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   Chapter 38 I do.

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Onika's POV.....

"Have you lost your fucking mind?!" I shouted at him incredulously.

He just rolled his eyes at me and said."let me first explain how this works, before you jump at any conclusion."

Then he looked thoughtfully at me before saying"I always used to think how you and Agustin get alone seeing nothing in common between you two but there there finally I found something, you both are too impatient and impulsive for your own good." He said mockingly.

Say what! " I and Agustin have nothing in common and we so not get along, so only I am sitting here with you and reviewing my escape routes. So don't you ever I mean ever compare me with Agustin." I said through gritted teeth and glared at him, hard.

His lips were twitching as in controlling himself not to throw into a fit of laughter but nonetheless he raised his hands in surrender.

"Now can you explain yourself? What makes you think that I will accept Agustin back? There is no way in hell I am gonna do that."

He looked at me carefully and said "I am not saying you to accept him back just act like it...pretend..make him believe that you have accepted your fate and are ready to give him a chance."

I gave him a 'are you crazy look' but before I can say anything he gestured me not to."let me complete Onika. Safeguarding Alex from his claw is our main aim as of now as he is the only weapon Agustin can use against you. He will be forced to divorce you after 3 months on your demand as he had already signed the papers. I want you to gain his confidence and take his signature on legal papers stating that he is giving up all his rights on Alex."

I looked at him disbelieving "Jacob, do you understand wh...what you are talking about? This is crazy and not to mention way to dangerous. We can file a case against him in court and fight for Alex's custody. I..I can arrange some money and a lawyer. The court will surely consider Alex's best interest and wishes as well, won't they?" I asked him urgently.

He let out a heavy sigh and said." Its not about the money or lawyer Onika. I can hire you the best lawyers and you don't need to worry about the money but what I am afraid about is, you don't stand a chance in court.

Wishes of a child is important, yes but only if old enough to capably express reasonable preference. Alex is merely three years old. If you are proved incompetent Alex's preference will mean nothing... I am sorry to say but you will lose the case before you can blink... everything is in Agustin's favour..he had played his cards well." He said grudgingly.

"Think about it. Once you get divorced with Alex's custody, Agustin can't do a thing.... And only you can do this Onika. Agustin is too clever to be fooled by anyone, its only infront of you he let his guards down, it's only you around whomever he can't think clear and loose his senses. Just distract his mind from reading the papers and take his signature."

I looked at him in panic." Jacob I cannot do this. Please...there has to be some other way..I..I can't do this. He will see right through my act. Do you realise what will happen if he comes to know? Oh god I don't even want to think about it..."

Jacob clutched his hair in frustration "Onika, stop fearing

o believe that you will never treat me that way. How do I believe you Agustin what have changed?......

Loving is not everything, Agustin, at least not when the love becomes a rope around your neck, tightning with each breath you take, suffocating you.......

I hate you.....

I hate you.....

I hate you.....

I gasped and jolted my head from the wall on which it was resting, cold sweat beads rolled down from my forehead as the world's reverberated in my head.

I feel completely disoriented. I don't know for how long I have been passed out at this corner of some filthy pub. I think I drank too much.

My head is throbbing like a drum. I took deep breaths for a few minutes to even my breathing and heart beat.

I checked the time. It's four hours since I left ..... All I could think is about her, her tear strained face....

It hurts too damn much to know that I am the reason behind it.

What should I do? How long can I see her like this. I would eventually have to let her go..I can't see her like this hurting all the time.

I was wrong to think that time will heal's just getting worse with time and now I am no more sure that it will ever get better. For how long will I keep her forcedly with me?

But I don't know how to give up on the only lifeline you have. How to give up the only thing that matters. How to give up your everything...Just thinking about it makes me feel....dead.

That is what I will be without her.


Just the thought of not getting to see her again makes my stomach churn.

But may be it will still be better than see her dying everyday.

Maybe this is the time I should finally let her go. I tried to ignore my aching heart, threatening to explode with pain at the mere thought of it.


Hello everyone.

Yep, I know it's completely fucked up...if Agustin would have decided that a little earlier thing would have turned out differently but now.....well let us find out.

I will not be able to update for the next 2-3weeks. I am really sorry for that.????.

Please vote and comment if you like the chapter...:)

Take care.

Until next.

Ricky ??

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