minute to figure out what's going on in my head.

Oh God! Stop fearing him so much Onika! I snapped at myself. He can't do anything. He can't do anything...I consoled myself and repeated it two three times to make my brain believe it.

The success of this plan completely depends on the way I execute it. So I have got to be strong...I looked at Alex and mumbled to myself..for Alex.

That's all it took to strengthen my resolve.

I was brought out of my reverie as the clock hit 1 o'clock. Where are you Agustin?

I decided, I can't just wait like this. As soon as I thought to call Jacob for help, I heard the sound of the front gate opening. May be Agustin is here, I thought and I ran to the balcony to see if it is Agustin.

What I saw shocked me, two of the guards helping Agustin out of the car and literally carrying a nearly unconscious Agustin towards the mansion.

I immediately ran down the stairs, panicking. Oh my god what's wrong? Please let him be all right, I prayed silently.

I spotted the guards and ran to them.

"What is wrong with him?" I asked them with urgency in my voice.

They bowed their head in respect, and replied" Ma'am, sir drank too much... An..and passed out."

I looked at them wide eyed.

Drank too much? That has never happened before. He always knows his limits. He always likes to be the one in control. He never drinks more than what he can handle.

I looked at Agustin. He was mumbling some incoherent words. The only thing I could understand out of it is..... Onika.

My heart clenched painfully at the site. He looked like he had aged years in just a span of few hours.

I hurriedly Instructed the guards to carry Agustin to his room, they lay him down on his bed and left.

I took off his shoes and socks and wrapped a linen around him. I lo

d water hit me and tried to recall what happened last night.

I couldn't remember anything clearly. I just remember laying in some pub and taking the most difficult decision of my life of letting Onika go and then passing out..I can't remember a thing that happened after that...I have no damn idea how I reached here. Then there are some flashes of Onika's worried face but I am very much sure I must have imagined it.

When should I tell her? Should I tell her tonight itself....that she is free to go? How I want to delay for forever.... but I know that will just increase the pain for both of us. Anyways whether I do it today or after two years it is gonna leave me devastated there is no other way round so there is no use in increasing her miseries as well in an attempt to avoid the inevitable. It's better that I do it sooner than later at least she won't have to suffer then.

So tonight it is.

With that thought I got out of the shower and got dressed in my daily office clothes. I am already running late so I hurried towards the car.

Before I can get in and drive off, I saw Onika running towards me in full speed.

"Wait!" She shouted, then took some time to catch her breath.

Then what she said next made me doubt that whether I am awake or still dreaming.

"You going to office, right? Can you drop me as well? Am getting late and my boss is not a big fan of late comers."

I looked around to confirm that she is talking to me. But there was no one around there other than her and myself. I pinched myself to make sure I am not dreaming.

"So it's a yes or no?" She asked impatiently.

"Ye...yes..I ...I don't see why not." I somehow managed to say keeping my shocked self at a bay.

And the next thing I know is, she is already sitting in the car.

What the fuck is happening over here?


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