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   Chapter 34 the master mind.

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A big chapter as promised, biggest yet. Enjoy!


Onika's POV......

"How so" I asked incredulously.

I trusted him with this and If Agustin fuck with me this time he is so dead. Oh god, someone please tell me he is not playing with me again.

"I want you to listen carefully and understand each and every thing so don't interrupt in between, can you do that?" He asked to which I nodded.

"Agustin is not willingly letting you go not now, not every..." My eyes widened at that in disbelief. This is not what we negotiated! And we have a deal!

"his words not mine..." he clarified.

"Are you saying he will not hold his end of the deal...but that is not possible he had already signed the papers stating that if I want divorce after three months of living with him, I will get one. Period. What can go wrong in that. I have proof read the papers like hundred times before signing." I stated, clearly not understanding how can this go wrong.

"He is clever beyond your imagination the key world here is if you want." He answered, stretching the world if.

I opened my mouth to basically argue with him, is he accusing me of not wanting to do so?! Ha, Has he lost his mind! I feel as if he has slapped me, like he is accusing me of some big crime. Of course that is what I want there are no ifs and buts, but stopped when Jacob gestured me not to.

"Let me finish first Onika. I am not implying what you think. So as I was saying before you interrupted, now you must be thinking you will easily divorce him and get away but there is a catch, the papers state that only when and if you want." He repeated the same thing again like a parrot as if giving me some hint I can't comprehend.

"And I don't see why won't I want that. So please stop repeating that, will you?" I said in irritation.

" Because-" he paused for a second as if giving me some time to prepare for the coming blow, then said..

"-if you do he will ask for Alex's custody."

As soon as the word left his mouth it hit me like a thunderstorm, I felt all the air knocked out of my lungs.

I could literally feel the floor slipping beneath my foot even though I was sitting. If this is true, Agustin fucking good for nothing Deluca I will kill you with my bare hands, you motherfucking bastard!

What the absolute fuck!

This is outrageous!

I am trembling with anger right now.

I internally face palmed myself for not figuring out that myself. How stupid of me to think that he is finally offering me a way out of this hell.

No, he can't do this.

"He can't do that Alex is mine alone he can't ask for Alex. He has no right over Alex." I stated with determination.

"Do you think he really gives two flying shits about his or anyone else's rights. All he cares about is what he wants, and it's you.

When you adopted Alex you where still married to Agustin you guys where separated but not divorced. He is technically father of Alex." He tried to explain.

"But I can easily prove it in court that I am the better parent." I stated the obvious "and anyways when I adopted Alex I adopted him as a single mother. Now why does it matters that Agustin is back. Just because Agustin is filthy rich doesn't mean I can't take care of Alex financially. I have all the rights on Alex. Alone. Period."

"He will prove in the court that you are an incompetent one. Don't mind me saying this Onika but after you ran away from him, for around an year you used to take sleeping pills and pills for panic attacks, had visited several different psychologists because of the nightmares you had. Even now sometimes you need to take those pills" My eyes widened at that. How the fuck does they know that.

As if on cue he said. "We know everything about your whereabouts O

eater resources.

And any guesses who is that?

Oh yes, My best friend forever, Jacob fucking Knights.

Even Onika doesn't know that. He communicated to Onika through John and never directly.

I gave him access to everything and that motherfucker used it against me.

How can I not realise it's him. Apart from myself only he has the asses to my security code and practically everything concerning my business. But never in my wildest dreams I thought it would be him.

He arranged everything. From the tickets to as far as erasing every single trail and clue that would lead me to her and all the while he was standing beside me, acting as if he is recruiting the best investigators to find her. While all he did is deflecting the investigation in the wrong direction whenever we were close to finding her.

That is why I couldn't find her even after the best investigators at my disposal.

I could see all the missing dots join together.

What are you Jacob.

A big round of applause for the real master mind.

All I have ever done is nurture snakes all around me, ready to strangle me any opportunity they get.

It seems Onika was the only one who genuinely cared about me. This is why I can't afford to loose her.

She is the only connecting link between me and my sanity in this deceitful world, my only ray of light in this deep and dark tunnel I call my life.

I had believed all the wrong people in my life and hadn't believed the only one I should have. Today I realise how stupid I have been all my life.

My whole life is a fucking joke.

I don't believe this. I am such a dumbass I should have put two and two together.

It's like someone has splashed a bucket of cold water on me and I have woke up from a long sleep. Now everything seems so obviously. That fucking pathetic excuse for a friend, I underestimated him.

It is correctly said, better to have an enemy who slaps you in the face than a friend who stabs you in the back.

My anger knows no bounds right now. I just picked up whatever came in my hand and threw it on the nearest wall. If he comes infront of me right now I may as well kill him.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as the door to my cabin burst open to reveal none other than the devil himself.

What a great timing.

(To be continued....)


It seems our little inocent Jacob is not that inocent after all.????

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