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   Chapter 27 devastated.

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Jacob's pov........

I and Agustin are sitting in here in his office since last night, trying to track that motherfucker down. But to no Avail. As if suddenly he has disappeared from the face of earth. How the hell did he hide so well.

How the bloody hell, is something I can't understand.

Agustin won't sleep, won't eat, basically won't do anything since he had heard that, that fucker was seen near Onika. So he won't rest until he get his hands on him.

Well the same goes for me. It's boiling the blood in my veins to even imagine him any where near her.

Agustin pulled me out of my thoughts by saying" Onika is there in my mansion and I am here trying to get that rat out of his hole. I will make that pig pay for each and every second I am away from her. One day out of 3 months is already gone. Which in itself is more than worth his pathetic life."

He said picking up the nearest vase and throwing it on the nearest wall with a bang, shattering it into pieces.

" I just can't rest in peace until I catch that bastard and show him my own personal piece of hell...." He was interrupted by a knock on the door.

He groaned in irritation and shouted." Who the hell is disturbing me when I gave clear order that no one is to disturb me."

Then realization hit us both like a thunderstorm at the same time as we both looked at each other in horror.

Only Kale is allowed in, in case it's an emergency concerning Onika and since no one will dare to defy Agustin that means it's Kale. Which definitely is not a good news. We both abruptly stood up and Agustin immediately shouted. "Come in."

For sure a very scared Kale entered in, looking visibly pale.

"Si...sir..."he stuttered

"speak up right this second"Agustin shouted at him taking few dangerous steps towards him, standing to his full intimidating height.

" ma'am is nowhere to be seen. I have searched everywhere. Even called on her cell but she is not picking up."he said his voice cracking because of fear.

"What! What the fuck do you mean by she is nowhere to be seen" Agustin snapped at him grabbing him by his collar.

"Sir... I..I...have no idea... how she out of here."he said, now sweating profusely as if about to piss in his pants.

If looks could kill Kale would have been six feet under.

"Get the fuck out of here and call whole of the security team here this moment, you have five minutes." He hissed at him. And he ran out as if his pants were on fire.

Minutes later whole of the security team was standing in Agustin's cabin like some cows for mass slaughter.

"The one who guard the main exit door, come in front."he commanded. His tone giving away how pissed he is. When four guards came to stand infront of him, scared out of there wits, he immediately started his interrogation.

"How the fuck did she get out of the premises when I clearly stated she is not to leave the campus." He asked, his tone threatening.

One of the guard spoke"Sir, about an hour before she tried to get out but we didn't let her out as instructed by you, even though she said it's urgent."

'urgent' that ring a bell in my mind.

"Why the fuck I wasn't informed about it..." Agustin shouted at them.

"sir she did tried to call you but your phone was switched off..and none of us have your personal number...she looked very stressed, at the verge of crying....." The next thing heard was, Agustin's Sharp intake of breath. But he wasn't finished yet.

".....then she said something about she had to talk to you and then ran towards the main building again."he informed.

Both of ours eyes searched for the guards stationed at Agustin's cabin. It wasn't hard to spot them as they where visibly shaking. And I knew they had fucked up a big time.

He cluctched his hair in frustration ands asked

is all my fault I shouldn't have left her alone." He added.

No, I am not fucking let anything to happen to her.

I turned towards the bunch of investors" inform the police and ask the police if any complain has been registered regarding any type of abnormal activity around the area where her mobile was last seen and some of you go there and ask the residents and shopkeepers if they had seen anything abnormal.....someone must have seen something. He had abducted her in the daylight from a fairly crowded area... someone is bound to notice it."

They immidiatly departed to do there respective works.

The time was ticking by each passing second making my heart heavy. I just pray to the God she is fine. We don't have any leads yet. But he is bound to have left behind some clue. I just have to find out what it is and once I find better count your last days motherfucker. You have a hell lot to pay.

After what seems one hour, one of the investigator entered. We both immediately stood up.

"Sir, the taxi in which ma'am rode, it's driver was drugged and is admitted in a nearby hospital.The police was already informed and they had already begun the investigation. There aren't any CCTV cameras covering that area, he is intelligent I would add.

Some witnesses are also their but none have seen the abductor as he was well covered and we haven't got any strong lead from them. The investigation is still going on and we will inform you right away if some progress is made. But right now the driver is our only hope. He has been given the antidote but it will take him 2-3 hours to wake up again. So we would have to wait."


"Okay...keep us updated on his condition and as soon as he wakes up call us." Saying that I dismissed him.

2-3 fucking hours. Where is she right now? What she must be going through?Did he hurt him? I hope it won't be too late before we reach there.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by a 'thug' sound and saw Agustin sitting on the couch. His face pale. Agony evident on his face as if someone has ripped his heart out. I can see a layer of thin moisture collect infront of his iris. He was trying hard to hold it there.

He looked what I felt- devastated, ruined to be exact. And all we could do is wait.


I know I haven't said anything about Onika in this chapter but in was hard to incorporate everything in a single chap. But I will try to update soon.

Hope you all enjoyed the chapter. Please, vote share and comment if you did.

Love, Ricky.??

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