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   Chapter 36 illusion.

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Onika's POV....

Alex is showing me his new toys for like past one hour but all I can think is about my conversation with Jacob. I have got two very shocking information today.

Firstly Agustin is again going to betray me. I don't believe this, the audacity of this man! He never was actually letting me go. He just gave me false hope so that he can coax me into taking him back again.

I feel completely traped. I don't think he even like Alex but he is ready to ask for Alex's custody just because he can't let me go. This is completely insane. Is this person for real.

What had happened to you Agustin. Where is that companionate and loving person you once were, the person I once loved. Who didn't use to scare the hell out of me, didn't use to beat the life out of me.

What have you become.

His words still keeps reverberating in my mind whenever I am alone.




Was I not enough to satisfy your needs?

Do you open your legs for every other person?

Tell me for how long have you been doing this behind my back?

No matter how much time I have traversed it still hurts.

If only you could have had in you to trust me our life wouldn't have been so fucked up. We knew each other for three long years how could you think so low of me. But then the same is true for me, even I wasn't able to figure out what you were. So I am also at fault as much as you are.

Was everything just an illusion? Seems so.

There is no such thing like love destined for eternity, everything is breakable it just needs the right snap at the right time.

When I thought Agustin will be my solace, my rainbow he just stole away my life to add miseries to it, leaving me completely ruined.

Nothing in this world seems to be predictable. Your parents may leave you when you need them the most, the person you consider your friend may be your biggest enemy, the person you think will love you forever will leave you at the most vulnerable phase, then there is this one person you least expected to take a stand for you, but he does not even bothering about the consequences, who cares when you thought no one ever actually did.

Jacob is the last person I thought who would go against Agustin. And for whom, me?

Jacob is ready to go against Agustin because of me! I have never seen Jacob doing that before. Not only Agustin is his best friend but also he is the last person someone would want to mess with. He is too dangerous of a person to mess with.

I am sure of, Jacob loves me. I don't know what to make of it or how to feel about it.

Or am I being delusional? I mean he haven't confessed anything yet but now that when I think of it everything just fits, now it seems so obvious that I don't believe what took me so long to figure this out.

And what he said today.

'You be free and live your life as you want, is what I want. Your dreams again be filled of rainbows is worth risking everything for.'

It's not only about what he said but also the way in which he said that. The determination and adoration in his eyes.

Was that why he became so distant after Agustin proposed me? He was just protection himself from getting hurt and I thought he just didn't approve me for his best friend. Oh my god I got it all wrong. My goodness he had been in love with me since then? Why didn't he ever tell me?

That was why he looked like he had cried his eyes off on the day of my wedding and I thought it's some stupid flu and so only he left the party so early saying that he was not feeling well.

Shall I talk to him about it. But he hasn't confessed anything yet. What if I am wrong? It would be so awkward.

I don't know what to do. Anyways what would I tell him. He definitely deserves someone worthy of him and not someone like me, scarred. He will find someone who will be deserving of him, someone much better than me.

And god only knows what will Agustin do if he ever comes to know about this. Oh god I don't even want to think about the consequence. It will completely destroy

t on his face, my palm making contact with his already heated cheek.

He made me slap his cheek again and again till his face was bright red and my palms were burning from the after effect. I tried to free my hand but his grip was very firm he was just not letting it go.

"Agustin what are you doing have you gone mad? Leave my hand you are scaring me." I couldn't help the sob that escaped my lips.

"Hit me, hit me all you want but please don't leave me...I...I sorry..I was not having any other option..I can't live without you...

Please, please understand I love you, I love you so damn much I can't live without you, please." He looked at me pleadingly.

"I love you, so much..." He whispered again in a defeated voice.

I looked at his broken state. I felt an actual pain in my chest as if something has snapped. What's happening to him? My hands are shaking badly from fear, pain, weakness I don't really know why.

"The question is not whether you love me or not, let us just not go there, what I am asking is will you let me go if I don't want to be with you, Thousands of time you have said that you will change for me then why don't you prove it Agustin, say yes and prove that you love me and let me and Alex go, can you do that?"

He looked at me for what seems like infinity, I could see the conflict in his eyes. My heart was beating fast in anticipation, may be there is still some hope but before I can reside on that particular thought he looked at me with a pained expression and said..

"No" in a helpless voice, his eyes pleading for me to understand.

And just that one word broke me again into a thousand pieces.

"Okay, then you only tell me what options do I have? I can't live like this forcedly with you. After everything you have done to me you are still ready to force me then in my opinion you can't change. Loving is not everything, Agustin, at least not when the love becomes a rope around your neck, tightening with each breath you take, suffocating you."

He looked at me with a hurtful expression as if I have ripped his heart mercilessly.

Tears are shinning in both, Agustin's and my eyes, threatening to spill but he controlled his but I couldn't.

He wiped my tears gently and said "your options are, You can live here willingly with me, we can start fresh and we can be happy together, I won't give you any chance to complain or won't like your second option so let us not go there and stick to the first otherwise things will get tough for both of us." He said looking miserable, as if he is the one who is helpless in all this and not me.


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