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   Chapter 25 inhumane.

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Onika's pov.....

"Come in." Came his irritated voice. He indeed is not in a good mood. God knows what is to come about.

I sighed and opened the door.

And what I saw was, he was throwing some papers on one of my colleague's face.

"Collect those craps and get the hell out of here." Agustin shouted at him and he immediately collected the paper and hurried out of his cabin while giving me a sympathetic look as if wishing me luck.

When Agustin finally looked at me his eyes softened and he gave me a small smile as if all his bad mood disappeared in the thin air. "please have a seat." he said, his tone gentle suddenly. 'Please' have I heard him right? I can't believe my ears.

I proceeded towards the seat with shaky legs. What the fuck is wrong with me? I don't need to fear him. I didn't even do anything wrong. Then again when had I ever done anything wrong to Agustin.

It is just that he is so unpredictable, this moment he is all loving and caring then the other moment he will go all ballistics over nothing.

I rolled my eyes internally, gathering my courage and sat opposite to him with confidence. I won't let him intimidate me.

He displayed some papers to me and said." Sign these papers, we are living together from today itself." He shocked me saying that.

"What! NO! you can't get the papers ready so fast!" I said in disbelief. How the hell he got it ready overnight.

"Princess, did you forget who I am?." He said with arrogance.

'Ah, now how can I forget that. You are the reason behind my every nightmare.' I whispered to myself.

"I at least need one week's time to get everything ready and pack my things." I said praying he will buy it.

"You Don't need to worry I will send my men to do that and send a car for you in the evening just take Alex and sit in it leave the rest upto me."he said grinning ear to ear like an idiot. I am not ready for it yet. I need a week's time at least.

"Umm..... look Agustin just give me a week's time okay. All of this is happening so sudden I just need some time to prepare and I also have to break the news to Alex, that now we are going to live with you. I need some time for that. I can't just hurry things like this." I tried to convince him with as much politeness as I can muster.

He banged his fist on the table in irritation."Why? what is the problem, you yourself said you will start living with me as soon as the papers are ready. what is wrong now? Are you backing off from the deal." He said in a dangerous tone, tilting his head towards me.

My eyes widened in fear at that. He is again loosing his temper.

He read the look of fear on my face and suddenly something changed in his eyes.

"Hey, it's okay, it's okay....take a week's time if that is what you need but a week it is not a single day more okay?" His tone suddenly changed as if talking to a five year kid.

"Ok...okay, thank you." As I said bipolar, it won't take a doctor to diagnose that.

"No problem, sweetie....anything for you." He said smiling at me.

'Anything for you' as if! I scoffed and rolled my eyes at that.

"Careful now, darling you still want that one week's time right?" He threatened.

"Fine. Just give me those papers I will read them carefully and sign." Blackmailing bastard, I added sil

will be with her like a shadow wherever she goes untill I get my hands over that traitor."

I hate to admit this but he is right if we want to keep her safe this will be the rationale thing to do.

Agustin's pov.....

After Jacob went out of my cabin I hardened my heart, this is needed to be done I reminded myself and called Onika to my office.

As soon as she entered my cabin I said, "You are shifting in my mansion with me today itself And I don't want any argument. I will send my men with you and you are to shift in my mansion right away. Am I making my self clear?" She looked at me with disbelief and wide eyes.

"But you said...." I cut her off.

"I fucking said no arguments." I banged my hand on the table, hard. I am so god damn angry on that scoundrel that I am literally seeing red right now.

"If you want to see Alex alive you will do as I say, understand?" Tears started forming in her eyes. But I can't care least not when it is about her safety.

She looked at me, with hurt evident on her face. I was waiting for an answer, she got the message and weakly nodded her head.

"Words." I said in an annoyed tone.

"Ye....yes I understand. Please don't hurt Alex." She said in a pleading voice.

"I won't until you do as you are told. You are not to leave my mansion without my permission and whenever you go I will always be at your side. You will come to the office with me and the same goes while returning." I told her in a cold and autherative voice to let her understand the seriousness of the situation.

Tears started rolling down from her eyes, one after another like a cascade. She again nodded her head but suddenly realised her mistake and managed to say "I will" choking on her sob. Oh god I hate this. She was looking at me with hate filled eyes. I just wanted to hold her and make her understand that I don't want to do this and I am as much helpless as she is.

Fuck you, you bastard you are going to pay for her every single drop of tear with your blood, I vowed silently. I will kill that fucker with my bare hands. He will regret the day he was born. He will see what happens to someone who comes in between Onika and me. Count your last days motherfucker because your death bed is ready for you.


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