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   Chapter 31 Rain.

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Jacob's POV....

"Once there was a twelve year old girl. She had a very loving mother, father and a small brother. They where a happy family to start with but things started changing. As the day passed she could sense the growing distance between her mother and father. But the girl knew they loved each other it's just the intervening situation. Everything will be okay in a while.

Her father would not come home for days.

The little girl saw how her mother tried to keep a smiling face when she was around her but she knew better, for she had heard her crying in the dark.

Her father would come home only once a week to meet them.

On her tenth birthday her father came to her and asked 'what does my little princess want as a gift.'

She asked her father to go out for a movie, whole family together, like old times. Her father agreed.

Her mother wore her favourite dress that day. She looked like a fairy not because of the dress but because of the smile she wore.

On the way to there...." She closed her eyes for a moment then opened again and said.

"There car met with an accident everyone but for the unfortunate little girl died in the accident. She survived because her mother took the blow to protect her little girl.

Her mother should have let her would have been better.

The little girl was lying there for half an hour trying to wake them up crying for them to wake up. She saw the life squeeze out of everyone. There was blood everywhere.

First her mother. Then her father. The little girl still remembers her father's last words to her mother.

"Please forgive me if possible." The girl saw a lone tear escape from her father's eyes.

But her mother was long gone to hear that. She was long dead.

The girl was still holding the hand of her little brother who refused to talk to her even after best of her efforts, not even at the mention of chocolates."

Saying that she gave me a painful smile and continued....

"After half an hour help arrived but it was too late everyone was gone only the little girl was left behind.

She was the unfortunate one who was left behind, for god had other planes for her. She struggled alone to make her life worth it because it was given to her on the expense of her mother." She let out a humorless laugh and added barely in a whisper. "on the day of her birthday. Her birthday gift."

But she didn't loosed hope Because she remembered her mother saying.

Everyone wants, Happiness

No one wants, Pain

But you can't have a


Without a little rain.

So she patiently waited for the rainbow to make its appearance. 14 years later she thought she saw a glimpse of it. But it was just an illusion. Like oasis. When you walk for too long in a desert you start seeing thing which doesn't exists.. It was same for her she was in pain and hurting for too long that she created her own rainbow. Started seeing things.

Her father would always say that one day a prince would come and sweep her little princess off her feet.

But she didn't wanted a prince she just asked for a person who can give her love.

When she thought her life could'nt get any worse, a devil in disguise came in her life wearing the mask of a prince.

She mistook the black clouds for rainbow.

She failed to see beyond the mask and thought this is it. Because every bad thing one day has to disappear to give way to a good one. The rain has to subside to give way to rainbow. She didn't know that if 14 years of suffering is not enough to give way to happiness then whole lifetime will ever be or not.

The masked prince promised

s hold on me as if suddenly paralyzed.

He looked like someone has ripped his heart.

I walked towards the door with the speed of light but before I can get out he asked.

"Can you ever forgive me? Will anything I do can help me win you back? Anything. Please.....

I know it won't mean much but I am sorry... I wish I could erase the past...if that means I have to take ten times more torture than I imposed on you I will happily do that..if only it works that way" he said in a defeated tone.

I hardened my heart and said."You are right it doesn't, because it is not about the physical pain I have gone through its about the mental one and believe me it runs deeper than you can ever anticipate.

I don't think I can ever forgive you, I am sorry."

I thought he will shout at me and demand that I give him a chance but I was surprised when he said.

"It's okay.... it's not your fault...... but I will earn your forgiveness one day. I promise you that."he deadpanned.

"That day won't come in this lifetime...... There is more to forgive than you can ever think of."

He looked completely broken as I said that.

My heart was reaching out for him, urging me to comfort him. I wanted to ease his pain away and erase that tortured expression from his face, but I had gone through much worse than that and never for once he showed me mercy, my pity is not something he will ever deserve. It took everything in me to walk out of that room, but I did.






3.NO ONE...JUST WITH ALEX.(this is my personal favourite...please don't kill me..I am not saying that I will do it or not....just stating the fact.....;))


Well deep down I have decided what to do but I am still having some conflicts as to what to do.

Your all's view really matter to me so please let me know through your comments.

And yesss next update will be a little delayed as I have my exams (yess yet again the life destroying exams are back ....FREAKING AGAIN! shouts in frustration then sigh heavily)

FUN FACT- when I started the story I planned to complete it in a total of 30 chapters. Now here I am posting my 31st chapter and I am no where near completion.????

Thanks a lot for reading this.

Love you all.


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