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   Chapter 35 The face off

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Jacob's POV.....

As soon as I entered Agustin's cabin I saw the flower vase shattered into pieces near the door.

Agustin was standing a few feets away.

His eyes where blood shoot, a growl was evident on his face, hands tightly fisted at his sides, his stance was rigid as if ready to attack anytime.

I know that look. He is angry very, very angry.

So, he knows, I concluded. As if to confirm my theory he spoke.

"You son of a bitch, you helped her escape..."he seethed at me in rage. But what he said next came like a blow.

" You love her, don't you?......don't you dare deny, you motherfucker." He said his voice dripping with rage, chest heaving as if it's causing him lots of efforts to keep his breathing even.

"Took you too long to find out. That's slow for your standards. I guess you are loosing your touch. Tell me Agustin what are you going to do, now that you know I helped your little bird escape her golden cage." I mocked him but before I can comprehend anything the next thing I know his fist directly landed on my nose with such a force I am sure it must be broken.

"You motherfucking bastard. I will not spare you, you dare lay your eyes on my wife you shameless low life pig." Saying that he threw another punch at me making me taste blood.

He grabbed me by my collar and looked at me with disgust.

"That was some nice punch but I guess you can do better, let's try again. Common hit me. " He was taken aback looking at me as if I have lost my mind.

"Common Agustin....That is what you do best. Whenever things doesn't go your way start hiting people around you who the fuck cares even if its a woman- sorry I mean your own wife." I taunted.

"Was it the same way you used to hit her...oops sorry I guess you preferred your belt, right? Must be painful like a bitch, For your sweet little fragile wife whom you love so much, you can't imagine someone laying an eye on her when all you did was torture her to death. I am sure you used your power to the fullest to beat a helpless women...tell me Agustin did you enjoy it? Was it worth it?" His hands loosed from my collar and fell to his sides. His features was that of pure agony as if I have ripped his heart out, without me even touching him.

For a moment I could see guilt shadowing his features but he immediately masked it and fisted his hands. But remained rooted to his place.

"Yes, I do love her-" I didn't deny. " And I did help her escape" His eyes darkened as soon as I said the world love, I could see his neck veins bulging out.

"You are one pathetic bastard. You know what you have got yourself into by admitting that. You will regret being born, you will be left with absolutely nothing. You have no idea who you have messed with." He gritted out.

" I regret nothing and never will. You are the only one who will regret your whole pathetic existence and will be left with nothing at the end, absolutely nothing."I said to put some light on his delusional self.

"You ungrateful piece of shit. I made you who you are today and you dare stand here and

ve her. Sh..she lo..loves me.I know she does" He said, almost to console himself.

"She doesn't love you..." Before I can complete he cut me off in a haste

"She does, you know nothing about her. She loves just me and won't love anyone else other than me, ever ... She will forgive me one day I know she will"

"Oh yeah sure she does." I said with sarcasm laced in my tone." Whatever floats your boat. I don't give a damn about your delusional self. But it would be better for you if you already accept that you have lost her. Take my advice and Instead of soiling her life you better let her go."

"Let her go for whom? You? That's not happening. She is mine. you better back off Jacob. If you think you can get her by taking her away from me then you are hell wrong. If you know what's good for you, you better stay away from her." He said with finality, challenging me to say otherwise.

"Why would I do that? I don't take orders from you, anymore.". I said with a chuckle.

"You are asking for it. Aren't you? You are asking for a fight."

"Now, now, now there is no fun in taking something as precious as Onika away from you without a fight. Now is there?" I provoked him.

"Warning someone is not my type I simply destroy but considering that not long ago we were friends. I am warning you one last time, back off Or you won't like the consequences."

"Do your worst Agustin Deluca I don't give a damn." I said.

"Oh you will when I am done with you. That's my promise"

" On the contrary, I promise you Agustin when all this is over you will come to regret every action of yours and will be the one to say sorry for each and every thing you have ever done." I deadpanned.

" I accept your challenge. No one knows me better than you Jacob, I am never the one who loose." He said with confidence.

"There is always a first time for everything, let's start with this one."


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