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   Chapter 32 yes or no (part-1)

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Agustin's pov.....

After that horrible incidence I have fired whole of the security team and had instructed each and every single person of newly appointed team that she can meet me anytime, anywhere she wants no one is to stop her even if I am in a very important meeting.

The guilt of not being able to help her when she came running to me for help is already eating me alive. I don't want a repeat telecast of what has happened.

By now half of the office might already be aware of what she means to me after the havoc I had created.

After that incidence I have gone completely paranoid. If any of my business rival came to know about her they might try to use her against me. And I have hell lot of enemies. So I had just requested her to inform me before she goes anywhere.

But she being herself, just went ballistic after hearing that, saying I have no right to control her life like that and she is a free being to do whatever she feels like. Why can't she understand I am not restricting her from doing anything she just needs to inform me for fuck's sake. I know I am being a maniac but I can't help it. I can't risk her safety again.

Though I understand I need to give her some time and space to heal and me being anywhere near her will just delay the process but I want nothing more then to just hold her in my arms and tend to her injuries but As much as I hate to admit it she fucking hates the very sight of me and goes running in the opposite direction as soon as she lays her eyes on me.

But I can't fucking stay away from her knowing that she is just in the room next to mine wouldn't even let me sleep moreover whenever I close my eyes the scenes of her getting tortured replays in my mind scaring the living shit out of me and I just wake up sweating profusely.

She is like the beautiful bird a little child runs behind but is afraid that one wrong move and he may scare her away and she will fly in the sky out of his reach.

It takes every thing in me not to drag her to my room and make her sleep laying next to me, cuddling to me. So much has changed in these few years previously she used to get happy even after receiving slightest of affection from me and now when I want nothing else than to just hold her in my arms I no more have that liberty, she no more wants me.

Her eyes used to sparkle with happiness at the mere sight of me and now I can only see disgust in them for me. Her hate is breaking me.... breaking my very existence.

Now that she is my everything I am nothing to her. I guess this is called justice being served, pathetic I know but this is my life now. This is all my own doing.

She is so close to me yet so far.

I don't know how to undo the damage or if I will ever be able to do that.

She says she can not forgive me in this lifetime then I will wait till my last breath, I will die waiting. But I just won't give upon her, ever.

I have decided to give her a week's time to gather herself, but not more that that after that we need to talk. If we don't how will I break the wall she has build around her heart. And not to forget I have limited time to

me without Agustin knowing about it? Agustin won't stop him from meeting me, right? Agustin knows very well that Jacob is a very good friend of mine. Before I can ask further questions he said.

"I can see the wheels turning in your head. Just come here for once and I will tell you what's the matter. Okay?"

"But Jacob before getting out of here I need to ask Agustin. I can't get out of here without his permission."I said through gritted teeth.

"Don't worry I will tell the security to let you out. They won't dare deny me as they know I work on Agustin's order." I don't know whether I imagined or he really said the last sentence grudgingly.

"Okay I will be there in ten."

He hummed and cut the call.


I spotted Jacob easily as soon as I entered the cafeteria as it was not much crowded. His posture was tensed and rigid. As if sensing my presence he directly looked at me and motioned me to sit.

I took the seat opposite to him. As our eyes met, I don't exactly know what but there was something intense about his gaze. I knew something big was about to come. I can sense the change, it was palpable.

He took a deep breath and said." Onika I am going to ask you a question and I want the answer in a simple yes or no. Okay?"

Now he was scaring me. I gulped the saliva down my throat and nodded my head slowly.

And what he asked next took my breath away.

"Do you still love Agustin?" He asked looking directly into my eyes.


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