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   Chapter 28 falling deeper.

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Jacob's pov.....

He looked what I felt- devastated, ruined to be exact. And all we could do is wait.

But at least Agustin don't have to mask how he feels. I can't let it show on my face. I have to maintain my cool.

I feel like Agustin is already getting suspicious about my feelings for Onika and if he ever comes to know about it there is no telling that it is not gonna end well for any of us and I can never betray him knowing that Onika means the world to him, the proof of it right before my eyes.

A look at Agustin right now and you will know what Onika means to him....... everything. The worst part is she means everything to me as well, now there is no denying that, not after how I am feeling right now.

I can't say he love her or not but he can't live without her is quite clear to me, now. But the choice whether she want him back or not should be purely hers, it can't be forced and I don't want to influence it in any way.

To start with we both, Agustin and I, fell for Onika at the same time. She was simple, cute, caring, intelligent, inocent...... everything I ever needed but at the same time she was everything Agustin ever wanted.

But Agustin confessed it first so I had to step back. Though I highly doubt that he would have stepped back if I were the first one to confess, he was crazy about her and that would have ment war. Not that I was afraid of fighting, far from that but I can never come in path of Agustin's happiness.

But when I came to know about Agustin's feelings for her it was already too late and I couldn't undo the damage, can't revert back my feelings for her. Had I known it before I would never have allowed myself to develop feelings for her, never in my wildest dreams.

When Agustin proposed Onika she was going through a very vulnerable phase of her like. She never had anyone to love her since childhood, even then when Agustin proposed her she rejected him without a second thought. She saw him as some arrogant jerk and womaniser, well I don't blame her, that was what he was at that time.

We were all shocked to say the least. We had to pinch Agustin several time to make him believe what just happened. He was like ' I mean common girls don't say no to a Greek God. Do they?'

It was something new for Agustin. Before her, rejection wasn't a word in his dictionary, even if it was he was the one rejecting.

Not the other way round.

Never the other way round.

She didn't used to like him at all, initially. Agustin took that as a challenge and after his persistent efforts Onika's cold exterior started breaking. Having someone to love her was something very special for her, something she has always craved for, being deprived of it from the very beginning. She saw him changing for her and that in her eyes made Agustin more than deserving of one chance.

Soon She stared seeing Agustin in a new light. In fact we all did. He was completely different with her companionate and caring, like he was never before. Everyone thought the devil ha

ith all his glory and evil smirk plastered on his loathsome face, As if he didn't just ruined my whole life for no reason.

"You evil son of a bitch....." I shouted at him with all the force I can muster. I wasn't finished but he cut me off in between.

"Ah, ah, ah, princess I would mind my mouth if I were you. Don't forget who is in control, darling. You are just a little thing at my mercy, aren't you?"

This infuriated me to no end.

"You motherfuck...." Before I can complete my sentence he launched towards me and pulled my hair hard causing excruciating pain to shoot through my scalp.

I opened my mouth to spit on him but he caught my jaw in a death grip causing me to whimper in pain.

"Shut the fuck up you bitch." He hissed at me. "Or you won't like the consequences" his grip tightened even more, threatening tears to fall from my eyes. Why is he doing this, kidnapping me like this what had I ever done to him. By that I remembered all of a sudden. Alex.

"So can I expect you to behave now?" I would have said to go fuck yourself but I have to know about Alex right now so I nodded my head. He seemed satisfied and sat back on his chair but not before saying

"good girl." Like I am some kind of pet.

"Where is Alex? Did you do something to him. Was it planned by you."

"Ah the Ideal mother, I see. Nah, he was just a dait to get you out of Agustin's impenetrable office. So don't worry he is fine...... " I sighed in relief, a heavy burden lifting off my chest. Alex is fine thank God. Before I can think any further he continued speaking.

".....all you need to worry is about yourself. But I am really curious to know....." He paused for a moment and then directly looking into my eyes, His green against my blue he asked....

"Whose bastard child is he? Agustin's or Jacob's?"

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