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   Chapter 26 kidnapped.

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Onika's pov.......

I hate him.

I hate him.

I hate him with every fibre of my being.

What was he thinking, threatening Alex like that when he knows what Alex means to me. He only said he will give me a week's time then what got over him? He is a true monster, an insensitive, unfeeling, immoral, bastard.

I will never forgive him for this.

And I have no doubt that he will act on his threat, he always does.

What do I do? Now running away is also not an option because for a fact I know I am being watched by his men and even if I outwit them there is nowhere to go.

It won't take him long before he finds me and then everything will be even more worse. Moreover, this time no one is there to help me out. Somehow I know no matter how much Jacob care about me, he will never betray Agustin.

I don't understand what is it with Jacob that even after knowing Agustin's wrongdoings he still stick by him. What had Agustin ever done to inspire such loyalties?

He can use anything to everything for his benifit. People like him should be locked somewhere in deep dark cell like criminals and not roaming free.

I don't believe he is my husband. How did I love someone so self centered and cruel. Why didn't I see his real face back then? Now I have risked Alex's life as well.

And what's more? After all this he believes after three months I will willing accept him. My resolve to get away from him grew stronger.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by a small hand tugging at the hem of my shirt.

"Mumma where are we going?" Alex asked looking frantically around his surrounding, all our belongings being packed by Agustin's men.

I took a deep breath. I don't know how to break the news to Alex. May be I should tell him straight forward.

"Honey, umm...we are shifting to Agustin's house, you remember the one who bought you chocolates and I told you not to talk to him?"

He looked at me in confusion." But mumma you said he is a stranger. Why are we going to live in a stranger's house?"

'Because we don't have a say in it, sweetie.' I thought to myself.

I took a deep breath I have to tell him.

"Baby actually I lied, he is not a" arrggg I can't get the word out of my mouth. Alex was looking at me expectedly.

"Husband." I finally said. His eyes widened in shock.

"It means he is my dad?"he asked, with curiosity.

A dad who is planning to kill you, no, never.

"I..I..look it's complicated right now Alex. We...we both are not like a normal couple. When you grow up a bit I will tell you everything. For now you just have to know that we have to live in his house for a while. Okay?" He doesn't looked very happy about it.

"But Why? I like it here mumma I have friends here." He said, worry marred over his features.

So do I. I like it here too But it doesn't matter because it is not what Agustin likes. And what he says goes. Too bad for me because he just bloody hate my peace and because I am a weakling who follows his every command and whim like the good little wife I am forced to be. This has to change soon. I don't know how but I have to think of a way to get out of it.

May be I should hire a hitman to kill him, if only murder was legal.

"You will like it there too, sweetie. You will make new friends there. We will even have a swimming pool there." His eyes grew wide in awe.

"Our own swimming pool?"he asked with excitement. I nodded my head.

"Ok then I want to go." And he was happy again just like that.

I just hmmed in response. How pure and innocent. I wish it was that easy fo

g to him?"

"He is.... vomiting blood..Please come here fast." Sobbing.

"I am on my way to there, immediately you call the doctor, fast." Saying that I just hung up and ran out of my cabin.

What happend to him is it some side effect of the surgery. But I have been giving him all the medicines on time. I ran to the parking lot as if the world was on fire but then I remembered I haven't brought my car, Agustin's man had dropped me.

So I ran towards the front main exit door for taxi, but before I can get out of there the guards stopped me.

"Ma'am it's boss's order, not to let you out under any circumstance without his explicit order."

"Please it's very urgent."

"We are sorry ma'am but we can't let you out without his orders."

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck this all to hell. I can't care about his fucked up rules right now. I tried calling Agustin but his phone is switched off and I only have his office number I don't even have his private number, even though he is my husband. I thought I am never going to need it and now my own stupidity is ready to bite me in the ass.

I ran to his cabin but the guards are again not letting me in saying that he is in a very important meeting alone with Jacob sir and no one under any circumstances is allowed in.

Shit, It means I can't even contact Jacob. Fuck my luck.

"Please try to understand it's very urgent.....for once just tell him Onika Coulin wants to meet him and it's very urgent ......please." I said desperately.

"Really sorry ma'am we can't help you." They deadpanned, looking at me with pity filled eyes. It was then that I realized I was crying.

Then an idea popped up in my mind. Lyla can help me. I immediately went to her cabin and said, "Lyla I need your help.... please don't ask me anything right now I will explain you everything later on. Alex needs me right now. I need to get out of the office premises but the guards won't let me. So here is the plan I will hide in your car's trunk and you have to drive me out of here. Can you do that?"

The plan worked without any flaw and as soon as I was out of the office I took a taxi, thanking Lyla.

When I was just 10 minutes away from the destination a car overtook the taxi and the last thing I remember is a man in black hoodie coming towards me then everything just went black.


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