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   Chapter 29 put on a show.

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Onika's pov......

I looked at him, stunned, my eyes wide in disbelief. What the fuck did he just ask?Firstly he told Agustin that I and he were having affair now he asks me whether the child is Agustin's or Jacob's. Has he completely lost, whatsoever little brains he had.

I didn't know loathing someone to this extent is even possible for a human being as much as I loathe this person infront of me right now.

I swear if I had a gun I would have shoot him right away, screw the consequences. I am ready to go to hell happily if I get to kill this man.

I gave him a look of absolute disgust.

"Don't tell me you don't know that Jacob is head over heels for you" he said with a smirk on.

"How dare you, you bastard. Agustin may have been stupid enough to believe you but not me. You are just cooking things up, you bastard" I shouted at him and snarled at him in disgust. To my surprise he let out a small laugh which held no hint of humour in it.

"Still the same feisty girl, I see, Agustin hadn't done a good job in breaking you, which is no surprise as he is good for nothing shit, but no worries. I will see what I can do to complete his task. After all I am the one who always had to do his leftover works for him." Saying that he winked at me.

My breathing was coming in small pants now. What is he planning for me? I tried to calm my breathing while he continued speaking...

" May be you are not as stupid as Agustin but you can't be that na?ve as you pretend so as to not realize Jacob's feeling for you even a child can say by the look of adoration he had in his eyes whenever he looks at you. You have screwed both of them haven't you? Well I don't blame you, after all you are a sexy little fuckable thing."

Saying that he again started laughing. Was that supposed to be funny?

I am not letting this bastard fuck with my mind.

"Even I had sympathy for my poor friend. Should have seen him back then, crying over you, for god knows how long.

I saw his miserable condition on your wedding day. Oh believe me even the devil's heart would have melt. Poor soul." He said, looking anything but sympathetic.

" ...if you ask me I personally think you were a fool to chose Agustin over him at least then you wouldn't have being sitting here. Look were did loving Agustin brought you.

Firstly he himself tortured you near to death then failed to protect you even after having the best team at his disposal.

What a weakling, thinking of himself as if he is the God himself.

You should have chose wisely. Well now crying over spilt milk will do us no good."

My heart was beating in my throat by now. No, no, no Onika don't let him get to you he is lying, I know he is lying. Don't let him do this to you again.

I let out a chuckle and tried to appear cool" you think you can fuck with my life again? Then hear is a news, you can think again, you sick bastard... Now come to the point without wasting my time. What the hell does all this even means why the hell am I here, being tied to a chair?"

"I will tell you how this works, sweetie." Saying that he tilted his head towards m

itive words.

"Oh yeah you even thought that he will be your little loving husband, Sorry sweetie when I say I can't relay on your judgement." He said. And I just stared at him, completely speechless.

"Enough of gossips. Now let's begun our game."

"Game what game?"

"Torturing you then kill you what else." All the blood drained from my face. He is kidding right?!

" won't do that.." a lone tear escaped my eye, fear griping at my heart.

" Won't I? We will see. Don't cry angel ....okay think of it this way I will be doing you a favour to free you of your pathetic life and at the same time I will get at Agustin so it's a win-win for both of us."saying that he widened his eyes as if surprised by his own smartness.

I don't know whether to shout at him or agree with him. My life is pathetic indeed. But do I want to die?

The answer is no. I had given away many things for Agustin but I am not willing to give up on my life for him, no more, never again. He is no more worth it. My life no more revolves around him. I have better thing to live for. I have Alex now.

My thoughts were interrupted as I saw Xavier focusing the camera on me. What is he planning at?

I want to make it out alive. Will someone come to save me? Agustin or Jacob? I never thought I will willing want to see Agustin ever again but right now I want too. Does he even know that I am missing? Does he even cares? May be Jacob will notice. I pray to God he do.

"Now is the action time let us put a good show for your husband's entertainment. Shall we?" Saying that he walked towards me with a knife in his hand.

My breath caught in my lungs. Oh god not again I don't want to go through all this again. Now tears were falling freely from my eyes.

Dread gripped me from all sides and I felt bile rising in my throat.


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